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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for May 2001

May 31 - Scott Bakula Telefilm Cast Announced
Official info on 'What Girls Learn' Showtime film. Plus: 'Late Boomers' talk.

May 31 - UPN Is Lowest-Rated Network Again
Aging 'Smackdown' and 'Voyager' cause ratings to decline. Plus: New 'Special Unit 2' & 'Iron Chef' press kit info.

May 31 - Review: 'Endgame'
AntonyF reviews the last ever Voyager episode.

May 31 - We Must Learn From History, Says Takei
Sulu actor participates in live online chat on 'Pearl Harbor' and the Asian-American heritage.

May 31 - News Bullets
Con report, Combs auction, Cynical review, Brannon, 'Endgame' reviews, Visitor, DVDs and more!

May 31 - Site Columns
Spur of the moment shopping. Plus: BBS Threads, TT Two Years Ago & TV Listings.

May 30 - UPN Executive Talks Enterprise Promo
Bob Bouknight on inclusion of Sisko in promotional trailer. Plus: Ask UPN Marketing your questions!

May 30 - 'Tenebrea's Hope' Cover & Plot Synopsis
New info on second book in Roxann Dawson's trilogy. Plus: Book One now available online.

May 30 - Your Chance To 'Ask Brannon Braga'
Writer's fan site allows you to send questions to 'Enterprise' co-creator. Update: Q&A Cancelled.

May 30 - Site Columns
Email flood, BBS & TV listings, classic TT news and a birthday.

May 30 - TV Zone Says Farewell To Voyager
Magazine on sale now includes interviews with the cast in a special tribute edition.

May 30 - New Sev Trek Competitions
Can you predict the scenes of future movies or create plot twists?

May 29 - UPN Press Kit Scans
New 'Enterprise' promotional image, 'Dead Zone' info, 'Buffy' & 'Roswell' sheets.

May 29 - Klingon Linguist Immortalised On Film
Marc Okrand talks about his work on Disney's 'Atlantis.'

May 29 - Site Columns
Lisa moans for a bit, TV Listings, Trek BBS, Trek Two Years Ago and a Birthday.

May 29 - Gaming Bullets
Voyager CCG, 'Orion Pirates' previews, 'Away Team' and 'Elite Force' reviews & Dominion Wars.

May 29 - News Bullets
DVD releases, eBay auctions, Voyager reviews & SyFyWorld.

May 28 - FX Company Looks To 'Enterprise'
Foundation Imaging hopes for more Trek work beyond 'Voyager.'

May 28 - Dawson To Direct 'Enterprise' Episode
Torres actress to continue Trek association behind the camera.

May 28 - Andromeda Bullets
The latest news on 'Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda' from Slipstream Web.

May 28 - Site Columns
Sumerian Proverbs, BBS Threads, TT Two Years Ago & TV Listings.

May 27 - Biller On The Voyager Family
Executive Producer reflects on the series, both on-screen and off.

May 27 - News Bullets
Film screenings, Delta Blues reviews, UK & Aus video release dates, 'Chicago' and site updates.

May 26 - Actors & Studios Present Contract Demands
Talks to prevent a Summer actor's strike kick off with both sides bringing their proposals to the table.

May 25 - William Shatner To Star In 'American Psycho 2'
James T. Kirk actor signs on to play former FBI profiler in horror film sequel.

May 25 - 8.8 Million Watch Voyager Finale
Final ratings for 'Endgame' online, Voyager May Sweeps improve for second year in a row!

May 25 - 'Endgame' Review Round-Up
Critics from press and internet take a look at Voyager's final ever episode.

May 25 - Site Columns
A 7-step programme for coping with the end of Voyager, TV listings, BBS, Trek Two Years Ago and a birthday.

May 25 - News Bullets
'Voyager' reviews, credits & schedule, Jolene Blalock, opinion polls & new 'Tsunkatse' footage.

May 24 - George Takei Criticises Recent Star Trek
Sulu actor says Rick Berman and co have strayed from the original Roddenberry idea.

May 24 - News Bullets
'China Beach,' 'Chicago,' Voyager reruns, German DVD box set. Plus: The Klingon Bandit!

May 24 - 'Endgame' Scores Highest Ratings In Four Years
UPN places second for the night, wins 8:00pm timeslot.

May 24 - First Enterprise TV Promo Online
See the first official promotional images for the next series. Full Transcript inside! Plus: Shatner on 'Enterprise.'

May 24 - Wang Remembers Caretaker
Harry Kim actor talks about his experiences filming the series premiere.

May 24 - A Take On Trek: Voyager's Final Enterprise
Fred takes a look at Voyager's finale & lasting legacy for Enterprise.

May 24 - Site Columns
A Trek moment, BBS Threads, TT classic, new poll & TV listings.

May 23 - Massive Media Attention For Voyager Finale
Over a dozen newspapers look back at Voyager's journey. Minor spoilers included.

May 23 - Final Voyager Finale Clips
More 'Endgame' footage is released online. Read the last-ever TrekToday Voyager spoiler report!

May 23 - Berman, Biller & Nunan Talk 'Enterprise'
Producers say prequel will let us 'truly see humans going where no man has gone before.'

May 23 - Janeway Never Softened, Says Mulgrew
Voyager actress looks back on past seven years and offers advice for Enterprise cast.

May 23 - Site Columns
Thoughts on the Voyager finale. Plus: BBS & TV info, classic TT news and a birthday.

May 23 - Voyager Cast On The Joys Of Action Figures
Phillips, Picardo, Dawson, Wang and Russ talk about their plastic incarnations.

May 23 - Image Shows Final 'Endgame' Showdown
New finale photo offers a glimpse at a ending scenes in tonight's episode. Spoilers Inside!

May 23 - News Bullets
Stewart, Campbell, new Hypertext & Cynical reviews, Cinescape poll, PsiPhi update & German articles.

May 23 - 'Enterprise' Promotional Magazine Artwork
Series V promotion starts as magazines plan to publish 'Enterprise' feature articles.

May 22 - Madame X Will Be Back!
Nana Visitor talks about the return of her Dark Angel character in season two.

May 22 - Six 'Endgame' Videos Online
Download 4,5 minutes of all-new footage from the Voyager series finale. Full transcripts inside!

May 22 - Fuller Graduates From Voyager
Writer/Producer tells the 'Enterprise' writing staff to 'have fun.'

May 22 - New Sev Trek Cartoon And Contests
View the latest cartoon from Sev Trek and submit your own punchline for next week.

May 22 - Picardo: I Wanted To Play Neelix
Holodoc actor talks about the long road to sickbay.

May 22 - Site Columns
Dropping Temperatures, BBS Threads, Trek Two Years Ago & TV Listings.

May 22 - Takei To Appear In New Sci-Fi Channel Series
Hikaru Sulu actor films guest role as Chinese immigrant on 'Chronicle.'

May 21 - Wang Says Voyager Movie Doubtful
Garrett Wang talks about a Voyager film, and how he'd love to work with the Deep Space Nine cast.

May 21 - Berman & Braga Talk Enterprise
Producers on prequel setting: 'It's time to get back to the fundamentals of Star Trek.'

May 21 - Site Columns
Lisa gets a present, BBS Information, Trek Two Years Ago and TV Listings.

May 21 - Press Pay Tribute To Star Trek: Voyager
LA Times, Boston Herald, Chicago Tribune & Washington Post publish Voyager retrospectives. Full round-up inside!

May 21 - Gaming Bullets
The latest previews from E3, 'Away Team' and 'Elite Force Expansion' reviews, and more!

May 21 - News Bullets
Burton's Emmy win, Trek alums in play, Cynical reviews, Pomers, Combs, Meany, UPN news & site updates.

May 20 - First 'Endgame' Reviews
Entertainment Weekly & Kansas City Star give Voyager finale the thumbs-up.

May 20 - Shatner To Host 'Iron Chef' Specials On UPN
Cult cooking show to air on Friday before Labor Day.

May 20 - Beltran On Romantic Appeal To Braga
Chakotay actor talks relationships, Picardo does artificial intelligence, Russ on the Vulcan veneer.

May 20 - Site Columns
Christian is lured back to 'Dark Angel' again. Plus: BBS & TV info, a birthday and a new poll.

May 20 - Review: Renaissance Man
AntonyF thinks the final Voyager episode has 'an energy to it.'

May 20 - Massive 'Enterprise' Construction Blitz
'Heavy Duty' Series V sets built for long run. Plus: location shooting to start next week.

May 19 - The Book Padd: Section 31: Rogue and Shadow
Michelle Erica Green analyses the first two books in this new crossover series.

May 19 - 'Enterprise' To Launch In August
Two-hour premiere to get one of UPN's largest marketing campaigns ever. Plus: tagline, Klingons & more!

May 19 - Future's End: Voyager's Cast Says Goodbye
Canadian TV Guide article, McNeill on radio talk show, Picardo talks conventions.

May 19 - Site Columns
Lisa's cunning plan, BBS threads, TT two years ago & TV listings.

May 19 - News Bullets
Voyager trailers, new 'Enterprise' articles, Delta Blues reviews, Bormanis reflects & rerun schedule.

May 18 - UPN Posts 'Endgame' Poster And Photos
New images of Voyager's series finale online.

May 18 - Braga's 'Voyager' Flashback
Trek Writer/Producer talks about his contribution to the series.

May 18 - A Take On Trek: Enterprising Rumors
Fred takes a look at rumors and how they have grown in the last several years.

May 18 - Full Enterprise Presentation Report
'The Final Frontier Has A New Beginning.' Creators talk about Series V's premise!

May 18 - Crew Set Course For The 22nd Century
The official site announces key staff positions on 'Enterprise.'

May 18 - Voyager Ratings Rise Again
'Renaissance Man' helps Voyager to its highest audience share since October.

May 18 - 'Renaissance Man' Review Round-Up
Online critics agree that the penultimate episode of Voyager was 'entertaining' but 'with a few flaws.'

May 17 - First 'Enterprise' Clip To Air Next Week
UPN 9 to show Series V preview after 'Endgame.' Plus: More Voyager finale footage!

May 17 - 'Endgame' Official Photos Released
New images and a synopsis of the last ever Voyager episode.

May 17 - UPN Fall Schedule Released
'Roswell' acquired, 'Moesha' & 'Seven Days' cancelled. Update: 'Enterprise' to air at 8:00pm.

May 17 - Kiss And Tell: 'Voyager' Actors On Fandom
Beltran, Wang, Dawson, Russ and Phillips talk about their convention experiences.

May 17 - McNeill Gets 'Infested'
Voyager's Tom Paris actor talks about his latest project and the mad scramble for the Voyager set.

May 17 - Jeri Ryan Joins 'Boston Public'
Seven of Nine actress signs on as regular cast member in David E. Kelley drama.

May 17 - 'Endgame' Promo Online
Download the trailer for Voyager's series finale. Full transcript and photos inside!

May 17 - Paramount Releases Series V Character List
Minor name changes for the crew of Jonathan Archer's Enterprise.

May 16 - More 'Endgame' Final Scenes Info
Find out what happens during the final part of the Voyager series finale.

May 16 - UPN Signs Enterprise Deal
Series V timeslot not yet known. Plus: 'Dead Zone' to be pushed back to midseason?

May 16 - P/T: Redefining 24th Century Relationships
McNeill and Dawson talk about the Paris/Torres romance, while Picardo gives more 'Renaissance Man' details.

May 16 - Download 100 Free Star Trek MP3s
TrekToday and EMusic team up for a special Voyager finale celebration.

May 16 - Andromeda Bullets
Get up to date with the latest happenings in the world of Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda.

May 16 - Site Columns
The usual ramblings, BBS information, Trek Two Years Ago and TV listings.

May 15 - Enterprise Pilot Entitled 'Broken Bow'
First episode to shoot until June 19. Plus: Is it T'Pal or T'Pol?

May 15 - UPN Considering 'Buffy'/'Roswell' Combo
Enterprise network expected to acquire WB show. Plus: News Corp. no longer interested in UPN.

May 15 - Scarlett Pomers To Star In New WB Sitcom
Naomi Wildman actress joins Reba McEntire series and lands Disney Channel movie role.

May 15 - Series V Uniforms Described
Enterprise crew to wear navy-coloured jumpsuits with starship shoulder patch.

May 15 - Beltran: No Tears After 'Endgame'
Chakotay actor speaks at UK convention tour. '[The writers] are idiots.'

May 15 - News Bullets
Okrand on 'Atlantis,' Auberjonois, Army does tricorder, con photos, magazines & more!

May 14 - Enterprise First Officer Gets Name Change
Paramount changes T'Pau to T'Pal, removing Original Series confusion.

May 14 - Foundation Imaging Developing 'MechWarrior'
Voyager effects house joins forces with D.C. Fontana & Tribune Entertainment for new TV series.

May 14 - Article: From Series V To Enterprise
After two years of rumours, filming starts today. We trace the new series' development history.

May 14 - Article: 'Enterprise' Reactions
Webmasters, reviewers, novelists, game designers and other online personalities comment on Series V.

May 14 - Article: Charting The Future
Caillan Davenport looks at the 22nd Century.

May 14 - New 'Endgame' Scenes Revealed
Cast and producers talk about their seven year journey, from the set of the Voyager finale.

May 14 - Site Columns
Server slowness, BBS &TV listings, and classic TrekToday news.

May 14 - 'Endgame' Event To Launch New Card Game
Vaughn Armstrong heads up a host of events to mark the launch of the new customisable card game expansion pack.

May 14 - Tim Russ Talks Tuvok Wrap-Up
Voyager actor interviewed on character development and future career opportunities.

May 13 - Robert Picardo Spoils 'Renaissance Man'
Holodoc actor gives full plot details for this Wednesday's final regular Voyager episode.

May 13 - 'Dead Zone' Looks Like A Hit
First viewings of new Michael Piller show scores well with test audiences.

May 13 - Site Columns
Lisa perpetuates a stereotype, TV listings, TrekBBS and Trek Two Years Ago.

May 13 - Review: Homestead
AntonyF talks subliminal Series V messages in this "simplistic," but "nice" episode.

May 13 - The Book Padd: Divided We Fall - Chapter One: Crossfire
Michelle Erica Green describes the first issue of this new comic series as

May 12 - Producers Look Back On Voyager
Brannon Braga: Voyager "never struck the bull's eye", but show "held its own."

May 12 - Enterprise Pilot To Shoot For Four Weeks
Series V production to take short break after pilot to tweak final elements.

May 12 - Viacom President Talks UPN Strategy
Mel Karmazin says Viacom will only stay involved with the network if it has full control.

May 12 - Scott Bakula Visits Enterprise Sets
Jonathan Archer actor talks middle name, uniform, and Dean Stockwell.

May 12 - UPN To Get 'Battlestar Galactica'?
Enterprise network looks set to challenge the Sci-Fi Channel next season. Plus: 'Angel,' 'Roswell.'

May 12 - Voyager National Ratings Highest Since March
Final ratings for 'Homestead' online. Plus: UK and syndication ratings.

May 12 - 'Enterprise' Crew Continues To Grow
Six veterans and a newcomer join the staff of the new series.

May 12 - 'Homestead' Review Round-Up
The latest Voyager episode gets a glowing reaction from online reviewers.

May 11 - Paramount Confirms Enterprise, Announces Full Cast
Bakula officially signs on as Captain Archer. Cast photos & script reading info inside! Update: Linda Park photo.

May 11 - Site Columns
Inconsiderate press announcements, TV Listings and Trek Two Years Ago.

May 11 - 'Renaissance Man' Photos Online
New images and a synopsis of the last-ever regular Voyager episode inside.

May 11 - Special Voyager TV Guide Covers Revealed
Mulgrew, Ryan, Wang and Russ interviewed and special TV Guide commemorative covers inside.

May 10 - Strong Villain & Thrilling Adventure For Trek X
Scriptwriter John Logan talks about the elements that make a great Trek movie.

May 10 - Beltran: Natural Sexual Tension For C/7
Chakotay actor talks about 'Human Error' and his Voyager co-stars. Contains finale spoilers.

May 10 - 'Renaissance Man' Promo Online
Download the trailer for Voyager's penultimate episode. Full transcript inside.

May 10 - 'Homestead' Wins In The Overnight Ratings
Voyager's second to last episode ever gets a ratings boost.

May 10 - Voyager Actors Talk Star Trek's Legacy
Russ on minorities, Ryan on forgiveness & Mulgrew on women. Plus: 'Renaissance Man.'

May 10 - Optimism Surrounds SAG Negotiations
Analysts downplay strike possibility, writers to vote on tentative contract.

May 10 - Gaming Bullets
Elite Force Expansion Pack reviewed, Dominion Wars trailer, Starfleet Command II and more!

May 10 - Site Columns
Anticipating 'Homestead' (spoilers), BBS threads & TV Listings.

May 9 - Star Trek X Script Reviewed
Detailed plot info for the fourth Next Generation film appears online. Spoilers Inside!

May 9 - 'Enterprise' Set To Beam In At 8pm This Fall
Series V and 'Dead Zone' lined up as Wednesday double act.

May 9 - Final 'Endgame' Scenes Revealed
More finale spoilers appear, describing last-ever Voyager minutes.

May 9 - News Bullets
Mulgrew Time Q&A, 'Atlantis' trailer, article, novel excerpts, RPG & more.

May 9 - Site Columns
Our 'Top Story' feature, BBS & TV listings, and classic TrekToday news.

May 9 - Review: Natural Law
AntonyF says this episode should not have been part of Voyager's final run.

May 9 - Interplay Developing Excelsior PS2 Game
Captain Sulu to explore the Mirror Universe on the Playstation 2.

May 9 - Voyager Stars Give Advice To Series V Actors
Russ, Phillips, Beltran & Picardo talk about Voyager's inspiring episodes and offer suggestions to the next generation.

May 9 - New Sev Trek Cartoons and Competitions
View the winners of last week's punchline contests, and submit your own in time for next week.

May 8 - Series V To Start Shooting May 14
Plus: Fatjo talks casting, new Trek X spoiler, and Tuvok subplot for 'Endgame.'

May 8 - News Bullets
Trek science, TOS writer dies, 'Natural Law' review, book news, Wheaton & more.

May 8 - 'Buffy' Gives UPN New Lease Of Life
News Corp. extends affiliate agreement with UPN through 2003.

May 8 - Site Columns
Modems and Mysterious Voyager Stars, BBS threads and TV listings.

May 7 - Marina Sirtis Launches Official Site
Deanna Troi actress cast in 'Peace Virus' film, auctions off 'Insurrection' script.

May 7 - Actors To Start Contract Talks Thursday
The threat of a strike still looms over Hollywood, even as actors are about to begin negotiations.

May 7 - Site Columns
Disappointing 'Dark Angel' pilot, BBS & TV listings and classic TT news.

May 7 - News Bullets
Crosby on X-Files, Ryan on saying no to Terminator, SFX awars, unique Voyager video & more.

May 7 - Rick Sternbach On Prequel Design Challenges
Former Voyager Senior Illustrator talks about Series V, and why he won't be working on it.

May 7 - Gaming Bullets
Voyager Expansion goes gold, Ryan speech pack released, previews, screenshots & more.

May 6 - 'Angel' And 'Roswell' Next On UPN's Hit List?
Will UPN snatch more high-profile shows from the WB? Full report inside.

May 6 - The Book Padd: Strange New Worlds IV
Michelle Erica Green says it's another strong anthology, but it's time the series relaxed its rules.

May 6 - Voyager Ratings Consistent, But Low
Both 'Friendship One' and 'Natural Law' fail to attract large audiences.

May 6 - A Take On Trek: Around Trek In 80 Seconds
Fred takes a look at several recent issues in the world of Trek, from TV to computer.

May 6 - Voyager Stars To Attend Finale 'Experience'
Garrett Wang, Roxann Dawson & Robert Beltran to be present at Las Vegas attraction.

May 6 - Site Columns
Lisa's current videogame obsession, TV listings, poll results and Trek BBS.

May 5 - Extensive 'Endgame' Plot Summary
In-depth synopsis for Voyager's action-packed final episode. Contains massive spoilers!

May 5 - Actors Want To Keep Coming Back To Trek
Trek alumni talk about their Series V aspirations and their experiences with Star Trek.

May 5 - Site Columns
Summer reruns, BBS & TV listings, and classic TT news.

May 4 - Hollywood Writers Strike Avoided
Writers & producers reach agreement over new three-year contract deal.

May 4 - 'Renaissance Man' Plot Details Revealed
More extensive TV Guide synopsis of penultimate Voyager episode released.

May 4 - 'Bittersweet' Emotions On The 'Endgame' Set
Kate Mulgrew, Garret Wang, Jeri Ryan and Ken Biller interviewed on location with the final episode.

May 4 - News Bullets
Tractor beams, Goldberg, Wil Wheaton, Decipher, comics & audiobooks.

May 4 - Site Columns
Greetings from the other newbie, Trek BBS, Trek two years ago and TV listings.

May 4 - 'Natural Law' Review Round-up
Reviewers spilt evenly over planet-based episode.

May 3 - New 'Homestead' And 'Renaissance Man' Images
New photos and synopses for the last two Voyager episodes before the finale inside!

May 3 - 'Endgame' Spoilers From Kate Mulgrew
Voyager finale is 'touching and full of surprises,' says Janeway actress.

May 3 - News Bullets
Ryan stalker charged, Shatner horse show, Voyager stars honoured, DS9 Horizons and more!

May 3 - Jeri Ryan Talks To UPN News
Seven of Nine actress talks about clothes, missing the cast, and the finale. Plus: 'Homestead' clip.

May 3 - UPN 'Homestead' Promo Released
Download the trailer for the next Voyager episode. Full transcript inside.

May 3 - McNeil On Upcoming 'Romantic Filler Scene'
Tom Paris actor says he's looking forward to graduating from Trek.

May 3 - Site Columns
Caillan says hello, BBS threads, new poll and TV listings.

May 3 - Howard To Continue Trek Voyage
Voyager Supervising Producer Merri D. Howard joins the staff of Series V.

May 2 - New 'Starfleet Command' Game Coming Soon
Interplay announces 'Orion Pirates' stand-alone mission pack.

May 2 - 'Renaissance Man' Guest Actors Announced
More old faces to make a comeback. (Contains Spoilers)

May 2 - Region 2 Voyager DVD Box Set Details
Paramount UK to start releasing per-season sets in Autumn.

May 2 - Strike Clock Still Ticking
Writers Guild talks continue past May 1 deadline.

May 2 - Site Columns
Goodbyes & welcomes, BBS threads and TV listing.

May 2 - News Bullets
Official site retrospectives, Nimoy auction, McNeil chat, article and much more!

May 1 - Seven Of Nine Trek X Cameo Planned
Will we see one of the Voyager crew soon again? Plus: T'Pau casting, 'Endgame' rumours.

May 1 - Voyager Actors On The Trek Phenomenon
Picardo, Dawson, Beltran and Wang talk about Trek's influence on their lives.

May 1 - Article: Unnatural Law
Colin 'Zeke' Hayman writes about the rumour that makes all of fandom tremble: C/7

May 1 - Monaghan Still In The Running For T'Pau Role
Former B5 actress hopes to find out this week about part in Series V

May 1 - Site Columns
Goodbyes, BBS listings, Tv times and past Trek Today headlines.

May 1 - Andromeda Bullets
Stentz Interview, Spoilers, Reviews and more in the latest news from SlipstreamWeb.

May 1 - Strange New Worlds IV Released
Fifth contest for Trek writers announced. Plus: DS9 Relaunch books now available.

May 1 - Hypertext Review Updates
Jammer returns with two new Voyager reviews.

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