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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for March 2001

Mar 31 - News Bullets
Psi Phi updates, 'Generation's cut scene, 'Dracula 2000' DVD, Visual effects panel and Biggs.

Mar 31 - More Memorable Moments
Bryan Fuller and Alan Sims contribute the official Voyager retrospective.

Mar 31 - In Talks For Possible Takeover
New financial trouble for Cinescape & Creation parent company. Update: Talks successful?

Mar 31 - New Voyager Finale Character Info
Final episode to offer new romantic developments. Spoiler inside!

Mar 31 - 'Dragonriders Of Pern' Production Halted
Production on Ron Moore WB pilot stopped over 'creative differences'.

Mar 30 - Rick Berman On The Big Three
Star Trek executive producer talks Voyager, Series V & Trek X.

Mar 30 - Ethan Phillips - Thankful For Neelix's Low Usage
Neelix actor looks at life on and off the Voyager set in part five of Trek Galaxy's Voyager Retrospective.

Mar 30 - Article: The Court Martial of Captain Kathryn Janeway Part 4
The fourth and final argument in our special series on the hypothetical trial of Voyager's Captain.

Mar 30 - News Corp. Holds Key To UPN's Future
Viacom COO Mel Karmazin talks on the possibility of writers and actors strikes.

Mar 30 - Site Columns
April Fools, BBS listings, TV times and two years ago today.

Mar 30 - Trek Writers Talk 'Dumbing Down' SciFi
Fontana, Ellison and Moore look at how science fiction has changed since the 60's.

Mar 29 - Jay Chattaway To Score Voyager Finale
'Caretaker' composer comes full circle with final Voyager episode.

Mar 29 - News Bullets
'Inside Man' review, article, Grand Slam schedule, lost screencaps and more!

Mar 29 - February Sweeps Voyager's Worst Ever
February Sweeps analysis now online. Plus: overnight and weekly ratings.

Mar 29 - Trek X & Series V Rumour Control
Fake Series V 'test photo' and likely fake Trek X 'The Sun' article appear online.

Mar 29 - Site Columns
Dutch media confusion, BBS & TV listings, classic TT news and a birthday.

Mar 29 - Gaming Bullets
'Away Team' demo & reviews, 'Elite Force' winner, screenshots, 'Dominion Wars' preview and CCG news.

Mar 28 - McNeill on the Voyager Finale
Voyager characters to come in full circle. Plus: Death rumours debunked.

Mar 28 - 'Grand Slam' For 35 Years of Trek
Creation's 35th anniversary convention this weekend looks to be the biggest ever.

Mar 28 - Site Columns
Food, BBS listings, a new poll, tv times and two years ago today.

Mar 28 - News Bullets
Syndication, 'Generations' cut scenes, Stewart, Nimoy, ODN and more!

Mar 28 - The Scenic Side of Voyager
James Van Over finds 'Future's End' to be the artistic standout.

Mar 28 - The Book Padd: The Definitive Star Trek Trivia Book, Volume 2
The Doctor was a 'Living Witness' for what two warring factions? Test out your Trek knowledge now!

Mar 27 - Patrick Stewart Talks TNG Casting
Jean-Luc Picard actor interviewed on TNG, 'A Christmas Carol' and fanmail. Full transcript inside!

Mar 27 - News Bullets
McVeigh, S.D. Perry, the XFL & Donna Murphy.

Mar 27 - 'Galaxy Quest' Stars Look Back At Trek Parody
Sigourney Weaver & Alan Rickman interviewed in British bag.

Mar 27 - Gaming Bullets
SFC 2 expansion, 'Bridge Commander' preview & 'Away Team' reviews. Plus: CCG rules.

Mar 27 - Site Columns
A note on the new banner ads. Plus: BBS & TV listings, a birthday and classic TT news.

Mar 26 - More Details For 'Natural Law'
Spoilers for planet-based storyline now available online.

Mar 26 - News Bullets
'Subspace Echoes', Horizons, Spiner, CGI script contest, SyFy tribute and 'Generations' cut scenes.

Mar 26 - Site Columns
Oscars & boredom, BBS listings, TV times, another 70th and two years ago today.

Mar 26 - Sev Trek Competition Roundup
Have a look at the latest Sev Trek and Sev Trek Movie competitions!

Mar 26 - Russ Retrospective
Favourite memories on the Voyager set from the show's resident practical joker.

Mar 25 - Extensive 'Natural Law' Plot Summary
Prime Directive issues to be explored in upcoming episode. Spoilers inside!

Mar 25 - Site Columns
Christian vs. 250 green bright lines. Plus: BBS & TV listings, Series V poll results and classic TT.

Mar 25 - Paula Block On Publishing the Voyager Finale
New Voyager Finale section of the official site posts its second retrospective interview.

Mar 25 - Moore On 'Dragonriders'
Ronald D. Moore talks about his latest project, 'Dragonriders of Pern'.

Mar 24 - Extensive 'Friendship One' Plot Summary
Familiar name to return, familiar face to go away. Spoilers inside!

Mar 24 - WWF Buys Out The Competition
Analysts suggest that the WCW will go to the TNN, which is set to become a new home for Trek.

Mar 24 - Site Columns
Summer time, BBS & TV listings, and classic TrekToday news.

Mar 24 - News Bullets
Picardo CD, Visitor photo, Shatner, Trekker Newsletter and Generations cut scenes.

Mar 24 - Gaming Bullets
'Borg Assimilator' interviews; 'Away Team', 'The Fallen' and 'SFCII' reviews.

Mar 24 - No Plans For 'Voyager' Movie
Picardo and Mulgrew believe Paramount is keeping its options open for a Voyage movie.

Mar 23 - Stewart Expects Trek X Shooting In Fall
Jean-Luc Picard actor to work on Trek film and 'X-Men 2' in coming year.

Mar 23 - Michael Piller's Memorable Moment
Voyager's co-creator looks at the casting process.

Mar 23 - News Bullets
Psi Phi, 'Insurrection' & 'Generations' cut scenes, Oscars and ASC Awards.

Mar 23 - Site Columns
Mir, BBS listings, tv times and two years ago today.

Mar 23 - Dawson - The Evolution of B'Elanna
Roxann Dawson looks at 'Drive' and 'Lineage' in a special TV Zone feature.

Mar 22 - ET Voyager Finale Segment Now Online
Kate Mulgrew: Fans to be 'unsettled' by 'profoundly clever and very moving' story.

Mar 22 - 'Critical Care' Pegs Back Ratings Loss
Voyager suffers from repeats rating slump but is improving in week two.

Mar 22 - UPN Enters Buffy Bidding War
WB execs and 'Buffy' staff fall out again over 'teen show' and ratings comments.

Mar 22 - Site Columns
Sleeping patterns, BBS listings, TV times, a new poll, a 70th birthday and 2 years ago today.

Mar 22 - News Bullets
Biggs, 'Generations' clip, Stewart, favourite Oscar moments and a 'Critical Care' review.

Mar 22 - Gaming Bullets
'Elite Force' to come to the PS2, screenshots, 'Away Team' reviews and Decipher.

Mar 21 - Trek Details Under Wraps At UPN
Reality series lead the way for UPN while the XFL makes history.

Mar 21 - News Bullets feature, Psi Phi, trivia contest, retro gaming, DeLancie and Yahoo poll.

Mar 21 - Site Columns
Puns, BBS listings, a correction, TV times and two years ago today.

Mar 21 - Voyager Feature On Today's 'Entertainment Tonight'
Entertainment program goes behind-the-scenes on filming for the finale.

Mar 21 - Robert Beltran - Chakotay's Heroic Side
Trek Galaxy's Voyager retrospective goes behind the scenes for the shooting of 'Renaissance Man' (contains spoilers).

Mar 21 - Jeri Taylor's Voyager Retrospective
The official site opens its new section dedicated to the closing hours of Star Trek: Voyager.

Mar 20 - Voyager Veteran Allan Kroeker To Direct Finale
Official Star Trek site releases new information on Voyager's final episodes. Contains spoilers.

Mar 20 - Fanfic Sites Wiped Out In Tripod Purge
Tripod script error results in massive site deletion. Update: Sites being restored again!

Mar 20 - News Bullets
Seminar, 'Generations' clips down, Goldberg, Takei & the Excelsior Campaign.

Mar 20 - Gaming Bullets
Voice interaction on 'Bridge Commander', 'Away Team', interviews and CCG.

Mar 20 - Sev Trek Cartoon Round-Up
Warped drives, Sev baseball & a bumper sticker on Gainweight!

Mar 20 - Site Columns
The Oscars, BBS & TV listings, two poll results and classic TrekToday news.

Mar 20 - The Book Padd: Maximum Warp, Books One And Two
Michelle Erica Green reviews Pocket Books' new TNG duology.

Mar 19 - Brannon Braga Registers 'Enterprise' Domain
Plus: Director rumour, more on Bakula, Dave Scott & TV Guide magazine.

Mar 19 - News Bullets
SyFy awards, cut 'Generations' footage online, Pomers, Makeup & Hairstyle awards and much more!

Mar 19 - Scott Bakula Negotiating For Series V Lead Role
'Quantum Leap' actor said to join next Star Trek series as Captain Jackson Archer.

Mar 19 - Echevarria - Unpredicable 'Dark Angel'
Rene Echevarria finds similarities between 'Dark Angel' and 'DS9' as the new show struggles to negotiate a second season.

Mar 19 - Site Columns
Rushing about, BBS listings, TV times and two years ago today.

Mar 19 - Piller Reflects On 'Insurrection'
Michael Piller, co-creator of 'Deep Space Nine' and 'Voyager', looks at his time with Star Trek - among other things.

Mar 19 - Gaming Bullets
Screenshots, first 'Away Team' reviews, SFCII and Decipher.

Mar 18 - Andromeda Bullets
Ratings drop, birthdays, interviews a new episode title and more!

Mar 18 - Dawson & Russ - What Was And What's To Come
Dawson says that Voyager was a learning experience while Russ talks on his latest album.

Mar 18 - Site Columns
DS9, BBS & TV listings, two birthdays and classic TrekToday news.

Mar 18 - Nimoy's Sight Unseen Exhibition Opens
Leonard Nimoy looks at the spirituality of Spock through photography.

Mar 18 - Actors And Writers Are Ready To Strike
SAG: No early negotiations for actors. WGA: Strong support among writers for demands.

Mar 18 - News Bullets
Con report, Shatner, reviews, James Darren and prop exhibition.

Mar 17 - 'Whatever' On UPN
UPN orders new high-school comedy pilot and changes affiliate policy. Plus: No Hall in Series V.

Mar 17 - Site Columns
B-movies, BBS & TV listings and classic TrekToday news.

Mar 17 - 'New Frontier' Title Announced
Psi Phi posts tentative title for 'New Frontier #12, plus back cover info and excerpts

Mar 17 - News Bullets
Psi Phi trivia contest, UK DVD and video dates, Wise convention appearance and Media Trek World Premiere footage.

Mar 17 - Kate Mulgrew - Professionalism and Dignity
Gregory L. Norris and Laura A. Van Vleet go behind the scenes on the Voyager set.

Mar 16 - Trek X To Involve Cloning & Romulans
Rick Berman interviewed about next Trek movie. Plus: Voyager finale talk.

Mar 16 - Rick Berman Talks Series V Premise
Exec Producer confirms series set in different time period, sets already built.

Mar 16 - Boss Becomes King in Lear Remake
Patrick Stewart and wife Wendy give 'King Lear' a Western makeover.

Mar 16 - Interview: Too Many Universes - Keith DeCandido
Michelle Erica Green talks with the 'S.C.E.' co-creator and 'Diplomatic Implausibility' author.

Mar 16 - Site Columns
Music & the RHPS, BBS listings, two years ago today and TV times.

Mar 16 - SyFy Awards Commence
Trek garners over 10 nominations in this year's SyFy Awards.

Mar 16 - Sirtis Talks Ten Too
The good, the bad and the amphibians as Sirtis talks TNG history and Trek X.

Mar 16 - News Bullets
SCE schedule, missing movie scenes, Stewart interview, Farrell and more!

Mar 16 - Sev Trek Strips
New Sev Trek and Sev Trek Movie comic strips online.

Mar 15 - Human Error Hype Leads To Minor Ratings Hike - Again
Overnight ratings for 'Flesh and Blood' and weeklies for 'Human Error' in and as predicted.

Mar 15 - 'Groom Lake' Falls Foul Of SAG
Payment dispute sees William Shatner's sci-fi movie under fire from the actors' guild legal arm.

Mar 15 - Final Voyager Air Schedule Released
New episodes to return on April 11, series to end on May 23.

Mar 15 - Gaming Bullets
More Armada II info, 'Away Team', interviews, reviews and CCG news.

Mar 15 - News Bullets
Triva contest, De Lancie, reviews, Shatner and more!

Mar 15 - Site Columns
Still more 80's nostalgia, BBS listings, 2 years ago today, a new poll and TV times.

Mar 15 - A Briefing With Caillan: Rethinking the Reset Button
Does Voyager really turn back time?

Mar 15 - 'Star Trek: Armada 2' In Development
Activision announces sequel to last year's real-time strategy game.

Mar 14 - Interview: Marco Palmieri
Pocket books editor Marco Palmieri talks about the DS9 Relaunch

Mar 14 - News Bullets
Feature articles, polls, Stewart, Alice Krige chat and more!

Mar 14 - Site Columns
Perth finally gets a Trek con, two years ago today, BBS listings and TV times.

Mar 13 - Full 'Q2' Plot Synopsis Online
Get the full details on what may be the final Q episode ever!

Mar 13 - Site Columns
New Minidisc recorder, BBS & TV listings, a birthday & classic TrekToday news.

Mar 13 - Sev Trek Roundup
New Sev Trek and Sev Trek Movie competitions online.

Mar 13 - Star Trek Trivia Contest Underway!
The second annual Star Trek Trivia Contest is now up and running - read inside to find out how to participate!

Mar 13 - Okuda Makes Five Number Four
Veteran Scenic Arts Supervisor signs up for Series V - his fourth Trek series.

Mar 13 - Voyager Final Three Info
The official site posts production info and crew credits for Voyager's final three regular episodes.

Mar 12 - Get A Full Trek Music Album - For Free! launches one-week promotion plan to showcase legal MP3 program.

Mar 12 - News Bullets
'X-Men' UK video, Trek movie marathon, 'Destiny' title change, FedCon & more.

Mar 12 - Downey & Seymour Remember Days Past
Two veteran Trek actresses talk about three generations of Star Trek

Mar 12 - Site Columns
'Muppets Tonight', two years ago today, BBS listings and tv times

Mar 11 - News Bullets
Alexander and Behr team up, Psi Phi update, Delta Blues review and a UK petition.

Mar 11 - The Book Padd: The Genesis Wave, Book Two
Michelle Erica Green analyses John Vornholt's second 'Genesis' novel.

Mar 11 - Site Columns
It's Trek's 37th birthday - sort of. Also: BBS & TV listings and 'Human Error' poll results.

Mar 11 - The Book Padd: The Genesis Wave, Book One
Is there life after Genesis? John Vornholt revives the deadly menace from 'The Wrath of Khan'.

Mar 11 - Gaming Bullets
Paramount interview, 'Away Team' preview, screenshots and CCG card & championship announcements.

Mar 10 - Icheb Actor Nearly Played Wrong Borg
Manu Intiraymi talks about his stint so far on the Voyager set.

Mar 10 - Site Columns
A look back at last week, BBS & TV listings, Trek two years ago and a birthday.

Mar 10 - 'Away Team' Goes Gold
Activision announces its new Star Trek real-time strategy game has finished production

Mar 10 - News Bullets
Nana Visitor, Russ Q&A, TOS cast bytes, Psi Phi, Cromwell and more!

Mar 9 - DeLancie: 'Q2' Likely To Be Final Outing For Q
Veteran Trek actor talks about appearing on Voyager together with his real-life son.

Mar 9 - 'Renaissance Man' Set Visit
Sci-Fi Wire talks to Phyllis Strong on the last regular Voyager episode (contains spoilers)

Mar 9 - Site Columns
Topics, BBS listings, 2 years ago today and TV times.

Mar 9 - More On 'The Motion Picture' Special Edition
Official site posts product update, including logo, for the Directors Edition DVD

Mar 9 - 'Special Unit 2' To Capitalise On Final Episodes
UPN today announces programming rshuffle and 3 news shows for April.

Mar 9 - 3 Against One On 'Human Error'
Houston, Adams and Bates vs lone dissenter Jacqueline Bundy

Mar 8 - 'Endgame' - Final Voyager Plot Is Revealed
TrekToday brings you the first spoilers for the two-hour Voyager season finale!

Mar 8 - First Details On Prequel Enterprise
Series V ship to lack well-known Starfleet warp nacelles.

Mar 8 - Shatner Sings Again
William Shatner's back selling for - but then again, he never left.

Mar 8 - Human Error Hype Leads To Minor Ratings Hike
Overnight ratings for 'Human Error' and 'Workforce II' are in - and positive

Mar 8 - Site Columns
'Frequency', BBS & TV listings, Series V poll results, a birthday and classic TrekToday news.

Mar 8 - First 'Human Error' Reviews
Two positive, one negative about Voyager's controversial episode.

Mar 8 - Andromeda Bullets
Con report, news, interviews and reviews

Mar 7 - Bryan Fuller, Marina Sirtis Talk Trek V
Voyager writer asked to join Series V & Troi actress says show set in 'different timeline'.

Mar 7 - News Bullets
Report Card, Ordover & Majel Barrett Roddenberry interviews, Brooks, Dorn, Auberjonois and much more!

Mar 7 - Site Columns
Gun Control, BBS listings, 2 years ago, a birthday and TV listings.

Mar 7 - Garrett Wang Rejected As Voyager Director
Harry Kim actor becomes first Trek star to be turned down. Wang: 'Is this a racial thing?'

Mar 7 - Gaming Bullets
Expansion Pack Interview, 'Away Team' and 'Bridge Commander' previews, SFCII review, screenshots and more!

Mar 7 - 'Star Trek: Borg Assimilator'
Press release, interviews and screenshots from the latest Star Trek PC game from Activision!

Mar 7 - Major 'Dark Angel' Guest Role For Nana Visitor
DS9's Kira Nerys actress to play 'Madam X' for five episodes.

Mar 6 - Biller Reveals Major Voyager Finale Spoiler
Executive producer talks about 'rip-roaring, slam-bang action adventure'.

Mar 6 - Tuesday Series V Bullets
Paramount on possible official statement. Plus: more confirmations & rumour debunkings.

Mar 6 - New 'ST: The Motion Picture' Director's Edition Images
Six gorgeous enhanced effects shots released, showing Enterprise and more.

Mar 6 - News Bullets
Sensor Sweep, ASC, petition, review and The Trekker Newsletter

Mar 6 - Sev Trek Roundup
New competition and comics!

Mar 6 - Site Columns
New editorial on the Series V report. Plus: BBS & TV listings, a birthday and classic news.

Mar 5 - Series V News Bullets
Next series' network, no Paramount comment, casting report mails, editorials & more.

Mar 5 - News Bullets
McNeill, 'Men Cry Bullets' DVD, Stewart interview, 'Subspace Echoes' and more!

Mar 5 - First Finale Spoilers?
Bryan Fuller talks to Sci-Fi Wire on what's to come in Voyager’s final few episodes.

Mar 5 - Voyager To Lose Main Crew Member?
SFX Network posts new spoilers for one of Voyager's final episodes.

Mar 5 - Site Columns
A change of heart, 2 years ago, BBS listings and TV times

Mar 5 - Article: The Court Martial of Captain Kathryn Janeway Part 3
Part three of our special feature: the Cynic on Janeway's crimes in the latter seasons.

Mar 4 - Exclusive: Full Series V Character List
TrekToday brings you the first info on Captain Jackson Archer and the crew of the Enterprise

Mar 4 - Link: Majel Barrett Roddenberry Interviewed
'First lady of science fiction' compares Star Trek to Andromeda.

Mar 4 - A Take On Trek: But If It's True...
Fred looks at recent Series V news, Voyager's recent success and Andromeda's progress.

Mar 4 - Interview: John Ordover
John Ordover talks e-books, personal projects and what's to come from Pocket Books..

Mar 4 - Site Columns
Hello World!, BBS & TV listings, a Series V poll & news from the TrekToday archives.

Mar 4 - Virtual CCG
Decipher takes Trek customisable card games to the next level - online.

Mar 4 - Gaming Bullets
'Elite Force' expansion interview, 'Away Team' preview and caps, 'Star Trek: Borg Assimilation' and SFCII review

Mar 3 - Site Columns
BBS & TV listings, Trek two years ago and Scotty's birthday!

Mar 3 - News Bullets
SFX closes, Psi Phi updates, Ryan, trek alums, phaser-like weapon, Norwegian petition and Paramount Box set

Mar 3 - News Corp. UPN Buy-Out?
Viacom and News Corp talk ownership scenarios - including outright purchase. Plus: 'Fraiser' on UPN?

Mar 3 - Series V To Be Called 'Enterprise'?
UPN and Paramount in final discussions for next Star Trek series, rumours suggest.

Mar 3 - McNeill On Set Security
Tom Paris actor likens current working conditions and security measures to the CIA

Mar 2 - Site Columns
Potter, BBS listings, 2 years ago today and TV Times

Mar 2 - New Sev Trek Comics
The latest in Sev Trek competitions from John Cook.

Mar 2 - More On 'Human Error'
UPN posts new pictures, flash poster and synopsis

Mar 2 - News Bullets
Charity dinner, Horizons, Psi Phi, SyFy, Siddig and more!

Mar 2 - Taylor & Shatner's 'Memorable Moments'
Jeri Taylor talks about her favourite Voyager moment while Shatner reminisces about a morning at Vasquez Rocks.

Mar 2 - 'WorkForce II' Reviews
A consensus is reached - reasonable but not as good as part 1.

Mar 2 - Extended 'Human Error' Promo
UPN continues promotional hype with an extra-long trailer for next week's Voyager episode - transcript & clip inside!

Mar 1 - Bryan Fuller Talks Final Voyager Episodes
Voyager staff writer on 'Author, Author', 'Q Two' and original 'Workforce' story.

Mar 1 - 'Human Error' Photos & Synopsis Online
Download six all-new pictures from next week's controversial Voyager episode.

Mar 1 - Writers Guild Contract Talks Collapse
Strike threat increases dramatically after writers end negotiations.

Mar 1 - McNeill On Neelix's 'Destiny'
Cinescape3-question session reveals some spoilers for upcoming Neelix episode.

Mar 1 - Good News On The Ratings Front
Overnights up, weeklys still trounce rival WB

Mar 1 - Site Columns
Heat, BBS listings, 2 years ago today, a new poll and TV times

Mar 1 - Gaming Bullets
New 'Elite Force' pack, a SFCII review and Decipher rulings.

Mar 1 - New Footage On UPN 9 News
'Human Error' & 'Author, Author' material in new clip. Full transcript inside.

Mar 1 - Link: Finding The Way - Brent Stait Interview
Andromeda's Rev Bem actor talks to SlipstreamWeb about the season finale, Klingons, Patrick Stewart and more.

Mar 1 - Article: The Court Martial of Captain Kathryn Janeway Part 2
The trial continues! Read the rebuttal of last week's charges in part two of our special feature!

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