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March 28, 2001 - 10:04 PM

Hello World!

It is, I find, very frustrating be in the mood for a midnight Ė or in this case, pre-dawn - snack and find that thereís nothing in the house fitting that description. No chips, no ice-cream, no chocolate, not even any muesli bars or other such, dare I say it, healthy snacks. Just baked beans Ė a staple in any uni studentís diet. Well, that and two minute noodles, though itís a wonder how cheap a good steak can be if youíre only buying for one and donít mind not having anything with it. And, since Iím a big fan of steak, I have little problem with sacrificing some greenery to have one. Another great way to go, I find, is your classic baked Ė or in this instance, nuked - potato. Punch a couple of holes in one with a fork, bung it in the microwave until itís either cooked through or exploded. Season with butter and salt to taste and eat skin and all. That way you get all the staple food-groups: carbohydrates, butter and burnt crunchy bitsÖ or wet, soggy bits, since this is a microwave weíre talking about here.

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Poll Results

Below are the results of the most recent TrekToday poll:

What is the pre-finale Voyager episode you're most looking forward to?
'Q2' 50.5% - (735 Votes)
'Friendship One' 16.9% - (247 Votes)
'Author, Author' 10.3% - (150 Votes)
'Renaissance Man' 9.2% - (134 Votes)
'Destiny' 7.7% - (113 Votes)
'Natural Law' 5.2% - (76 Votes)

Total Votes: 1455

,Thanks go out to everyone who voted! With all the hype surrounding the finale, we ask the question - 'Do you think that Voyager should get home'?,

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