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March 14, 2001 - 11:57 AM

Hello World!

There are few words to express just how thrilled Im feeling right now. You see after something of very long and rather rotten day I logged onto my computer to discover a message left by my wonderful wonderful friend maxi that deary ol forgotten Perth, Western Australia, will be playing host to a small Star Trek convention complete with at least one guest. Now, I would have been happy with virtually anyone, but the best news, for me at least, is that the guest is none other than Robert Picardo. You may recognise him as my favourite Voyager actor and one of the few ones whos career I will be following with any real interest once the show ends.

In short, Im really over the moon. And, even better, there may be a cocktail reception before hand, not to mention a second guest if interest is high enough. So, anyone from Perth who reads this BOOK! Info can be found at Maybe if enough interest's generated, this could become a re-occurring event maybe even worked into Swancon.

In other, and rather less appealing news, a young woman was attacked yesterday morning on the Murdoch University campus. Fortunately, she gave her assailant a good kick and managed to get away, but the atmosphere out on campus aint so great right now and I for one am glad I bought a pepper spray at the beginning of this semester.

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