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March 25, 2001 - 5:32 PM

Hello World!

To help a friend who's doing research on brain activity or something like that, I've recently started a second career as guinea pig. After having had to look at 250 fluorescent green lines, I can tell you it's not a particularly pleasant way to spend your time.

Before I could participate in the test, I was first strapped tight into a device most closely resembling a cross between Blade Runner's Voigt-Kampff machine and Hannibal Lecter's hockey mask. Then I had to stare at a full-screen blow-up of my own right eye for half an hour while the friend calibrated the cameras on aforementioned torture device. After that the real horror started, as the room was placed in total darkness, with the exception of one computer screen.

On it, a little crossmark appeared in the center of the screen, which I had to intently focus on. Then it disappeared, and a horizontal green line appeared, with on it a vertical green line, and then I had to indicate whether the vertical line was to the left or to the right of the center. After that I had to focus on the crossmark again, and repeat the excercise. This wouldn't have been so bad if the test didn't require me to stay absolutely focused on the place where the crossmark had appeared, and it was set up so strictly that if my pupil wandered away even a millimeter it blared a warning and I had to redo the green line. With the warning appearing once every two or three lines, I was soon getting ready to start using the crossmark for target practice.

Unfortunately I agreed to take part in the whole series of tests, so this week I have to come back for another 250 lines, and then they'll be examining something they call the 'allocentric' parts of my brain. You know what they examined during this first session? The 'egocentric' parts of my brain. It's a good thing they only told me that after the fact - if I'd had heard that while I was busy sacrificing myself in the name of science and being strapped in the Helmet of Hellish Torture I'd have been out of the room in no time.

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