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March 29, 2001 - 3:37 PM

Hello World!

The Dutch television system is getting weirder and weirder. For several years now, we've had a commercial television station here that was called Veronica. Programming was done by a company called Veronica, which used to be a radio station and later made programs for public television, and the station was co-owned by Veronica and an entity called the Holland Media Group (HMG).

After some in-fighting, Veronica decided to leave the Holland Media Group, leaving behind the station and most of its creative staff. They did take away the rights to the name Veronica, so HMG had to find a new name for the station. They came up with 'ME - The Movement', a move that really only reminded the rest of the Netherlands of Monty Pythons' 'The Knights Who Say Ni'. Unfortunately for HMG, they were quickly sued by clothing chain 'WE', who had registered trademarks for the English words 'HE', 'SHE' and 'ME'. Last week they won their case, leaving HMG with less than a week to find a new name, as they'd already announced they were going to change it on the 2nd of April.

Over the past week, the station was already running little commercials for '? - The Movement', telling us we'd find out the new name today. A few of the options they themselves mentioned in those commercials were RTL 7 (after the two other stations operated by HMG), OOQ and DNA, none of which managed to terribly excite me. However, they were all surely better than the name that they did unveil today - 'Yorin - The Movement', an alternate spelling of the phrase "You're in".

They can count me right out.

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