Exclusive: Full Series V Character List By Christian
March 4, 2001 - 10:50 PM

Since before the end of 'Deep Space Nine', fandom has been speculating about the next Star Trek series, dubbed Series V by many. Over the past year the first rumours began appearing, suggesting the series would be set on a pre-TOS Enterprise, and in the past month Paramount officially announced it had begone pre-production. However, actual details of the next series' backstory were unavailable. That is, until now, as we present you what we believe is the full cast list for the next Star Trek series.

Last week, Paramount sent out a character breakdown for the next show to talent agents, indicating that casting is set to begin soon. We've been able to lay our hands on a copy of this breakdown sheet, thanks to an insider who wishes to remain anonymous. The sheet contains information on the seven series regulars, a recurring character and several characters from the pilot. As a word of caution, while everything indicates that this is in fact the genuine article, the below info of course hasn't been officially confirmed by Paramount yet, and so should still be treated as a rumour.

The breakdown sheet confirms many of the rumours that have appeared on the internet over the past years. Series V will indeed be set on a Starship Enterprise, under the command of human Captain Jackson Archer. The backdrop of the series will be the 22nd Century, at a time when starship travel was a relatively new endeavour, humans and Vulcans still had much to learn about each other, and the universe really was still filled with strange new worlds, new life and new civilisations.

Read on to find out who will be facing the final frontier in the fifth installment of the Star Trek franchise!

According to the breakdown sheet, shooting for the series is scheduled to begin on the 8th of May in Los Angeles. The project is referred to as 'Untitled New Star Trek Series', and is described as a Sold Series, which would seem to suggest that a decision has already been made on where Series V will eventually air.

Again, as we have always done for all previous Series V news, we have to stress that the above info has not been officially confirmed by Paramount yet, and that until they make an official announcement on the next series any such news should be treated as you would any rumour. Meanwhile, major thanks go out to the person who passed along this info!

As previously stated by Viacom, the show is scheduled to premiere in Fall 2001. As we get closer to the launch date, it will be very interesting to see more details released, and eventually have some faces attached to the above characters. Of course, we will continue to follow all Series V developments closely here at TrekToday, so be sure to check back often!

Finally, lots of good wishes go out to creative team Rick Berman and Brannon Braga - let's hope that by bringing Star Trek into the 22nd Century they will also be able to continue to let it prosper in the 21st Century.

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