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March 5, 2001 - 6:24 PM

Hello World!


Ok, I admit it. I...

... am actually starting to warm to the idea of ĎHuman Errorí. Not much, I admit, but even what little bit that allows me to think about the episode without crying out of sheer disgust feels like a complete betrayal of my shipper roots. Iím still not very happy about it at all, but Iíve managed to calm myself to the point where Iíll be able to watch it Ė and actually, maybe even enjoy it if it turns out to be any good. Maybe. Perhaps. Thatís not a definite there, and if Sevenís problem isnít fixed by either then end of the episode (which a little bird tells me itís not) or within several episodes or we find out that Seven doesnít *want* to get it fixed, well.

Odd, isnít it Ė the way this whole Series V thing has taken over everything?

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