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March 9, 2001 - 11:43 PM

Hello World!

My topic for today’s site columns has changed a great number of times since I first sat down behind my computer today. Originally, I was going to write about ‘Human Error’, then on second hand book stores, and then I decided I’d do another article on gun control (that one lasted all of 5 seconds). After that, I returned to second hand books stores and the two books I picked up there today for far less than the price of one (‘Silence of the Lambs’ paperback and ‘Hannibal’ in hard cover for under $20AU) and was about to come up with something on that, when I suddenly had a new topic thrust upon me.

Computers. Or, more correctly, why I could very easily hate computers. Or at least networked computers. The server at my house went down this evening for far too long and left me stranded in the middle of several hundred things I wanted to do. I do believe I invented a number of new swear-words. And I’m not sure if my keyboard will ever quite be the same.

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