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March 6, 2001 - 10:30 AM

Hello World!

Before I start, let me remind everyone that 'Hello World!' is our daily editorial, in which either Amy or I provide our own personal opinions - the below should not be taken in the same way as regular TrekToday news items, which we try to make as objective as possible, but rather as my own personal soapbox.

To be honest, I've been a bit surprised at how quick some people have been to dismiss the Series V casting sheet as fake, simply because a few people hiding behind anonymous Hotmail-addresses said so.

I was already suspicious about the two mails I posted yesterday - the supposed intern especially didn't sound too legit, with the boss who "knowing I'm a big sci-fi fan, began reading it out loud but abruptly stopped when he realized how important it was to keep it quiet... even (and especially) from his intern."

However, even less likely is the mail that was published on a few sites from someone claiming to be a personal assistant at a casting agency in Seattle, WA, and saying that actress Alicia Coppola had been cast as a Trill character named Jazan Laan. We received the email too, along with another one from someone claiming to be a source at Paramount, saying basically the same thing. Unfortunately, there's just one problem - both mails were sent from a computer in England.

I have no idea why such anonymous mails, which as shown above are very easy to be proven wrong, are taken as hard facts by some, but I think they certainly shouldn't influence whether people believe the sheet is legit or not. As for me personally, I do still believe the casting sheet is legit, especially after receiving several more (IMHO trustworthy) confirmations of that over the night.

I do hope Paramount will finally come out and make an official statement about Series V, though I'm beginning to fear they might just wait until they've cast the main characters or so.

Again, though, the above is purely my opinion and should not be taken as fact - to move back into 'Objective TrekToday Mode', Paramount has never officially confirmed anything about the Series V plot, and until then any news from unofficial sources should be treated as you would any rumour.

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Today is the 61st birthday of Joanna Miles, who played Sarek's wife Perrin in the TNG episodes 'Sarek' and 'Unification, Part One'.

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