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March 22, 2001 - 8:58 PM

Hello World!

I can tell you I was rather thrilled this evening when my flatmate, landlord and Alan (who had no obvious function for the evening but came along anyway) appeared on the doorstep this evening (well, not the doorstep - for obvious reasons they were able to let themselves in) and informed me that they were going to swap hard drives on two of the computers here. Well, that was fine - it was for my benefit, after all... only I was in the middle of doing the updates here. "It'll only take two hours" they assured me and, like a fool, I believed them. That was at roughly 8pm. By the time they were done ghosting, swapping the hardrives, swapping CD/DVD/CDRW drives, partitioning, installing RedHat Linux to dual boot with Windoze, considerably more than two hours had passed. I was no impressed, especially since I was hoping to use tonight to try to return to something resembling normal sleeping patterns. Well, that idea went out the airlock. Still, I suppose I can't complain too much (even if the CD burner was removed the *one night* - no joke - that I actually wanted to burn a cd) - after all, I no longer have to worry about drive space restrictions for a while - went from roughly 4 to somewhere in the region of 18GB. Now, if only the RAM could be bumped up too... Hell, why don't I ask for cable, ADSl or satellite while I'm at it?

Something I find strange, however, is that after over eight years of living in Australia, my body clock still insists that I should be living on US time. Unless I make the effort, I'll sleep through the day here and get out of bed sometime around 6pm - great for clubbing, the internet... and not much else.

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Today marks the 70th birthday of William Shatner, who of course played Captain James T. Kirk in the Original Series.

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