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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for August 2001

Aug 31 - Details Of 'Enterprise' Opening Titles Revealed!
Theme music to be sung by British opera sensation and titles to have a theme of 'exploration and pioneering.'

Aug 31 - News Bullets
Farrell sues Paramount, Burton on Larry King, Enterprise promo mirrors, Jeri Ryan, Enterprise on Canadian TV, and much more!

Aug 31 - New Sev Trek Cartoon & Punchline Contest
Why did Tomb Parasite turn into a slug? Send in your answer this week!

Aug 31 - Site Columns
Nothing at all, Trek BBS, Tv Listings, and Trek Two Years Ago.

Aug 30 - Three New 'Enterprise' Promos Online
New footage includes crew in spacesuits, the Suliban and exotic alien women! Images and transcripts inside!

Aug 30 - Mulgrew On Creating A Captain
Kathryn Janeway actress talks about the elements she brought to Voyager, and her nicknames for the cast.

Aug 30 - Trek X 'Serviceable But Uninspired'
Latest review of the new movie screenplay is critical of clichés and recycled plots.

Aug 30 - Frakes Confirms 'Roswell'/'Enterprise' Crossover
'Roswell' executive producer says crossover episode will go ahead, but Bakula won't be onboard.

Aug 30 - Site Columns
Late nights, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Aug 29 - First 'Enterprise' Cast Portraits Released
See the first studio photos of the Series V cast, including Archer in a spacesuit and Dr. Phlox. Images inside!

Aug 29 - Trek X Dialogue Snippets In New Review
Brand new review includes major spoilers for the movie and the first actual dialogue. Full report including HUGE SPOILERS inside!

Aug 29 - First 'Enterprise' Location Stills In UK Magazine
Upcoming Starburst issue features images of T'Pol, Klingon and cast portrait on cover. Spoilers inside.

Aug 29 - Westmore Talks 'Enterprise' Makeup Challenge
Series V makeup designer on re-creating aliens from The Original Series. Plus: Blackman on the new uniforms.

Aug 29 - Stewart: Being The Captain Is Like Being King
Jean-Luc Picard actor muses about films and theatre, Trek X and his new play in Yorkshire.

Aug 29 - UPN Goes For Product Placement Deal, Not Bugs
'Enterprise' network to give 'value-added promotions' to advertisers. Plus: Trek on WWF Raw?

Aug 29 - Trek Movie To Beam Down To Vulcan?
New report claims that Trek X may film in a very appropriate place indeed...

Aug 28 - Montgomery: I'm Stoked To Be Onboard!
Scott Bakula and Brannon Braga talk about the latest Trek star in the driving seat of a starship.

Aug 28 - Site Columns
Gaming Woes, Trek BBS, Trek Two Years Ago and TV Listings.

Aug 28 - 'Roswell' to Feature 'Enterprise' Crossover?
New report says UPN to link up two shows in its new line-up with special crossover storyline.

Aug 28 - Richard Arnold Talks Trek Features
Star Trek archivist on Trek X, future movies and Klingon ridges.

Aug 28 - News Bullets
Bakula's gym, UPN in Ohio, Ryan ad, TMP DVD, book review, Trek music showcased & more!

Aug 27 - Interview: Scott Bakula
Michael J. Fijolek talks with the 'Enterprise' star about snapping at Vulcans, failing technology and cast chemistry.

Aug 27 - Beltran Turns His Hand To Writing
Chakotay actor talks about his new projects, the C/7 relationship and 'Voyager.'

Aug 27 - Decipher Launches New Roleplaying Books
CCG company to release two hardcover RPG guides this Fall.

Aug 27 - Site Columns
Pretentious words, BBS threads, classic TT news, a correction & TV listings.

Aug 26 - I Feel Like I Have Won The Lottery, Says Keating
Malcolm Reed actor talks fame and winning the part on Enterprise.

Aug 26 - News Bullets
BBC2 Star Trek night, 'Night Witches' update, Visitor,, book covers & rerun schedule.

Aug 25 - Blalock: I Am T'Pol
'Enterprise' actress talks characterisation, pointy ears and how she almost turned the role down.

Aug 25 - James Darren Still Singing From The Heart
Vic Fontaine actor performs at a free outdoor concert. Full report and photos inside!

Aug 25 - De Lancie Wins Villainous Role On 'SU2'
Q actor to guest star on UPN's new monster series.

Aug 25 - Site Columns
Lis gets an Itch, TrekTwo Years Ago, TrekBBS and a Belated Birthday.

Aug 25 - Brand New Sev Trek Cartoon & Contest
Design a new uniform for Sev Fleet in the new Sev Trek punchilne contest.

Aug 25 - Gaming Bullets
'Armada II' interview, 'Orion Pirates' reviews, 'Bridge Commander' at ECTS & CCG.

Aug 24 - 'Broken Bow' Is A 'Grand Adventure,' Says Braga
'Enterprise' co-creator talks pilot episode and creating the series. Spoilers inside!

Aug 24 - UPN To Have Ad 'Bugs' During Programming?
'Enterprise' network considering allowing advertisers to promote products on screen during prime-time shows.

Aug 23 - Steven Dennis To Play Andorian In 'Enterprise'?
'Voyager' guest star rumoured to appear in Series V's fifth episode.

Aug 23 - 'Enterprise' To Feature Recurring Characters
NX-01 to have a regular nurse and others on board. Plus: Budget and set tidbits.

Aug 23 - Site Columns
Civilization 3 (again), BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Aug 22 - Enterprise On UK TV In 'Early 2002'
New report suggests Series V will be on UK screens as early as January next year.

Aug 22 - News Bullets
Voyager Comics, James Darren review and in the music charts, Ryan on TV, and more!

Aug 22 - Site Columns
Exploring one's sound system. Plus: BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Aug 21 - First Three Regular 'Enterprise' Episodes Revealed
New plot info for 'Fight or Flight,' 'Strange New World' and 'Unexpected.' Spoilers inside!

Aug 21 - The Book Padd: 'Gateways,' 'Invincible' & 'Divided We Fall'
Michelle Erica Green reviews the latest Star Trek books available for late Summer reading.

Aug 21 - 'Broken Bow' Novelisation Cover Released
Artwork for first 'Enterprise' novel online. Plus: Title for second Series V novel, 'New Frontier' & SCE cover images.

Aug 21 - Gaming Bullets
'Elite Force' EP for OSX, 'Armada II' and 'Bridge Commander' screenshots, Armada help & Borg CCG.

Aug 20 - Paramount Considering More Special Edition DVDs
Originally released in bare-bone versions, Paramount may revisit movies 2-9 following release of 'The Motion Picture.'

Aug 20 - Bakula Talks Human-Vulcan Relationship
New video interviews with Jonathan Archer actor appear online. 'They're not particularly great fans of the human race.'

Aug 20 - Interview: Anthony Montgomery
Travis Mayweather actor talks to TrekToday's AntonyF about getting cast on 'Enterprise,' working with Scott Bakula, and enjoying life.

Aug 20 - Site Columns
Computer Troubles *groan*, Trek BBS, Trek Two Years Ago and TV Listings.

Aug 20 - Braga Seeks To Reinvent Trek With 'Enterprise'
Series V co-creator on the attempt to reconceive the Star Trek mythos. Plus: Berman comments on Trek X. Spoilers inside.

Aug 20 - Jude Law & Craig T. Nelson Up For Trek X?
'A.I.' and 'The District' stars rumoured to be considered for roles of Shinzon & the Viceroy. Spoilers inside.

Aug 19 - Digital Domain To Create 'Nemesis' FX?
Academy Award-winning FX house rumoured to be working on Trek X. Plus: Positive script review says the film is 'imaginative.'

Aug 19 - Andromeda Bullets
News about Andromeda's Season Two, Kevin Sorbo interview, new titles, trading cards, action figures, Woolvett baby and more!

Aug 19 - Site Columns
Dark Angel & Stargate, BBS threads, classic TT news, TV listings & birthdays!

Aug 18 - 'The Motion Picture' DVD Coming November 6
Two-disc set to include two hours of bonus material. Plus: Ask the production team your questions!

Aug 18 - Blalock On Vulcan Mating Behaviour
Enterprise's Sub-Commander T'Pol discusses sexy Vulcans and the Pon Farr in a new interview.

Aug 18 - News Bullets
Sky TV, Tim Hagan, Trekiverse, Blackpool con, BakulaNews and more!

Aug 18 - Site Columns
Poll, Trek BBS, Trek Two Years Ago, and TV Listings.

Aug 17 - 'Trek X' Looking Better - But Does It Still Matter?
Fourth, slightly less negative script review appears, but new rumours suggest 'Nemesis' may be forced to wait another year.

Aug 17 - TV Guide Celebrates 'Enterprise'
Magazine to feature an exclusive look inside the new ship, interviews with the cast and creators. On newsstands Monday!

Aug 17 - Majel Roddenberry On The Trek Phenomena
Wife of Gene Roddenberry talks about Trek's legacy, appearing on Enterprise and the next Trek feature film.

Aug 17 - Gaming Bullets
'Dominion Wars' and 'Orion Pirates' reviewed, more on 'Bridge Commander' and 'Shattered Universe.'

Aug 17 - Site Columns
WWF, BBS & TV listings.

Aug 16 - Jeffrey Combs To Appear In 'Enterprise'
Regular guest actor will play an Andorian in Series V's fifth episode.

Aug 16 - Hans Zimmer In Contention To Score Trek X?
After scribe John Logan, will 'Gladiator' composer Zimmer now also join the latest Star Trek movie?

Aug 16 - New Sev Trek Cartoon Contest
The phenomena of 'Unkillable Ensigns' is examined in this week's Star Trek parody cartoon.

Aug 16 - Site Columns
Lisa Loses a Wager, Trek BBS, Trek Two Years Ago and TV Listings.

Aug 15 - Majel Roddenberry Eagerly Awaiting 'Enterprise'
Late Star Trek creator's wife says Series V 'sounds interesting.' Plus: Roddenberry leaves 'Andromeda,' 'E:FC.'

Aug 15 - Web Review Trashes 'Nemesis'
Online critic rants against Trek franchise in latest look at Trek X screenplay. Spoilers inside!

Aug 15 - Mulgrew To Be First Lady Of Ohio?
Husband Hagan enters Ohio Governor race. Mulgrew: 'I wouldn't mind being First Lady of Ohio!'

Aug 15 - Tony Todd To Star In 'Minotaur'
Trek guest actor talks upcoming movie plans. Plus: 'Final Destination 2' in development.

Aug 15 - Site Columns
Virtual models, BBS threads, classic TT news, TV listings & a birthday!

Aug 14 - Shatner: Bakula A Very Powerful Actor
The first Enterprise captain expresses confidence in the new series lead.

Aug 14 - 'Dead Last' Launches With Dwight Schultz Tonight
Barclay actor to appear on debut episode of new WB supernatural comedy. Plus: Picardo on 'Seven Days.'

Aug 14 - News Bullets
Book Reviews, Go Fishing with Trek, Bakula, UK Videos, Trek answering machine messages and more!

Aug 14 - Site Columns
New Flash ads, BBS & TV listings, and classic TT news.

Aug 14 - McNeill On Wang's Directorial Aspirations
Actor-director talks about why Garrett Wang never got the chance to helm a 'Voyager' episode.

Aug 14 - Mulgrew Wanted More Balance For 'Voyager' Cast
Janeway actress desired less Seven and more screentime with Paris & Holodoc.

Aug 13 - Ryan Geeks Out At D.C. Con
Seven of Nine actress talks freakiness, cooking and her new role on 'Boston Public.'

Aug 13 - Site Columns
Yesterday, Trek BBS, Trek Two Years Ago and TV Listings.

Aug 12 - First Enterprise Dialogue Online
Read how Captain Archer and T'Pol disagree and Hoshi Sato is in a jam in the latest script review.

Aug 12 - Herd Proud To Be Part Of Voyager
Admiral Paris actor talks about his on-screen son, and about being a part of television history.

Aug 12 - News Bullets
ST:Hypertext, science article, Cattrall,, Ryan, 'The Cage' article, Mulgrew times 3, Delta Blues & Psi Phi updates.

Aug 12 - Site Columns
TrekToday action figures announced! Plus: BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Aug 11 - Directing Opens Avenues For McNeill
Tom Paris actor talks 'West Wing' visit, 'Dawson's Creek' and 'Enterprise' preparation.

Aug 11 - Enterprise News Round-up
St. Louis to receive 'Enterprise,' UPN trailers & 'Broken Bow' report correction. Minor spoilers inside.

Aug 11 - Gaming Bullets
'Bridge Commander' preview, 'Dominion Wars' reviews, 'Armada II' chat transcript & screenshots.

Aug 10 - 'Nemesis' To Honour Trek Continuity
Classic Trek races, characters and events to be included in upcoming film. 'When in doubt, run to the old Andorian!'

Aug 10 - Further 'Broken Bow' Script Info
Farmer Moore, Klingons, Romulans, and Archer/T'Pol verbal sparring. Spoilers & new photo inside!

Aug 9 - 'Broken Bow' Guest Cast Photos
Meet Ambassador Soval, Tos, Admiral Leonard and Commander Williams. Plus: First images of Klingon in medical bay.

Aug 9 - Biller 'Very Satisfied' With Voyager
Season Seven Executive Producer talks about crafting the final episodes, Voyager's strengths and bringing the ship home.

Aug 9 - Site Columns
Zzzzz, BBS threads, classic TT news and TV listings.

Aug 9 - New Sev Trek Cartoon
There's a problem for Spook's parents in this week's new Star Trek parody cartoon.

Aug 8 - Article: Toronto Trek 15 Convention Report
Colin 'Zeke' Hayman returns from Toronto Trek with a full report on the convention.

Aug 8 - News Bullets
Boston Public, German con, TV Guide, Memory Bank, DS9 article, media poll, Stewart, Delta Blues, Keating, Montgomery & more!

Aug 8 - Site Columns
Lis goes to Hell. Again. Trek BBS, Trek Two Years Ago and TV Listings.

Aug 7 - First Two Regular 'Enterprise' Episodes Spoiled
Find out about 'Fight or Flight' and another post-'Broken Bow' episode. Spoilers inside!

Aug 7 - Full Writing Staff Now Revealed
'Voyager' team Sussman & Strong, 'Relic Hunter' & 'Baywatch' team Jacquemetton, and 'Seven Days' writer Finch join staff.

Aug 7 - Fatjo On Writing For Trek
Former pre-production co-ordinator talks script submissions and the importance of following the guidelines.

Aug 7 - Site Columns
Birthdays & deaths, BBS & TV listings, and the Big Boss Man in classic TT news.

Aug 7 - MacDonald Captivated By Tosk
Long-time Trek guest actor talks about working under the latex.

Aug 6 - Sky One To Bring Enterprise To Britain
UK station follows UPN's lead, shows first 'Enterprise' promo after 'Endgame' airing.

Aug 6 - Fun And Practical Jokes On The Voyager Set
The Voyager cast relates some of the pranks they pulled on one another while filming.

Aug 6 - Carey To Write 'Broken Bow' Novelization
First Series V novel to include a 'Making Of Enterprise' featurette, for tentative October 2001 release.

Aug 6 - News Bullets
Farrell, Cattrall, Star Trek Dimension, Psi Phi updates, video cover art & Roswell awards.

Aug 6 - Gaming Bullets
'Borg Assimilator' suspended, 'Armada II' site, 'Elite Force' Expansion reviews & CCG championships.

Aug 6 - Site Columns
Caillan is Deanna Troi, BBS threads, classic TT news and TV listings.

Aug 5 - Krige, Russ & Phillips Talk 'Endgame'
Voyager stars discuss final episode at last weekend's 'The Return' convention.

Aug 5 - Mulgrew Confronts 'Voyager' Criticism
Janeway actress talks about the comparisons between the Trek series.

Aug 5 - News Bullets
Plummer, book review, Bakula, Mediaweek column, Trek personality test, social commentary article & TOS book cover.

Aug 5 - Site Columns
Poll Suggestions Please, Trek BBS, TV Listings and Trek Two Years Ago.

Aug 4 - Site Columns
Goodwill Games, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Aug 3 - First One-Minute 'Enterprise' Promo
Even more footage, plus spoken dialogue by Reed, Sato, Tucker and Archer! Full transcript inside!

Aug 3 - Voyager Beams Into Britain
Fans meet Trek stars in the 'Voyager: The Return' convention in Blackpool. Contains 'Endgame' Spoilers.

Aug 3 - Site Columns
'Once and Again,' BBS & TV listings, and classic TT news.

Aug 3 - Gaming Bullets
New Birth of the Federation Project, Orion Pirates and Dominion Wars reviews, DS9: The Fallen on Macintosh and more!

Aug 3 - New Sev Trek Contest
Captain Bun Schidzo has a question for the Prophets in this week's new punchline competition.

Aug 2 - Berman Reveals 'Enterprise' Writing Staff
Find out about Antoinette Stella, Fred Dekker & Andre Bormanis. Plus: Berman talks Klingons, T'Pau.

Aug 2 - UPN 'Enterprise' Promos Feature New Footage
First clear look at Dr. Phlox, plus new glimpses of Tucker, T'Pol, aliens and Adm. Forrest! Images and full transcripts inside!

Aug 2 - Bakula Talks To Fans And Press
Open letter to 'Quantum Leap' fans, magazine & TV interviews, and future appearance list.

Aug 2 - News Bullets
Stewart on theatre, UPN 'too offensive,' Russ, Mulgrew, and the Beltran Gripe Generator.

Aug 2 - Detailed Biographies Of Enterprise Cast
Learn about the previous acting experience of Captain Archer and the rest of the crew.

Aug 2 - Site Columns
Lis is back from the pits of Hell, TV Listings, Trek BBS and Trek Two Years Ago.

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