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August 27, 2001 - 6:17 AM

Hello World!

There was quite an amusing article published in the paper yesterday, about pretentious words. Professor Larry Task, author of 'Mind The Gaffe: The Penguin Guide To Common Errors In English,' has pinpointed a selection of words that he feels are especially pretentious. They're presented below, with his comments:

I think Professor Task needs a new word for pretentious, since he obviously doesn't like synonyms. My thesaurus suggests ostentatious, conceited, elitist, grandiloquent, or haughty, but then it's probably one of those special pretentious editions you can buy.

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- Do you like the new 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture' DVD cover artwork?

- What do you think of the NX-01's sickbay?

- Do you have any Original Series book recommendations?

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Trek Two Years Ago

These were some of the major news headlines on August 27, 1999:


In August 25th's Site Columns, we reported that actress Jennifer Lien (Kes) had turned 31. However, Lien did, in fact, turn 27. We apologise for any confusion that this may have caused.

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