'Broken Bow' Guest Cast Photos By Caillan
August 9, 2001 - 2:45 PM

Enterprise sickbay photo - courtesy UPN 20, copyright Paramount Pictures

UPN 20 in Denver today released the first images depicting prominent members of the 'Broken Bow' guest cast.

The station posted a new set of high-quality Enterprise photos on its web site, including these images of a Klingon in a Starfleet medical facility. The photos would seem to confirm some of the casting details that were placed on the Internet Movie Database recently, including the names of the actors playing the various Starfleet officers and Vulcan dignitaries.

The first photo shows Captain Archer, high-ranking Starfleet officials and the Vulcan representatives examining the Klingon found at 'Broken Bow.' The onlookers, seen from left to right behind the window, are likely to be Gary Graham as Ambassador Soval and Thomas Kopache as his assistant, Tos (order unknown), Scott Bakula as Captain Archer, Vaughn Armstrong as Admiral Forrest, Jim Fitzpatrick as Commander Williams and Jim Beaver as Admiral Leonard. Klaang, the Klingon, is played by Tom 'Tiny' Lister Jr.

Enterprise sickbay photo - courtesy UPN 20, copyright Paramount PicturesThe image is likely to be a still taken from the Enterprise footage sent to UPN affiliates last month. As previously reported, in this scene set in a Starfleet medical bay, two Starfleet officers refer to the Klingon as a "Klingot," only to be corrected by one of the Vulcans. Captain Archer is said to be "amazed" at the sight of the Klingon.

Vaughn Armstrong isn't the only Enterprise guest actor to have previously appeared on the franchise, as Graham and Kopache have also featured on the various series. A brief biography of each of the new guest actors can be found below.

Please note that these casting details have not yet been officially confirmed by Paramount and until such time should be treated as any rumour. Higher quality versions of the above images, as well as more Enterprise photos, can be found here at UPN 20. Thanks to MvRojo and David Henderson at Psi Phi for this!

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