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August 7, 2001 - 11:59 PM

Hello World!

Have you ever noticed how enourmously huge the number of people is who worked and had a significant impact on Star Trek? I've been recreating the birthday list we use for the site (which is the reason no birthday announcements have appeared over the past few weeks), and if things continue in this way, there soon won't be many days on which there isn't at least one birthday.

What's sad to see, however, is that the number of days on which someone important for the Star Trek franchise passed away is also strongly growing. The IMDB contained the birthdays of many of the writers and directors who worked on some of the Original Series's classic episodes, and especially for the directors it almost seems as if at least half of them have already died. Many of them I still recall reading about in books such as the Star Trek Interview Book, and it was quite shocking to see that so many of them are gone already - and the pace only seems to be increasing.

It's a good thing at least that so much effort was put in interviewing all these people who were involved in the Original Series. But unfortunately, it seems that many of these interview books have also gone out of print already - browsing through, I noticed that books such as 'Inside Star Trek' and 'The Star Trek Interview Book' aren't even available anymore. With the 35th Anniversary of Star Trek coming up, isn't it about time to reissue these books again? Of course, we'll always have the actual episodes to remember all the Original Series talents by, but it'd be a great shame if that is all that survives, and if all that great background material just disappear forever.

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