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August 17, 2001 - 11:34 PM

Hello World!

Well, it's very late and I don't have many of my mental powers left anymore, so I'll just talk about professional wrestling.

The Netherlands finally succumbed to the massive popularity of the WWF, with one of the smaller stations here in the Netherlands beginning to air 'RAW is WAR,' a title that I haven't quite figured out the meaning of yet. After watching part of the show, I have to admit that I'm also far from figuring out what the WWF is actually about.

After seeing a few screenshots and watching the instant classic 'Tsunkatse,' my perception of the show was of it being a sort of extreme version of other contact sports - people body-slamming each other and so on. Not my thing, but considering the popularity of sports such as boxing at least understandable.

But what seemed to be the only thing that happened in tonight's episode? People entering the ring, talking to each other, and then leaving again, accompanied by an impressive soundtrack.

First, the son and daughter of the WWF chairman, who apparently each run their own wrestling league that is supposed to compete with the WWF in one of their storylines, spent 10 minutes on stage basically taunting the audience and telling them the WWF would soon have to close down. Then 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin appeared in the ring, and I figured that was where the action would begin. But instead the guy nearly broke down in tears because the audience was apparently supporting one of his opponents, which the director tried to show by giving us a shot of the only guy in the entire stadium holding a poster supporting The Rock. I tuned out five minutes later, after 'Stone Cold's' supposed opponent appeared, but instead of fighting him 'Stone Cold' was dragged away by his managers, all the while shouting "I'll be back" or something like that.

Is there someone who could explain this to me? Are all wrestling shows like this, with just people talking to the audience? Why is it even still called wrestling?

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