Trek X Dialogue Snippets In New Review By Lisa
August 29, 2001 - 3:37 PM

Star Trek X was brought a little closer to the fans today with the first extracts of dialogue from the film.

A new script review written by Robnhud is online over at TrekWeb. While many of the plot lines described in the review have previously been published online, the review includes new details and the aforementioned dialogue straight from the script.

Robnhud comments that more back story is needed on Shinzon. "There are no scenes on the slave world Remus, where Shinzon has been imprisoned for most of his life," he wrote, "there are no scenes explaining where Picard's genetic material was acquired, there is not even a concrete explanation of how old Shinzon really is, who specifically created him or what has happened to him other than being forgotten on Remus."

He also wonders if the script is now a little short, consisting of only 109 pages, working out at around an hour and forty-five minutes of movie. More scenes on Remus and more time devoted to Shinzon and Romulan politics would "go a long way toward balancing the script."

More details can he found in the full analysis here at TrekWeb.

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