Further 'Broken Bow' Script Info By Christian
August 10, 2001 - 3:11 PM

Even more spoilers from the 'Broken Bow' pilot script surfaced today, adding more details about the races that populate the Enterprise universe.

Science fiction news site the SyFy Portal posted several information bits from a late draft of the script, dated the 1st of May, 2001. Most of the information fleshes out the races we will be meeting in Enterprise, explaining for instance that not all Suliban are evil, and telling us about the first Vulcan who does not seem to dislike everything the humans do. Below is a summary of the most important new points found in the item:

For more details from the 'Broken Bow' script, including information on Dr. Phlox's favourite Chinese food and on the lack of tractor beams on the Enterprise, please follow this link.

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