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August 2, 2001 - 3:15 PM

Hello World!

Well, besides being back from a week in sunny Blackpool, I have also returned from Hell. Literally.

The brand new ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach is called 'Valhalla,' which is of course, Viking hell.

Its a fantastic ride that involves getting into a rather rickety looking Viking longboat and getting very very wet as you twist and turn along the track. Glowing red eyes and maniacal looking Vikings stare out from the darkness, with some very funky lightning effects.

The best bit of the ride however, is the way it affects your other senses. You see, the ride really does smell like old Vikings. Anyone who has been to the Jorvik museum in York will know exactly what I mean. The spectacular part of the ride is what it does with temperature.

Suddenly you start to realise that things are getting unbearably hot. And then you realise that the cool flame effects over there are not effects at all, but there is real fire billowing out of a simulated crack of hell mere inches from your face.

Then, when the heat is just too unbearable, you enter a room that is very very cold. And it gets colder, and colder, and then it begins to snow.

I guess it really does snow in hell.

The three of us disembarked our longboat soaked to the skin and very impressed with the ride. Thank goodness it was a blazing hot day and dried us off quickly.

You can embark on a virtual tour of the ride here or of course, try it out for yourself at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

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