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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for April 2001

Apr 30 - McNeill Hoped Voyager Would Lead To Directing
Tom Paris actor reveals he joined Star Trek partly to learn direct.

Apr 30 - 'Friendship One' Review Round-up
Five new analyses of last week's episode call it mediocre to very good.

Apr 30 - News Bullets
Picardo film, German trek, syndication, Goldberg, Sulu on Series V & new Shatner film.

Apr 30 - Latest Sev Trek Update
Velcrons, Whales, Turncoats and Reality TV featured in Sev competitions!

Apr 29 - Director Talks 'Free Enterprise' Inspirations
Robert Meyer Burnett: "The truer it was, the funnier it became."

Apr 29 - Last Unicorn Veterans Developing New Trek RPG
First gameplay details are released for Decipher's upcoming Trek role-playing game.

Apr 29 - Site Columns

Apr 29 - Sci-Fi Channel To Air McNeill Comedy Film
10-minute film by Tom Paris actor shown tonight on Sci-Fi Channel & web site.

Apr 28 - First Voyager Finale Footage
Very first 'Endgame' scenes revealed in new UPN promo. Photos & transcript inside!

Apr 28 - Review: Friendship One
Take one good episode, add a touch of arsenic, and then consume

Apr 28 - Gaming Bullets
'Elite Force' expansion movie, 'Bridge Commander' shots, 'Dominion War' & more.

Apr 28 - News Bullets
Mulgrew photos, syndication, DS9 con report, Woodard, Bakula, Germany & more.

Apr 28 - Site Columns
Christian's Swedish pop obsession continues. Plus: BBS & TV listings and classic TT news.

Apr 27 - 'Natural Law' & 'Homestead' Photos
Paramount releases new synopses and images for upcoming episodes.

Apr 27 - Site Columns
A look at the brilliant minds at UPN. Plus: BBS & TV listings and classic TT news.

Apr 27 - Bakula To Start Shooting 'Late Boomers' Today
Former Quantum Leap star to film CBS comedy yet keep Trek options open.

Apr 27 - Double Trouble In Voyager Finale?
Kate Mulgrew reveals 'Endgame' spoiler on Rosie & scores trivia success.

Apr 27 - Michael Westmore Joins Series V Staff
Trek Makeup supervisor continues 15-year stint with the Trek franchise.

Apr 27 - William Shatner: I Would Love To Play Kirk Again
Original series actor talks 'Generations,' his new novel and the prequel rumours.

Apr 27 - 'Friendship One' Scores A Ratings Rise
Overnight rating report shows a welcome boost for Voyager.

Apr 26 - 'Nemesis' - Star Trek X Title Revealed
TrekToday brings you the first spoilers for the next TNG film!

Apr 26 - Scott Bakula: Is He In Or Out?
One trade paper says announcement near, while other says Bakula running for other show.

Apr 26 - Site Columns
USB keyboards, Series V poll results, BBS & TV listings and classic TT news.

Apr 26 - 'Natural Law' Script Appears Online
New information revealed inside. Contains Spoilers!

Apr 26 - Watch 'Endgame' And Win $25,000
UPN announces new Voyager finale sweepstakes.

Apr 26 - UPN 'Natural Law' Promo Released
Download the trailer for next week's new Voyager. Full transcript inside.

Apr 25 - Mulgrew Reveals Finale Spoiler On 'Fox & Friends'
Janeway actress names surprising 'Endgame' guest star. Full report inside.

Apr 25 - News Corp. In Advanced Talks To Buy UPN
Fox owner in talks to buy Voyager network, new reality pilot for UPN, Scott Bakula & more biz news.

Apr 25 - Review: Author, Author
AntonyF says 'Author, Author' is like two episodes in one.

Apr 25 - Site Columns
ANZAC Day, BBS listings, TV times and historical bytes.

Apr 25 - News Bullets article, Diane Carey interview, Voyager reviews and more!

Apr 25 - Sev Competition Roundup
Have a look at the latest Sev Trek and Sev Trek Movie competitions

Apr 24 - Voyager's 'Destiny' Alters Course
Episode retitled as 'Homestead' to avoid DS9 confusion. Plus: character list released.

Apr 24 - Trek Cell Phone Games In Development
Digital Bridges creating 'First Duty' and 'Prime Directive' for wireless internet phones.

Apr 24 - Alert: Mulgrew On 'Fox & Friends' Tomorrow
Kathryn Janeway actress to do Trek quiz on Fox morning show.

Apr 24 - Visitor To Return For 'Dark Angel' Season Two
Kira actress says Madama X is similar to DS9's Intendant.

Apr 24 - News Bullets
Poll, Stewart on Stage, CCG, Masterson, TOS writer passes away, new ODN & more.

Apr 24 - The Book Padd: Avatar, Books One And Two
The DS9 relaunch blasts off with these new novels by S.D. Perry.

Apr 24 - Jeri Ryan Signs On For 'Elite Force' Expansion
The 'Voyager' game will finally feature the original Seven of Nine actress.

Apr 24 - Site Columns
Server downtime yesterday, BBS & TV info, and classic TrekToday news.

Apr 23 - Kate Mulgrew: The Camera Doesn't Lie
Janeway Actress talks living the role, Voyager ending, future plans and Stunts!

Apr 23 - 'Enterprise' Announcement Coming This Week?
Trade paper says UPN to officially announce Series V in a few days.

Apr 23 - Vaughn Armstrong Talks 'Experience' Klingon Role
Star Trek's most diverse guest actor describes his least-known role.

Apr 23 - News Bullets
Ryan photos, Siddig & Picardo signings, Trek quiz, Canadian airing & 'Dark Angel.'

Apr 23 - Site Columns
Series V, BBS & TV listings, and classic TrekToday news.

Apr 23 - Gaming Bullets
'Elite Force' expansion shots & interview, 'Away Team' reviews & more.

Apr 23 - New Voyager Ratings Disappoint
'Q2' shows promise, but 'Author, Author' sinks below 3.0 again.

Apr 22 - McNeill Reveals Favourite Voyager Is 'Threshold'
Tom Paris actor talks favourite episodes, provides new finale spoiler.

Apr 22 - Jeri Ryan Talk Show Clips Online
Voyager actress on Braga's birthday gift, Series V and more. Plus: 'Friendship One' spoilers.

Apr 22 - 'Chunkier And Blockier' Enterprise For Series V
British SFX Magazine reports new info on next series and spoils Voyager finale.

Apr 22 - Site Columns
Sheila Nichols, BBS & TV listings, classic TT news and 'Author, Author' poll results.

Apr 22 - Robert Picardo On The Evolution Of The Doctor
EMH actor talks on his new CD, holographic rights and more!

Apr 21 - Extensive 'Enterprise' Pilot Script Review
TrekToday presents you with the first review of the Series V opening episode. Contains Spoilers!

Apr 21 - News Bullets
Psi Phi, Shatner, Wrap Party photos, 'Author Author' review and more!

Apr 21 - Virtual Voyager Tour Launches
Explore all areas of the NCC-74656 in this new online interactive tour.

Apr 21 - Designer Drexler Onboard For Series V
Oscar-winner Doug Drexler joins the Art Department for the next Star Trek Series.

Apr 21 - Buffy To Move To UPN
Vampire Slayer has a new home. Plus: FCC allows Viacom to keep UPN.

Apr 21 - Sev Strip Roundup
Have a look at the latest complete Sev Trek and Sev Trek Movie strips!

Apr 20 - Beltran on the Changeless Chakotay
Robert Beltran voices his displeasure with Voyager - again.

Apr 20 - Site Columns
Temperatures, BBS listings, TVv times,a birthday and past headlines,

Apr 20 - Gaming Bullets
'Elite Force' expansion preview &screenshots, SFCII patch, 'Away Team' review and CCG news galore!

Apr 20 - Opinions Divided on 'Author Author'
Five new Voyager reviews see unfavourable comparisons to 'Measure of a Man'.

Apr 20 - 'Natural Law' Images
UPN posts the first new images and a synopsis from the first Voyager episode of May.

Apr 20 - News Bullets
Con & Cruise Photos, sensor sweep, Koenig, article and more!

Apr 19 - 20-Second 'Friendship One' Trailer Online
Get your first glimpse of the Friendship One in this new promo. Full transcript inside!

Apr 19 - The Book Padd: Spock vs Q, The Sequel
Michelle Erica Green looks at new audiobook from Nimoy and De Lancie.

Apr 19 - Site Columns
Daily DS9 reruns, BBS & TV listings, 'Q2' poll results, a birthday, a correction and more.

Apr 19 - 'Friendship One' Media
Official site and UPN post new pictures and a poster for next week's Voyager episode. Plus: TV Guide 'Natural Law' summary.

Apr 19 - Dawson - We're An Extraordinary Cast
Roxann Dawson talks directing and makeup blues in part six of Trek Galaxy’s retrospective.

Apr 19 - Sev Trek Competition Roundup
Check out the latest Sev Trek and Sev Trek Movie competitions!

Apr 18 - John Logan Talks Star Trek X Influences
Screenwriter says film to feature elements of all Trek series. Plus: Romulans, Responsibilites & Rick Berman!

Apr 18 - Paramount Renews T'Pau Casting Call
All bets are off as search for Series V lead actress resumes. Plus: more on Bakula.

Apr 18 - Site Columns
On the old and the new server, BBS & TV listings, classic TT (and BBS!) news and a correction.

Apr 18 - Review: Q2
A humorous episode that gets a conscience

Apr 18 - Legal UPN Lifeline Expected Tomorrow
US Commission to rule on station ownership legislation later this week.

Apr 18 - News Bullets
UPN, 'Q2' reviews, Ryan TV appearances, 'Dracula 2000', Sid photos & 'Author, Author'.

Apr 18 - Writers Guild Contract Talks Resume
WGA hopes to negotiate settlement before May 1 deadline and avoid strike.

Apr 18 - 'Basic Bob' Picardo Song Parody CD Available
Autographed copies of new CD by Holodoc actor on sale for only $20.00!

Apr 18 - Marjorie Monaghan Out For Series V Role
'Just two ladies left' for T'Pau role in next Star Trek series.

Apr 17 - Mixed Emotions At The Voyager Wrap Party
Berman and Braga on 'Endgame,' Barrett talks about Gene's legacy, and more Voyager actor comments!

Apr 16 - Voyager Trio Radio Retrospective
Phillips and Dawson on Makeup, while Picardo talks holograms and... bathrooms?

Apr 16 - First Official Finale Synopsis
Paramount press kit confirms 'Endgame' plot points.

Apr 16 - Site Columns
Easter trials, BBS listings, TV Times and past headlines.

Apr 16 - Two More 'Q2' Reviews
Jammer and Section 31 take a look at 'Q2' - one finds it wanting, the other finds it entertaining.

Apr 15 - Marjorie Monaghan Candidate For T'Pau Role?
Rumours suggest former 'Babylon 5' actress to play Jackson Archer's first officer.

Apr 15 - Gaming Bullets
'Dominion Wars' movies & preview, 'Elite Force' expansion shots, 'Away Team' reviews and CCG ultra-rare revealed.

Apr 15 - A Briefing With Caillan: It Takes Two
Janeway and Chakotay: star-crossed lovers or victims of reluctant writers?

Apr 15 - News Bullets
Finale cover down, Stewart misses out, Picardo at 'The Experience', tv guest roles and more!

Apr 14 - 'Q2' Panned By Reviewers
O. Deus and Jason Bates find 'Q2' to be a mediocre offering - at best.

Apr 14 - 'Friendship One' Media
UPN releases new 'Friendship One' screencaps and a new promotional poster (contains spoilers).

Apr 13 - New 'Enterprise' Details Emerge
Series V to follow up on 'First Contact', show first years of the Federation.

Apr 13 - Kate Mulgrew: I've Grown To Love Science Fiction
Janeway actress on the genre, acting, feminism, and more.

Apr 13 - 'Endgame' Novelisation Cover Released
See Voyager like you've never seen her before. (Contains Spoilers)

Apr 13 - Site Columns
Easter, BBS listings, a birthday, past headlines and TV Times.

Apr 13 - Article: 'The Court Martial Of Captain Janeway' Mailbag
The final votes have been cast in our special feature article series - find out which side won inside!

Apr 13 - More 'Author Author' Media
UPN and Star post new photos for next week's episode. Plus: new 'Friendship One' synopsis.

Apr 13 - Sev Strip Roundup
The latest Sev Trek and Sev Trek movie strips are now online!

Apr 13 - Robert Picardo On Writing The Holodoc
EMH actor talks about his upcoming Voyager book, his character's name, and more.

Apr 13 - 20-Second 'Author, Author' Promo Available
Full transcript and digitised clip of UPN trailer for next week's Voyager.

Apr 12 - Extensive Voyager Wrap Party Report
Mulgrew on the ending, McNeill on turning into a lizard, Wang on eBay and much more!

Apr 12 - Jeri Ryan: It Makes Sense To Go With Chakotay
Voyager actress talks 'Human Error' and Seven's upcoming tragic character developments.

Apr 12 - Behind The Scenes of 'Author Author'
The UPN9 News Voyager segment returns with a new look behind the scenes of Voyager (transcript inside).

Apr 12 - Gaming Bullets
'Dominion Wars' & 'EF' expansion interviews, 'Elite Force' patch, 'Away Team' Reviews and CCG news.

Apr 12 - News Bullets
Vejar & B5:LR, Mulgrew on Rosie, Champagne Brunch Cruise photos and more!

Apr 12 - Site Columns
Post exams, BBS listings, TV times a new poll and past headlines.

Apr 12 - The Book Padd: Planet Killer
The Original Series' Doomsday Machine is revisited in this 3-issue comic series.

Apr 12 - Seven of Nine & Neelix Actors Interviewed
Ryan on inspiring others and Phillips on makeup.

Apr 12 - Michael Piller Looks Back At Voyager
Creative Consultant talks the first two seasons, missed opportunities and Voyager's characters.

Apr 12 - Rick Sternbach Farewell Note
Voyager Senior Illustrator departs Trek franchise, opens web site.

Apr 11 - De Lancie Duo Interviewed
John & Keegan De Lancie talk about acting together in 'Q2'.

Apr 11 - Site Columns
Prosh, BBS listings, TV times and past headlines.

Apr 11 - New 'Friendship One' Synopsis
TV Guide posts a new synopsis while UPN adds a 'Q2' promotional poster.

Apr 11 - News Bullets
RIP David Graf, Psi Phi, Andy Dick, Pomers, Shatner and 'E! News Daily' Voyager feature.

Apr 10 - More Trek X & Voyager Finale Talk
Rick Berman on 'Gladiator'-like film style & fate of Voyager characters.

Apr 10 - Rick Berman On TOS Continuity, Series V Production
Executive Producer interviewed on Series V. Plus: Scott Bakula info.

Apr 10 - Site Columns
'Hello World! , BBS & TV listings, and classic TrekToday news.

Apr 10 - Gaming Bullets
'Dominion Wars' preview, 'Elite Force' screenshots, 'Away Team' reviews and Voyager CCG cards.

Apr 10 - Jammer's Reviews Return
Jamahl Epsicokhan returns with not one but 5 new Voyager reviews - and one more on the way.

Apr 10 - News Bullets
Poll, Auberjonois, Psi Phi, Ryan, newsletter releases and much more!

Apr 9 - Extensive 'Author, Author' Plot Summary
Find out all about Captain Jenkins and the crew of the Vortex! Spoilers inside!

Apr 9 - Site Columns
An unexpected present, BBS listings, TV Times and two years ago today.

Apr 9 - 'Inside Man' Ties With Second Lowest Rating Ever
US Ratings fall once more while Voyager finds better results overseas.

Apr 9 - Sev Trek Competitions
New Sev Trek and Sev Trek Movie competitions are now online.

Apr 8 - Rick Sternbach On Voyager Sets
Voyager Senior Illustrator describes the long Trek history (and future!) of Stages 8 & 9.

Apr 8 - Site Columns
'Irma la Douce', BBS &TV listings, classic TT news, poll results & a very special birthday!

Apr 8 - LeVar Burton & Richard Arnold Talk Future Trek
LaForge actor wants to direct Trek X, Trek archivist confirms casting sheet & more Fed Con news! Contains Spoilers!

Apr 8 - A Take On Trek: A Story Of Two Men
Fred Shedian returns to tell a tale of two men, one destiny and the lessons we can learn.

Apr 7 - 'Author Author' Photos
UPN posts synopsis and new photos from the Doctor's next escapade . Update: New TV Guide synopsis.

Apr 7 - News Bullets
Stewart, 'X-Men', Visitor, Court Martial Poll and BBS relaunch.

Apr 7 - Review: 'Star Trek: Away Team'
Caillan Davenport takes a look at Activision's latest Star Trek release.

Apr 7 - Site Columns
Another note on the new ads, BBS & TV listings, and classic TrekToday news.

Apr 7 - 'Q2' Promo Now Online
UPN releases the trailer for the first of the final Voyager episodes - transcript inside!

Apr 7 - Gaming Bullets
Interviews, a 'Dominion War' preview, Decipher and 'Away Team' reviews galore!

Apr 7 - Voyager Cast Champagne Cruise Photos
16 new photos from last weekend's trip with the Voyager stars.

Apr 6 - News Bullets
Nimoy on TV, strikes, 123Petitions closes, Sat.1 & comics writer interview.

Apr 6 - Nimoy Donates $1 Million To Griffith Observatory
Spock actor contributes to renovation effort for Rain Robinson's employer.

Apr 6 - TNN To Debut Trek Programming In October
Viacom-owned cable network presents 'TNN: The Next Generation' lineup.

Apr 6 - Site Columns
Hamster Dance, BBS listings, TV times, a new poll and two years ago today.

Apr 5 - More Voyager Finale Spoilers
Sci-Fi Wire on next month's final Voyager episode.

Apr 5 - Mulgrew, Ryan & Voyager Up For Saturn Awards
Voyager gets three nominations for annual SF awards. Plus: Patrick Stewart nominated.

Apr 5 - Moore Talks 'Dragonriders' Cancellation
Former DS9 writer talks about the creative differences that caused 'Pern' to end.

Apr 5 - 'Free Enterprise' Director Helming 'Night'
Robert Meyer Burnett attached to new film by Andromeda writing team Miller & Stentz.

Apr 5 - News Bullets
'Generations' Cut Scenes, Psi Phi, 'Dude, Where's My Car?' DVD, articles and more!

Apr 5 - Sternbach On Leaving Voyager
Senior illustrator Rick Sternbach looks back on what he's accomplished through 3 series of Star Trek.

Apr 4 - Site Columns
Short update, BBS & TV listings, a birthday and classic TT news.

Apr 4 - Finale Novelisation To Take Voyager Story Further
Voyager novel relaunch expected in 2003, novelisation to include first post-finale story material.

Apr 4 - TMP Director's Edition Preview Debuts
More from Robert Wise's first ever convention appearance at the 9th Grand Slam.

Apr 4 - More New 'Q2' Photos
UPN posts 8 new photos from Keegan de Lancie's debut.

Apr 4 - Siddig To Direct WWII Drama
Plus: Julian Bashir actor denies 'Reign of Fire' North Africa move, and 'Vertical Limit' DVD news.

Apr 3 - Voyager Ending 'Bittersweet' For Brannon Braga
Series V co-creator talks saying farewell to Voyager and comments on internet rumours.

Apr 3 - Michael Dorn Talks Star Trek X
Worf actor on 'fighting and dying', director & possible romantic connection.

Apr 3 - George Takei Talks Excelsior Closure
Sulu actor looks back at Grand Slam con and the end of the Sulu Series campaign.

Apr 3 - Canadian TV Guide: Bakula Signed On For Series V
Is the deal now official? Plus: first info on new Scott Bakula Showtime project.

Apr 3 - Gaming Bullets
'Dominion Wars' preview, 'Bridge Commander' update, screenshots, 'Away Team' reviews and Decipher 'Voyager' preview.

Apr 3 - Comments On Survival Plans
Company being acquired & spinning off assets. Update: More comments.

Apr 3 - 'Renaissance Man' Set Visit Report
InsideVC tours Voyager set during final weeks of filming.

Apr 3 - 'Q2' Media & Synopsis
New pictures from Keegan de Lancie's Star Trek debut as Q jr.

Apr 3 - Sev Trek Roundup
Two new competitions, plus completed Trek and Movie strips!

Apr 3 - Site Columns
New server, Babylon 5, BBS & TV listings and classic TrekToday news.

Apr 2 - First Voyager Sets Torn Down
Main Engineering and Mess Hall struck after final scenes were filmed.

Apr 2 - Nicole De Boer Cast In 'Dead Zone' Pilot
Ezri Dax actress to star in new Michael Piller series for UPN.

Apr 2 - Series V Pilot To Show Klingon First Contact?
Plus: Majel Barrett on pre-TOS premise and more Brannon Braga quotes.

Apr 2 - Ashley Judd Signs On As Catwoman
Another success for TNG's Robin Lefler.

Apr 2 - Site Columns
Moving - again, BBS listings, a birthday, TV times and two years ago today.

Apr 2 - Gaming Bullets
'Armada II' interview, SFCII patch, screenshots, 'Away Team' reviews and Decipher news.

Apr 2 - News Bullets
Court Martial Poll update, Jammer, SyFy awards, German DVDs and more!

Apr 2 - Grand Slam: Voyager Finale & Series V Talk
Voyager actors give several finale spoilers while Braga offers 'no comment' on the new show.

Apr 1 - Deep Space Nine & TOS to Return!
Plus: Morn and the DS9 relaunch, the Trek BBS hacking and Star Wars to go the full nine.

Apr 1 - Article: The Court Martial of Captain Kathryn Janeway Conclusion
Give your own verdict in this final installment of our Court Martial series!

Apr 1 - Site Columns
Dutch royalty, BBS &TV listings, a birthday, poll results and classic TT news.

Apr 1 - Mulgrew Talks Need For Secrecy
Kate Mulgrew moves from romance to torture in what she'd have liked to have seen for Janeway.

Apr 1 - Excelsior No More
Smilin' Jack Ruby looks at day one of the 9th annual Grand Slam

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