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April 25, 2001 - 4:06 PM

Hello World!

Well, as all Aussie and Kiwis should know, today was ANZAC day. I doubt that many people outside these two countries are aware of this public holiday, but it certainly deserves mention. Today we mourn our war dead, recognise the service of our surviving diggers and celebrate the birth of the ANZAC legend. I believe itís something akin the US Memorial Day.

This is a vague explanation, I know, but it took me several years of living in Australia before I really understood the holiday Ė which it really isnít. You see, in many respects, itís celebrating the loss of a battle, but thatís only superficial. Really what itís celebrating, I suppose, is the birth of a nation for Australia, or at least a true national identity. Kim Beazely, our opposition leader (actually) said (something worth quoting): ďWe were six colonies and after World War I we were a nation.Ē And itís true.

But, instead of rambling on any further, I think Iíd like to say simply:

Lest we forget.

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