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April 2, 2001 - 3:49 PM

Hello World!

April, it would appear, has gotten off to a rather bad start for yours truly… there’s certainly nothing like being in the middle of a large download and finding your speed suddenly drops off to 47 *bytes* per second… and then stalls all together. My download rate has never exactly been what you’d call comparable to the speeds many people take for granted – on a good day, I’ll get 4.5 Kbs. For a change, however, the problem does not seem to be with my own computer, nor even my own ISP, but rather with the company that owns the phone lines of the nation – Telstra, who have done something, I’ve been told, to slow at least *my* computer to molasses. I wasn’t impressed either shortly after the abortive download to get a dreaded GPF blue screen, where upon I was forced to reboot – and then spend the next several hours running the surface scan it told me was necessary.


So, add this to those recent finale rumors, the halting of production on ‘Dragonriders’ and those damn ***************** finale spoilers, I’m not having a great start to my birthday month. Of, and I’ll also be moving house again over the next few days...

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