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April 6, 2001 - 2:40 PM

Hello World!

You know there's nothing good to listen to on the radio when you're willing to find the only channel actually playing advertisements to listen to that. This predicament, I feel, has largely to do with the sudden decline in music of good taste and high quality (anything I like) and a sudden upsurgeance in music in bad taste and poor quality (anything at all I don't like). While, in my incredible generosity, I can forgive those poor souls who lack my discerning and all together perfect musical sense, some one I can absolutely not forgive is who ever the hell thought it would be a great idea to release a full dance mix of the Hamster Dance.

Of course, every one's been to the Hamster Dance site - when you first log onto the net, it's one of those legendary places you must visit. So, admittedly millions have trooped off to watched thousands of insanely cute gifs of little fat members of rodentia dance across the screen while having their ears assaulted by similarly insanely cute and annoying music and then, in my case at least, wondering what the hell all the fuss was about while waiting for your computer to recover from the crash it caused. So, given my extreme distaste for this phenomenon, can you image how appalled I was to discover that the Hamster Dance by 'Hampton the Hamster' was polling around number six on the Aus music charts?

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