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April 27, 2001 - 11:30 PM

Hello World!

Has anyone else noticed that UPN is apparently unable to handle numbers above 3? Not only does the network almost seem to be unable to produce shows that get higher ratings than a 3 or launch new series that remain alive for more than three episodes, it also managed to miscount the handful of episodes left of Voyager.

When the 'Q2' Promo was released, UPN hyped the episode by saying there were 'only 7 new episodes left' before the Voyager series finale. This confused quite a few people, as by most counts there were only 6 episodes left, unless you would count the first half of 'Endgame' as a pre-finale episode. Still, UPN kept up this numbering scheme with 'Author, Author' and 'Friendship One,' in the promo for which it said there were 'only 5 new episodes' left.

Sometime in the past week, someone at UPN must have apparently realised the error, as the new 'Natural Law' promo suddenly mentioned there were only 3 new episodes left. Discovering that was probably not the brightest point of the day for the UPN promo people... I guess all that testosterone the network is so proud of generating doesn't exactly do wonders for their mathematical capabilities.

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