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April 28, 2001 - 1:09 PM

Hello World!

Well, things are definitely looking up for us Roxette fans again - reportedly, their new album 'Room Service' is currently at #3 on CNN's World Beat Top 10 Album chart, which is quite an accomplishment for a CD that hasn't even been released in the US or promoted in the UK. Well over 700,000 copies have been sold of the CD in the few weeks since release, which is a lot more than the last album sold after a comparable time.

With the group's new success and also the higher quality of the latest CD, I'm also finding myself much more interested in Roxette fandom again. A few days ago I even had a short news item published at the Daily Roxette (the TrekToday of the Roxette world, so to speak), and seeing that article on the site funnily enough had me more excited than almost any news item I've posted here recently.

Of course, my obsession with Roxette also has a few downsides. Before the new CD was released, I'd ordered it from the official fan club, but unfortunately they had massive supply problems, delaying the CD's delivery by about two weeks or so. Naturally I couldn't wait for that, so I ran out on the day of release to get the album from the stores anyway, now leaving me with two copies of the CD. If anyone would like to buy my second copy of the CD, please do let me know.

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