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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for April 2000

Apr 30 - A Take On Trek Writing
Fred Shedian argues for a more serialised approach to Trek.

Apr 30 - German Online Radio News
SF-Radio wins award, is looking for volunteers, and has several new shows.

Apr 30 - News Bullets
Military holodecks, Voyager videos, Trek editorial, Bill Gates & more!

Apr 30 - Cynical 'Muse' Review
David Sluss reviews Voyager's latest offering.

Apr 30 - More Trek People Articles
Mulgrew con reports & articles on Stewart and Picardo.

Apr 30 - TV Now 'Voyager' Episode Descriptions
Final 4 episodes of the season synopsed. (Contains Spoilers!)

Apr 30 - Stewart Attacks 'Mt. Morgan' Producers
Picard actor unhappy with lack of promotion for Broadway show.

Apr 30 - Trek Background Articles
Mania interviews Borg twins & Eon examines Sulu campaign. (Contains Spoilers!)

Apr 30 - Site Columns
'Muse' poll results, and regular site news.

Apr 29 - Scarlett Pomers News Bits
Upcoming appearances by the Naomi Wildman actress.

Apr 29 - Upcoming Episode Info
'Fury' & 'Life Line' guest cast and 'Life Line' photo.

Apr 29 - Gaming Bullets
Lots of 'Armada' reviews, Klingon patch & 'New Worlds' movie.

Apr 29 - Customisable Card Game Goes Online
Decipher brings Star Trek CCG to the web.

Apr 29 - News Bullets
New TV Zone, Sulu letters, New column, Hertzler ad & more.

Apr 29 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

Apr 29 - 'The Haunting Of Deck Twelve' Description
First synopsis and guest cast info for this season's penultimate episode!

Apr 29 - Voyager Visual Effects Houses News
Staff lay-offs at Foundation, Digital Muse acquired.

Apr 29 - A Take On Trek: Review In Style
Fred Shedian looks at if a new approach to Trek writing could help the show.

Apr 29 - More 'Muse' Reviews
IGN & Eon comment on Voyager's self-reflection.

Apr 29 - Site Columns
Happy birthday to the Dutch Queen, and to Voyager's!

Apr 28 - Leonard Nimoy Signing Photos
5 pictures from Wednesday's appearance by Spock actor.

Apr 28 - 'Voyager' People Articles
Wang & Mulgrew interviewed, and a farewell to Menosky.

Apr 28 - 'Life Line' Photos & Synopsis
UPN publishes official episode description.

Apr 28 - 'Star Trek: Voyager' Ratings
Very poor 'Live Fast...' final ratings & 'Muse' overnight ratings.

Apr 28 - Site Columns
Even more statistics fun!

Apr 27 - Voyager Reviews
Cinescape & Mania review 'Muse', plus's 'Live Fast...' analysis.

Apr 27 - News Bullets
Dawson interview, 'The Beat' scrapped, Aussie videos, Hower rocks & more.

Apr 27 - Star Trek DVD News
Article on remastering TOS DVDs, ST3 reviews & release news.

Apr 27 - Gaming Bullets
'Armada' map editor & review, KA interview & tournament, 'Voyager' shots.

Apr 27 - 'Fury' Promo Video
Download the trailer for the first May sweeps episode of the year!

Apr 27 - Leonard Nimoy (Spock) Webcast Report
Special ST1 DVD coming & Nimoy supports prequel series

Apr 27 - Site Columns
More statistics info, and 'First Contact' poll results.

Apr 26 - TV Guide Series V Article
Mark A. Altman proposes a rest, prequel series discussed.

Apr 26 - 'Voyager: Elite Force' On The Mac?
Raven's Jake Simpson talks about porting the game to an Apple.

Apr 26 - News Bullets
Wang as host, 'Roswell' ratings, Picardo transcript, Combs on TV & more.

Apr 26 - Viacom Set To Keep UPN
Company announces first quarter earnings

Apr 26 - Jammer Goes To Hollywood
LA trip report & 'Live Fast and Prosper' review.

Apr 26 - Gaming Bullets
'New Worlds' & 'Dominion Wars' shots, and 'Armada' reviews.

Apr 26 - First 'Excelsior' Rally Photos!, IGN & the official Sulu campaign site post reports.

Apr 26 - Reminder: Nimoy In Live Webcast
InsideDVD to broadcast Spock actor's Virgin appearance.

Apr 26 - Site Columns
New Voyager episode tonight & regular site news.

Apr 25 - Two Trek Articles
Cynical 'Live Fast' review & Julia Houston on slash.

Apr 25 - News Bullets
Russ on tour, deBoer images, 'The Fallen' interview & DS9 alumni.

Apr 25 - Ohio Excelsior Rally Report
A dozen people march for Sulu in front of UPN affiliate.

Apr 25 - New Series V Details!
At least one of the new Star Trek series' aspects should be familiar...

Apr 25 - Site Columns
Hello World!, Trek BBS Today & today's TV listings.

Apr 24 - 'Excelsior' Rally Report
Disappointing turn-out for Los Angeles main drive.

Apr 24 - News Bullets
UPN, new con, Visitor appearance, Priceline profits & Delta Blues review.

Apr 24 - Two New Trek Nation Features
'Live Fast and Prosper' review & a take on the Sulu Campaign.

Apr 24 - Gaming Bullets
'Armada' sales & reviews, 'Klingon Academy' hack & 'Voyager' shots

Apr 24 - Trek Passed Over For Hugo
But 'Galaxy Quest' nominated for best Dramatic Presentation

Apr 24 - Review: Live Fast and Prosper
Federation memberships are up for sale as aliens impersonate Janeway and Tuvok.

Apr 24 - 'Starfleet Command Volume 2' Press Release
Interplay officially announces sequel to 1999 hit game.

Apr 24 - New Sev Trek Competition
Write a Sev Fleet war cry!

Apr 24 - Site Columns
'Live Fast And Prosper' poll results, and regular site news.

Apr 23 - A Take On Trek: Feelings Of Reaction
Fred discusses recent reaction to Trek Campaigns, as well as clarifying his views on the topic.

Apr 23 - News Bullets
Trek videoclip, 'Armada', Visitor interviewed, Spiner on TV and more!

Apr 23 - 'First Contact' Overnight Ratings
8th Trek film secures 3rd place for ABC.

Apr 23 - Voyager May Sweeps Promo Video
First footage from final four episodes of season six!

Apr 23 - 'Fury' Communicator Interview
Five new photos and interview with episode guest star. (Contains Spoilers!)

Apr 23 - Site Columns
Happy Easter!

Apr 22 - News Bullets (2)
Praise for Stewart, UPN sweeps, book cover texts & Tim Russ CD

Apr 22 - 'Equinox' Rerun National Ratings
Special two-hour showing scores high repeat ratings.

Apr 22 - Gaming Bullets
'Armada' reviews, 'Voyager' & 'Bridge Commander' interviews, and more!

Apr 22 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

Apr 22 - Excelsior Campaign Demonstrations Today
Info on march to Paramount & other Captain Sulu news

Apr 22 - News Bullets
UPN shows returning, DVDs, 'Andromeda' & Shatner novel.

Apr 22 - Site Columns
News of our exciting new feature & 'First Contact' on TV tonight.

Apr 21 - 'Klingon Academy' Multiplayer Demo
3dfx Gamers release second demo for this new space simulator.

Apr 21 - Shatner To Cover 'Cars'
Kirk actor also planning a new album.

Apr 21 - More 'Live Fast And Prosper' Reviews
Episode analyses from IGN & Eon

Apr 21 - Jeri Ryan 'Elite Force' Confusion
Will she or won't she be in the new Raven game?

Apr 21 - Official UPN 'Fury' Synopsis & Image
New plot description of episode featuring major guest star. (Contains Spoilers!)

Apr 21 - James Doohan Fathers Child
Scotty actor gets a daughter at age 80.

Apr 21 - Site Columns
We're late, we're short, we're sorry!

Apr 20 - 'Homeworld' Star Trek Mod Released
Use Starfleet vessels in Relic's real-time strategy game.

Apr 20 - News Bullets
TNG scribe writing 'Star Wars' novel, Nimoy appearance, Sulu extension & more!

Apr 20 - 'Live Fast And Prosper' Reviews
Mania & Cinescape analyse yesterday's episode.

Apr 20 - Trek Ratings News
'Live Fast And Prosper' overnights & UK ratings news

Apr 20 - Shatner In 'Miss Congeniality'
Kirk actor signs on for Sandra Bullock film.

Apr 20 - Gaming Bullets
'Klingon Academy' shots, news & music and Jeri Ryan not to be in 'Elite Force'!

Apr 20 - 'The Muse' Promo Video
Download the preview for next week's episode here!

Apr 20 - Masterson On Montel Williams Show
Leeta actress guest on Teen Outcasts episode.

Apr 20 - Star Trek Magazine News Bits (Updated!)
Season Six air schedule, Rick Berman on Trek X & Voyager, and more!

Apr 20 - Site Columns
Captain Sulu poll results & Captain Sulu birthday.

Apr 19 - Actors Talk Directing
SciFi Magazine writes about the 'Paramount School of Directing'

Apr 19 - News Bullets (2)
High Brooks ratings, another Takei interview, 'Rated X' and more.

Apr 19 - Wolfe Talks More 'Andromeda'
New info on 'Andromeda Ascendant' and Slipstream technology.

Apr 19 - News Bullets
Communicator Released, Trek stars in films, 'Armada' review & Dorn on Worf.

Apr 19 - Fans Disagree On Sulu Novel Crew
John Ordover reports on contents of Sulu Campaign letters.

Apr 19 - Site Columns
Voyager reruns finally end, and a belated birthday announcement.

Apr 18 - LeVar Burton Interview
LaForge actor talks directing, 'Reading Rainbow' and future Trek.

Apr 18 - Sci-Fi Channel To Cancel 'Good vs. Evil'?
Reports suggest Ronald D. Moore may be out of a job again.

Apr 18 - News Bullets
'Armada' Reviews, Shatner Horse Show, 'Ultimate Trek' DVD & Picardo article.

Apr 18 - Paramount & RocketTalk Launch Trek Communicator
Star Trek-branded Internet multimedia messaging system in development.

Apr 18 - 'The Search For Spock' DVD Reviews
Mothership, Cinema Laser & DVD Talk review new release.

Apr 18 - John DeLancie To Guest Star On 'West Wing'
Full synopsis of his episode 'Mandatory Minimums' inside!

Apr 18 - New Features
New article by Julia Houston

Apr 18 - Site Columns
Site enhancements, site columns & a correction.

Apr 17 - News Bullets (2)
SNW excerpt, CCG deck, Trek magazine & Mulgrew club site.

Apr 17 - 'The Lives Of Dax' Features
Starfleet Journal reviews book & interviews author.

Apr 17 - News Bullets
Stewart video, 'Armada' sales, Iman's eggs, Frakes on 'Roswell', and more!

Apr 17 - New Sev Trek Competition
Ezri Dax appears on Sev Trek again.

Apr 17 - First 'Life Lines' Images
Starburst has first photos from episode with major guest stars (Contains Spoilers!)

Apr 17 - Asian Americans Media Action Network Endorses 'Excelsior'
Captain Sulu series supported to promote diversity on American television.

Apr 17 - 'Live Long And Prosper' Set Visit
Starburst present at filming of next week's episode.

Apr 17 - Richard Arnold Talks Series V
Trek archivist says 'Birth of the Federation' or 'dramatically different' not likely.

Apr 17 - Site Columns
Christian tries to get rid of bad music, and regular site news.

Apr 16 - Tim Russ & John DeLancie Interviewed
Star Trek Monthly Magazine talks to Trek actors.

Apr 16 - New Trek Nation Mailbag
After being away for 8 months, your comments on Trek finally return!

Apr 16 - News Bullets
'Gepetto' site, German ratings, Cynic redesigns, 'X-Men' photos and more!

Apr 16 - Rick Berman Interviewed
Executive Producer talks upcoming episodes, Series V and his own future on Trek.

Apr 16 - : Your Voice Returns
'Take On Trek', Seven of Nine and 'West Wing'

Apr 16 - 'Fury' Episode Description (Updated With Image!)
UK Trek magazine reveals more of episode plot. (Contains Spoilers!)

Apr 16 - Site Columns
Christian turns to the Dark Side, and regular site news.

Apr 15 - News Bullets
'The Fallen' interview, new Mulgrew club, Dawson nominated, Alaimo play wins & more.

Apr 15 - Write For Decipher
Customisable Card Game company looking for article writers.

Apr 15 - New 'Take On Trek' Online
Fred Shedian looks forward to the remainder of season six.

Apr 15 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

Apr 15 - Site Columns
The mailbag to return, and a birthday!

Apr 15 - A Take On Trek: Live Fast & Proper?
Fred Shedian wonders if Voyager's writing is actually getting better.

Apr 15 - Three Trek Nation Features
TOS DVD review, RanDoM Flight Cruise report & 'Night' review.

Apr 14 - News Bullets
Novel news, buy Beltran photos, Brooks docu & WWF trials.

Apr 14 - Robert Picardo Reveals Spoilers In Chat
Highlights from yesterday's TV Guide/AOL chat. (Contains spoilers)

Apr 14 - Technobabble Becoming Reality?
Holodecks, kidney pills and wormholes all more likely.

Apr 14 - Captain Sulu Campaign Articles
Space Imagined interviews Takei & campaign organisers

Apr 14 - Gaming Bullets
'Armada' patch & reviews, and 'Klingon Academy', 'Voyager' & 'Bridge Commander'

Apr 14 - News Bullets
Tim Russ, William Shatner, 'Roswell', Sev Trek & Yvonne Craig.

Apr 14 - LeVar Burton Keeping Busy
LaForge actor developing over a dozen new projects.

Apr 14 - 'Live Fast and Prosper' Promo Video
Download the UPN trailer for next week's episode.

Apr 14 - Site Columns
'New Frontier' poll results, TV listings, and other regular site news.

Apr 14 - Gaming Bullets
SFC, Voyager & 'Academy' interviews and 'Armada' reviews.

Apr 13 - UPN 'Muse' Synopsis
First images and description of episode available. (Contains spoilers!)

Apr 13 - New Features
Julia Houston writes new Trek articles.

Apr 13 - Review: Original Series DVD Volume 1
See Star Trek as it was meant to be seen.

Apr 13 - 'Equinox' Overnight Ratings
Strong performance by two-hour special.

Apr 13 - ABC To Air 'First Contact'
8th Star Trek film being shown on Saturday the 22nd of April.

Apr 13 - News Bullets
Picardo chat tonight, Stewart projects, McNeill con appearances and more.

Apr 13 - Site Columns
The results of our Series V poll, a birthday, and other site news.

Apr 12 - News Bullets
DeBoer film premiere, Stewart appearance, Shatner goes nuts, and more!

Apr 12 - Asamiya Influenced By Star Trek
Renowned Japanese Director launches Trek homage series.

Apr 12 - Gaming Bullets
'Armada' sales & review, 'New Worlds' preview & Klingon Academy movies.

Apr 12 - Frakes Talks 'Star Patrol!'
Riker actor to direct Trek spoof pilot.

Apr 12 - Ratings News
'Alice' rerun ratings, timeslot competitors & UPN ratings

Apr 12 - 'City' DVD To Feature Rescored Music
Rights to important 'City on the Edge of Forever' music lost by Paramount.

Apr 12 - Review: Night
Janeway seclusion problem mars Season Five premiere.

Apr 12 - Cult Times 21st Century Special
British magazine likes prequel Series V idea.

Apr 12 - New 'Andromeda' Details Revealed
Executive Producer Robert Wolfe speaks at Gallifrey One con.

Apr 12 - Site Columns
Warning: Contains 'Ally McBeal' Spoilers!

Apr 12 - News Bullets
Ellison writes comic, Pomers on 'Providence', ODN & gaming news.

Apr 12 - Captain Sulu Novel Update
Ordover outlines beginning of hypothetical novel.

Apr 11 - Star Trek DVD News
Star Trek III reviews & upcoming disc news.

Apr 11 - Three Trek Nation Features
Seven of Nine article, Grand Slam con report (with episode spoilers!) & Take On Trek

Apr 11 - Article: The Origin of Seven of Nine
'First Contact' allowed Seven to exist, says Michael Hinman.

Apr 11 - Brannon Braga Interview
Voyager producer talks future of Trek at Grand Slam con.

Apr 11 - Site Columns
See which Voyager episode you preferred in the poll results!

Apr 10 - Grand Slam Convention Report, Part One
Jeff Koga reports about last week's Grand Slam VIII convention.

Apr 10 - News Bullets
'Armada' news, Stewart play & Series V poll.

Apr 10 - Takei Talks 'Excelsior' Casting
Koenig and Nichols ideal candidates, says Sulu actor.

Apr 10 - New Sev Trek Competition
Lore debuts on Sev Trek.

Apr 10 - Article: Grand Slam Con & Cruise Report
Jeff 'Koganuts' Koga reports about the 8th Grand Slam convention and the RanDoM Flight Champagne Cruise.

Apr 10 - RanDoM Flight Champagne Cruise Report
Robert McNeill fan club organises cruise with Voyager actors.

Apr 10 - Slashdot Thread On Series V Rumours
Lolita Fatjo quoted as not ruling out 'Federation' concept a few months ago.

Apr 10 - Site Columns
'Hello World!', interesting BBS topics and today's TV listings.

Apr 9 - Kate Mulgrew Appreciation Society Closes
Personal commitments cause fan club to shut down.

Apr 9 - News Bullets
'Armada' reviews, Voyager bloopers online & Spiner pic.

Apr 9 - Brannon Braga Fan Site Opens
We kid you not.

Apr 9 - IMPORTANT SITE NEWS: TT Classic Option
Read here how to access the old TrekToday style.

Apr 9 - Buy StarTrek.TV for $250,000!
Pacific nation Tuvalu sells rights to .TV top-level domain.

Apr 9 - Holodiction Convention Report
Mulgrew and Auberjonois appear at Australian con. (Contains spoilers)

Apr 9 - Site Columns
Our first regular morning update.

Apr 8 - Robert Beltran Convention Reports
Chakotay actor is his usual positive self.

Apr 8 - News Bullets
New Books, Radio, Video & Film and one old movie.

Apr 8 - British Magazine News
Doohan complains about Paramount in Dreamwatch, and Starburst info.

Apr 8 - Gaming Bullets
'Elite Force', 'Klingon Academy' & 'Armada'

Apr 8 - Site Columns
A message from the political Stone Age.

Apr 8 - News Bullets
Terry Farrell, Robert Beltran, Michelle Forbes and more actor news.

Apr 8 - Official UPN 'Life Fast and Prosper' Synopsis
First three photos of episode also available.

Apr 8 - Grand Slam Coverage
News reports, retrospectives and photos from the year's biggest con.

Apr 8 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

Apr 8 - Site Columns
Yes, this is supposed to be a Friday update.

Apr 7 - A Take On Trek: Reaching Out?
With reports of a Birth of the Federation series, Fred looks at a possible goal.

Apr 7 - Extra 'Unimatrix Zero' Details
More info on Voyager season finale.

Apr 6 - News Bullets
Starfleet Command, mainstream media, X-Men trailer and more.

Apr 6 - No 'New Frontier', Says Braga
Series V definitely not going to be set on the Excalibur.

Apr 6 - Star Trek Nielsen Ratings Database Updates
Greg Fuller returns with ratings for three Trek episodes.

Apr 6 - Site Columns
Regular site news on TrekToday's last regular day.

Apr 6 - Trek Actors Talk
Stewart & Dawson interviewed

Apr 6 - News Bullets
Mainstream media on Trek, 'Armada' & new Hailing Frequencies column.

Apr 5 - New Voyager Season Finale Spoilers
'Unimatrix Zero' spoilers revealed at conventions.

Apr 5 - News Bullets
'The Beat' to beat it, 'Armada' review, no Paramount Series V comment and more!

Apr 5 - Site Columns
Series V thoughts from Christian.

Apr 4 - Paramount Approves Series V Concept
Star Trek to leave the 24th Century.

Apr 4 - Braga Confirms Focus Group Reports
Voyager Exec Producer says Series V audience testing did happen.

Apr 4 - News Bullets (2)
Sev shirt, 'Armada' review & graphics fix and 'Vertical Limit' delay

Apr 4 - Starfleet Command Volume II Announced
Sequel to Interplay's hit game available in Winter.

Apr 4 - New Features
Star Trek Guide Julia Houston updates again.

Apr 4 - News Bullets
'Voyager' on video, UPN news bits, 'Hidden Evil' review & Sulu novel.

Apr 4 - FCC Likely To Approve CBS Merger, Says Viacom
Chairman expects to be able to keep UPN.

Apr 4 - Site Columns
Why the White House competiting with U.S.S. Voyager is a good thing.

Apr 3 - Trek Actors Thank Internet Fans
Exclusive messages from Grand Slam convention.

Apr 3 - New Voyager Spoilers
Extra info for the final four episodes of the season.

Apr 3 - News Bullets
Gaming interviews & sales data and US military develops holodeck.

Apr 3 - Braga Says No To Sulu Series
Excelsior Campaign doesn't impress Voyager's Exec Producer.

Apr 3 - Frakes Talks 'Roswell' & 'Trek X'
Riker actor says no Trek X before Series V.

Apr 3 - New Sev Trek Competition
Where does the U.S.S. Forager get its shuttlecraft?

Apr 3 - No 'First Contact' Lawsuit
SF author's heirs fail to claim ownership of 8th Trek film's title.

Apr 3 - Site Columns
Christian commits a Trek webmaster's most deadly sin.

Apr 2 - News Bullets (2)
Stewart interviewed, 'Insurrection' Brazil release, Klingon Academy and other news.

Apr 2 - 'Voyager' Actor Interviews
Voyager's Delights continues transcribing all of Cinefantastique.

Apr 2 - News Bullets
De Kelley Outrage, German radio show, Jeri Ryan & election news.

Apr 2 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

Apr 2 - Site Columns
Design status update, and regular site news.

Apr 1 - LA Times On Trek's Future
Brian Lowry looks at Series V possibilities

Apr 1 - Gaming Bullets
'Armada' and other gaming news

Apr 1 - Official Actor Sites Launch
Tim Russ & Nicole DeBoer go online.

Apr 1 - News Bullets
Terry Farrell, Robert Picardo and an unknown.

Apr 1 - April Fool's Day Posts
Series V to feature Luke Skywalker! No, really!

Apr 1 - Higher Klingon Academy Resolutions
Game producer announces major programming breakthrough

Apr 1 - Site Columns
Cautiously we enter April Fools Day...

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