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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for May 2000

May 31 - Gaming Bullets
'Armada' editor & sales performance, 'DS9' preview & 'SFC: II' development diary.

May 31 - Lolita Fatjo To Leave Star Trek
Long-time Trek script coordinator to leave the show.

May 31 - Shatner Gets A Second Life!
AP writes on re-found prominence for Captain Kirk actor.

May 31 - News Bullets
Plummer in 'Tragedy', Marcon report, 'Stitch in Time' review, 'Armada' contest.

May 31 - Official 'The Trouble With Tribbles' CCG Info
First TOS expansion set also playable as stand-alone game.

May 31 - Viacom Allowed To Keep UPN
Federal regulators recommend easing multiple network ownership rule.

May 31 - Site Columns
Regular site news, 'Best of Star Trek II' CD correction & two birthdays.

May 30 - Frakes To Direct 'Clockstoppers'
"Honey, I sped up the kids!" for Riker actor.

May 30 - Gaming Bullets
'Starfleet Command II', 'Armada', 'Klingon Academy'.

May 30 - Season Seven News Bits
Lolita Fatjo & Richard Herd talk new Voyager season

May 30 - New Background Articles
Julia Houston on Season Six & Debora Fischer on Shakespearian Trek actors.

May 30 - Site Columns
'Hello World!', 'Trek BBS Today' & 'Today On TV'

May 29 - News Bullets
'Generations' Region 2 DVD, Delta Blues review, French & German news.

May 29 - New Sev Trek Competition
Why does Que choose to keep harrassing the Enterforaprize?

May 29 - Gaming Bullets
'Elite Force' preview & four 'Armada' reviews.

May 29 - Trek People Speak At Conventions
Lolita Fatjo on Season 7, Alice Krige on the new Borg Queen & Takei on Excelsior.

May 29 - Site Columns
More misfortune, a birthday, and regular site columns.

May 29 - Season 6's Final Episodes Reviewed
Jammer & Jim Wright analyse 'Haunting' & 'Unimatrix Zero'

May 29 - News Bullets
More on Stewart marriage, Fed Con pics, German comic & Region 2 DVDs

May 28 - 'Best Of Star Trek - Volume 2' Released
Sequel to 30th Anniversary CD released amidst surprising lack of publicity.

May 28 - Trek Actors Participating In Commercials Strike
Over 20 Trek alumni publicly endorsing union strike against advertisers.

May 28 - Site Columns
Regular site news & 'Unimatrix Zero' poll results.

May 28 - Fed Con News Bits
New info on Trek alumni revealed at German convention.

May 27 - A Take On
Fred Shedian looks at Paramount's internet strategy.

May 27 - Introducing Ms Andromeda Ascendant
'Andromeda' producer Wolfe talks about Lexa Doig, the actress portraying the Andromeda.

May 27 - News Bullets
UPN ad sales, new books & UK 'Voyager' sponsoring.

May 27 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

May 27 - Cynical 'Unimatrix Zero' Review
David Sluss reviews the finale & previews season seven.

May 27 - A Take On Trek: WWW vs STARTREK.COM
Fred Shedian takes a look at Paramount's efforts to make Star Trek a dominant Internet presence.

May 27 - Gaming Bullets
'Hidden Evil' interview, E3 recap, Looking Glass closes & 'Voyager' on the Mac.

May 27 - Site Columns
Regular site news & a birthday!

May 26 - News Bullets
Mulgrew reports, McNeill pics, CCG deck & Spiner photo.

May 26 - Jeri Ryan Appears On 'Late Night With Conan O'Brien'
Seven of Nine star talks Brannon Braga & appearance video clip. (Contains finale spoilers)

May 26 - 'Mission: Impossible 2' Premieres
Ron Moore & Braga attend premiere, box office results & reviews.

May 26 - Extra Episode Reviews
IGN & analyse the finale & two 'Haunting' reviews.

May 26 - Patrick Stewart Told To Apologise
Actors Equity rules 'Mt. Morgan' tirades unprofessional.

May 26 - Disappointing Trek Ratings Reports
'Unimatrix Zero' overnights, 'The Haunting' finals & March-April report.

May 26 - News Bullets
TV Guide poll, Sirtis on 'Stargate', Doohan con appearance, Ryan & more.

May 26 - TNG Actors Talk
Jonathan Frakes & Brent Spiner con reports

May 26 - Shatner Bullets
Many upcoming projects for James T. Kirk actor

May 26 - First 'Unimatrix Zero' Reviews
Four sites review 'Voyager' season finale.

May 26 - Site Columns
The Week of Hell continues.

May 24 - McNeill Talks Season Six interviews Tom Paris actor.

May 24 - News Bullets
More Berman 500, 'M:I 2', Viacom, Sev, video clips & Mulgrew club.

May 24 - Paramount Releasing UK 'Voyager' Telemovie Videos
Video release dates & DS9 special bookend video info.

May 24 - New Features
Julia Houston writes on getting Voyager to the Alpha Quadrant.

May 24 - Wildstorm Trek Comics News
Upcoming comics previews & 'Embrace The Wolf' Review

May 24 - 15 Trek eBooks Free For Download (Updated!)
Microsoft & Pocket Books team up for Pocket PC Promotion

May 24 - Gaming Bullets
Starfleet Command, Elite Force, Klingon Academy & Armada

May 24 - Site Columns
'Voyager' season finale airing tonight!

May 23 - News Bullets
Brooks in ad campaign, Sev & Jeri Ryan 'Conan' appearance.

May 23 - Official 'Andromeda' Episode List
Titles, writers & production info on first half of the series' launch season.

May 23 - New Reviews By Jammer
Jamahl Epsicokhan analyses 'Life Line' & 'Haunting'

May 23 - DVD Bullets
More Special Edition info, TOS releases & 'Galaxy Quest' review

May 23 - Site Columns
Christian's electronics odyssey continues, and a birthday!

May 23 - 'Building The Borg' Feature article on Borg makeup.

May 22 - News Bullets
'New Earth' free postcard offer, German airdate info, UPN & costumes.

May 22 - No Special Edition DVDs Coming Soon
Paramount denies Richard Arnold's statements.

May 22 - Paramount Press Release On Rick Berman
Studio celebrates Berman's 500th Star Trek episode. (Contains spoilers)

May 22 - New Sev Trek Competition
What's Kneelicks got for us this week?

May 22 - Cynical 'Haunting' Review
David Sluss analyses Voyager's latest.

May 22 - Site Columns
A birthday, 'Hello World!', Trek BBS & TV listings.

May 22 - News Bullets
Cover artists list, Ryan photos, Fandom article, TOS in Brittain & more.

May 21 - UPN 'Voyager' Upfront Presentation
Network President Nunan talks final season.

May 21 - Rick Berman Talks More Trek Future
Star Trek's main man on Series V & Star Trek X.

May 21 - 'Voyager' episode reviews
Reviews of 'Fury', 'Life Line' and 'The Haunting Of Deck Twelve'

May 21 - Site Columns
Electronics review sites, poll results & regular site news.

May 20 - News Bullets
'Freedom' video, TV appearances, novel excerpt & 'The Specials' trailer.

May 20 - Brannon Braga Interviewed
Former Voyager Exec Producer talks departure & Series V.

May 20 - Richard Arnold Talks Trek
Trek advisor on Trek X, Series V & special edition DVDs

May 20 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

May 20 - Gaming Bullets
'Elite Force' comic, game shots & 'Armada' reviews.

May 20 - Site Columns
The webmaster returns, a birthday, and BBS topics.

May 19 - News Bullets
More UPN, Cattrall interview, Sev Trek & Ryan in mags.

May 19 - More Haunted Reviews
Analyses from IGN &

May 19 - 'Andromeda' Set Report
Upcoming Gene Roddenberry series starts filming.

May 19 - Site Columns
Late, short, and simple.

May 19 - First 'Haunting Of Deck Twelve' Reviews
Mania, Cinescape & TrekWeb review yesterday's Voyager.

May 19 - News Bullets
Mulgrew photos, Ryan film, Crosby video, Grand Slam & Psi Phi.

May 19 - New Ratings Reports
Final ratings for 'Life Line', and 'Haunting' overnight report.

May 18 - UPN Presents Fall Line-up
New action and comedy series & 'WWF'-style football.

May 18 - Official 'Unimatrix Zero' Press Release
Massive spoilers in episode photo.

May 18 - 'Unimatrix Zero' Promo Video
Download the 30-second UPN promo for the Voyager season finale!

May 18 - Site Columns
'Battlefield: Earth' results, a birthday, and regular site news.

May 17 - News Bullets
Alley house, Judd reunion, CCG deck, Frakes appearance & TNG.

May 17 - Gaming Bullets
Previews of about every upcoming Trek computer game.

May 17 - Cynical 'Life Line' Review
David E. Sluss analyses last week's Voyager.

May 17 - Canadian Trek TV Guide Report
Summary of very positive four-page cover story.

May 17 - Book Bullets
Get a free 'New Earth' postcard, 'New Frontier' comic & excerpts.

May 17 - News From The Networks
UPN ratings skyrocket, CBS 'Voyager' competitor, Stern praises Trek.

May 17 - 'Unimatrix Zero' Scribe Writes Article
Mike Sussman talks season finale plot development. (Contains Spoilers!)

May 17 - Site Columns
Info on yesterday's connection problems & a new Voyager tonight.

May 16 - 'New Frontier' Comic Coming
Wildstorm to publish one-shot in September.

May 16 - News Bullets
'Voyager' timeslot shows, 'Futurama', Starburst, Mulgrew con report.

May 16 - Robert Duncan McNeill Bullets
Old interview transcript, auction concluded & 'Unimatrix Zero' spoiler.

May 16 - Michael Piller Interview
Former Trek writer talks Piller Squared company.

May 16 - Gaming Bullets
'Bridge Comander' preview, Mulgrew, and 'Armada' sales & review

May 16 - New Sev Trek Competition
The final Ezri Dax cartoon in a while.

May 16 - Site Columns
More complaints about the weather, a birthday, and regular site news.

May 15 - Wang To Host MANAA Awards Ceremony
Kim actor hosts Asion American media achievement awards.

May 15 - New 'Take On Trek'
Fred Shedian responds to first Controversial Stance

May 15 - Denise Crosby Web Chat Tomorrow
German site hosting chat with 'Trekkies' host & Tasha Yar actress.

May 15 - Gaming Bullets
More Mulgrew & Visitor interviews and other E3 coverage.

May 15 - Recent 'Voyager' reviews
Delta Blues 'Life Line' review and more episode analyses.

May 15 - News Bullets
'West Wing', new BB, Hunter, finale preview, cut scenes clips & books.

May 15 - Susanna Thompson Interview
Fandom talks to Borg Queen. (Contains Spoilers)

May 15 - E3 Report Teaser - Nana Visitor Message!
Personal message from Kira Nerys actress & Mulgrew photos.

May 15 - Site Columns
Our earliest start ever, after yesterday's non-starter.

May 14 - Site Columns
No Sunday Update

May 14 - A Take On Trek: Our Beloved Franchise
Fred Shedian gives his remarks on a 'Trek Death.'

May 14 - Gaming Bullets
Three billion E3 reports & 'Armada' demo released.

May 13 - Background Articles & Fandom update.

May 13 - Upcoming Jeri Ryan Appearances
Seven of Nine star very active in May.

May 13 - 'Controversial Stance' Launches
New Trek Nation column already causing fan debate.

May 13 - Article: Speaking for one, speaking for all
Michael Hinman responds to the first Controversial Stance

May 13 - News Bullets
'Roswell' renewed, 'Rated X', Galaxy Ball, Spiner & 'The Insider'

May 13 - Site Columns
Trek BBS Today & TV listings.

May 13 - Article: Trek Must Die!
Joe Beaudoin's first column deals why Trek has to meet the inevitable.

May 12 - 'Andromeda' Military Intelligence has second Robert Wolfe interview online.

May 12 - 'Voyager' Episode Reviews
'Life Line' and 'Fury' analysed.

May 12 - News Bullets
NASA, Stewart decision, CCG, Berman on continuity & 'Buffy'

May 12 - Four Trek Actor Interviews
Dawson, Philips and Burton & Ryan on 'Politically Incorrect'

May 12 - Site Columns
'Hello World!', 'Trek BBS Today' and 'Today On TV'

May 11 - 'The Haunting of Deck Twelve' Promo Video
Get the trailer for next week's tale of Voyager horror!

May 11 - News Bullets
More moon burials, Grand Slam pics & 'Gepetto' reviews.

May 11 - First 'Life Line' Reviews
AnotherUniverse, Cinescape & TrekWeb analyse yesterday's Voyager.

May 11 - Leonard Nimoy Interview
Spock actor won't direct again, but is open for more Trek.

May 11 - Gaming Bullets
New shots, previews & announcements as E3 is starting.

May 11 - Recent Nielsen Ratings
'Fury' final numbers & 'Life Line' overnight ratings.

May 11 - 'Voyager' Episode Pictures
New 'Haunting' ad and over a dozen 'Unimatrix Zero' photos!

May 11 - Trek Trivia Article
Michael Hinman tells the great stories of Trek folklore.

May 11 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

May 11 - Article: The Trek Trivia Game
Michael Hinman writes about the many interesting pieces of Trek folklore.

May 11 - 'Unimatrix Zero' & 'Haunting' details
Press releases for final two episodes & Susanna Thompson interview.

May 11 - Site Columns
Trek game poll results, 'Hello World!' and site news.

May 10 - 'Rated X' Approaching Premiere
Schedule & first review of upcoming film featuring Nicole deBoer.

May 10 - News Bullets
Decipher, Sev shirts, Stewart on TV, 'Geppetto' video & Ryan photo.

May 10 - Jammer's 'Fury' Review
Jamahl Epsicokhan looks at first May sweeps episode.

May 10 - Book Bullets
'A Stitch In Time' reviews, 'Millennium' sales & short story online.

May 10 - Site Columns
Avoiding 'Ally' spoilers and a new 'Voyager' episode tonight!

May 9 - More 'Fury' Takes
Fred Shedian and the Cynic review latest Voyager.

May 9 - Gaming Bullets
Mulgrew at E3, 'Bridge Commander' site, interview & SFC II.

May 9 - TV Guide Trek Covers
Next week's issue featuring two Voyager covers. (Update: Canada only)

May 9 - News Bullets
Stewart, Doohan's baby, Moon burials, UPN branding and more.

May 9 - Sev Movie Trailer Released
Download the 1-minute preview of the first X-Generation film here!

May 9 - Site Columns
It's too hot, and regular site news.

May 9 - A Take On Trek: Furious Disappointment
Fred Shedian looks at the episode 'Fury,' offering remarks and suggestions.

May 8 - Sulu Novel Campaign Unsuccessful
'Excelsior' is 180 letters short of novel publication.

May 8 - Delta Blues 'Fury' Review
Jim Wright has seen better Trek episodes.

May 8 - News Bullets
Biz briefs, 'Stitch in Time', Picardo's home & Sulu novel failed.

May 8 - New Sev Trek Competition
Why is Ten following around Bologna and Tomb?

May 8 - 'Life Line' Details
Two interviews and official cast & crew list. (Contains Spoilers!)

May 8 - Gaming Bullets
New Klingon, 'Voyager' 'Bridge Commander' & 'Away Team' shots.

May 8 - Berman Interview Fabricated?
SF Crowsnest posts surprising article on 'Excellent' rumours.

May 8 - Site Columns
More computer hell.

May 7 - News Bullets
Vulcan mayor, Trek theology, 'Gepetto', 'Warp 2' shots & Jeri Ryan.

May 7 - Jammer's 'Muse' Review
Jamahl Epsicokhan analyses recent Voyager episode.

May 7 - More 'Unimatrix Zero' Spoilers
Season finale plotlines start fitting together.

May 7 - Site Columns
Hello World!, Trek BBS Today & Today on TV

May 6 - News Bullets
Experience events, new books, German radio, Spiner article & more.

May 6 - Weekly 'Andromeda' Column Starts
Robert Wolfe talks about Nietzscheans to

May 6 - New 'Haunting' And 'Unimatrix Zero' Photos
Pictures from final two episodes of the season.

May 6 - Gaming Bullets
'Armada' & SFC reviews, 'Away Team' interview and KA & Voyager shots.

May 6 - Site Columns
Computer repair hell & 'Fury' poll results.

May 5 - News Bullets
Viacom biz, poll, Sulu letters, Mulgrew report, clips &

May 5 - Voyager's Homecoming Not Certain Yet
Rick Berman talks to LA UPN affiliate.

May 5 - Braga Talks 'Unimatrix Zero'
Voyager Executive Producer reveals season finale spoilers.

May 5 - First 'Andromeda' Cast Photos
Official site updated with cast & producer list.

May 5 - More 'Fury' Reviews
IGN, & TrekWeb look at Wednesday's 'Voyager'.

May 5 - Robert Beltran Interviewed
Official Magazine talks to Chakotay actor.

May 5 - Site Columns
Two birthdays, and regular site news.

May 5 - First 'Fury' Reviews
Mania, Cinescape & Eon analyse last night's Voyager.

May 5 - Major 'Andromeda' News
Main cast announced, status update & official site opens.

May 4 - 'Life Line' Promo Video
Watch as UPN slips in another 'Picard' mention.

May 4 - News Bullets
CCG awards, ST:II DVD, Tim Russ CD launch, army holodeck & more.

May 4 - 'Voyager' Ratings
'Muse' disappoints, but 'Fury' overnights show some promise.

May 4 - New Episode Spoilers
'Life Lines', 'Haunting Of Deck 12' & 'Unimatrix Zero' spoilers and pictures.

May 4 - FCC Approves Viacom-CBS Merger
But fate of UPN still uncertain for another year.

May 4 - Site Columns
Poll results, 'Hello World!' and regular site news.

May 3 - 'Andromeda' News Bits
VFX Supervisor announced & new Robert Wolfe interview.

May 3 - News Bullets
'West Wing', Koenig appearance, Sev Trek, Spiner pics & more!

May 3 - 'Muse' Reviews
Ed Hines & Julia Houston analy the most recent Voyager.

May 3 - Nick Sagan Joins
Former 'Voyager' story editor joins SF site as entertainment producer.

May 3 - Series V Scriptwriting To Start Soon
Paramount says Berman & Braga to start writing.

May 3 - Gaming Bullets
'Voyager' multiplayer & Mac, Klingon preview & first 'Away Team' shot.

May 3 - Schubert Org Files Complaint Against Stewart
Producers react to actor's attack over 'Mt. Morgan' play.

May 3 - Site Columns
A birthday & a new Voyager episode airing tonight.

May 2 - Review: Muse
Torres crash-lands the Delta Flyer and unwittingly inspires a Bronze Age alien to write a play about her peril.

May 2 - Submit Questions For Denise Crosby Interview
Ask any question you want, and we'll select the best ones!

May 2 - News Bullets
Beltran film, Stewart performance, Hower interview & Wang on 'Jeopardy!'

May 2 - Jennifer Lien Interview
Ex-'Voyager' actress talks 'Fury' (Contains Spoilers!)

May 2 - Gaming Bullets
S&S release dates, DS9 screenshots, Voyager interviews & Armada reviews.

May 2 - Kate Mulgrew Con Report
Janeway actress confirms Voyager's homecoming at Starfest 2000.

May 2 - Activision Announces 'Away Team' Game
Play captain of an elite commando team in new strategy title.

May 2 - 'Captain Sulu' Articles
Nimoy acknowledges campaign & Asian Week supports it.

May 2 - News Bullets
UPN records, 'Gepetto' review, Sulu letters & Plummer in film.

May 2 - Site Columns
Regular site news, and a belated birthday wish!

May 1 - New Sev Trek Competition
What exactly is the Pickhard Manouver?

May 1 - Gaming Bullets
'Armada' sales & review, 'Voyager' movie & 'Hidden Evil' review.

May 1 - Delta Blues 'Muse' Review
Jim Wright likes Voyager's most recent offering.

May 1 - Robert Wolfe Talks 'Andromeda' puts up 3-part interview with upcoming SF series creator.

May 1 - 'Trekkies' Director Interviewed
Roger Nygard talks fan documentary's performance & future projects.

May 1 - Interview: 'Trekkies' Director
Lorenz Ulrich interviews Roger Nygard.

May 1 - 'Galaxy Quest' DVD & VHS Release Tomorrow
Listing of DVD extras, and learn how to win a free copy!

May 1 - Very Detailed 'Fury' Synopsis has three-page plot summary. (Contains Spoilers!)

May 1 - Robert Duncan McNeill Bullets
Official site of Tom Paris actor fan club updates.

May 1 - Site Columns
'Hello World!', 'Trek BBS Today' & 'Today On TV'

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