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May 24, 2000 - 4:25 PM

Hello World!

Well, it appears I won't be getting a new phone after all. I've been trying for a week now to get my contract accepted by Dutchtone, the telco, and threw away two full days on that, but this afternoon I finally accepted defeat and put my money in the bank again. A short rundown of the lost battles that led to the sad conclusion of this war:

So now I've simply decided to give up. If the bureaucratic mentality at Dutchtone is so enourmous they can't even sell me a contract, I'm not going to spend even more time trying to get connected. Maybe in half a year or so I'll try again - but definitely not with this company again.

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-In the United Kingdom, BBC Two will be showing DS9's 'The Sound Of Her Voice' at 18:45 GMT. Thanks go out to Kathryn Hughes for this!

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