Trek Actors Participating In Commercials Strike By Christian
May 28, 2000 - 11:15 PM

Since the 1st of May, the members of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, are on a strike targeted at producers of commercials. The strike was started after contract negotiations broke down over the issue of residual payment - the advertising industry wants to move to a flat-fee for commercials, while the unions want to keep the current system of a certain fee for each time the ad is shown. In addition, the unions also want to determine rules for internet ads, while the advertising industry maintains the unions have no jurisdiction over the net.

In the May 23rd issue of the Hollywood Reporter, a full-page ad was placed by the SAG and the AFTRA, in support of th strike and listing many celebrities who have publicly endorsed the strike. Jeff 'Koganuts' Koga was kind enough to send in the text of the ad, and here are the names of the Trek alumni who are present on the list, or at least those we were able to recognise:

The full list can also be found here on the SAG strike site. Meanwhile, if you want to read more about the strike and its effects, check out the SAG's official strike site, or this article by Variety's Dave McNary, talking about the effects it has had so far.

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