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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for June 2000

June 30 - Robert Duncan McNeill Bullets
Communicator interview transcript, photos, Champagne Cruise & con report.

June 30 - News Bullets
Jeopardy, Alan Ruck interview, Ryan bio, DragonCon & 'Enterprise Logs'.

June 30 - Patrick Stewart On Trek X
4th TNG film a go, Joss Whedon not writing script.

June 30 - On Andromeda's Vedrans
Robert Wolfe on centaur-like aliens we won't be seeing for a while.

June 30 - First 'Wrath Of Khan' DVD Review
DVD File reviews new Paramount release & 'ST: TMP' special edition news.

June 30 - New Sev Trek Competition
Second weekly Sev Trek contest launches.

June 30 - Site Columns
'Hello World!' & BBS info.

June 29 - News Bullets
Repeat ratings, Russ in Roswell, Cattrall, New Frontier cover & Sev con report.

June 29 - Site Columns
Euro 2000 spoilers, BBS listing & a birthday.

June 28 - Montalban To Promote 'ST2: TWOK' DVD
Info on DVD signing, and Region 2 DVD release news.

June 28 - News Bullets
More WWF on UPN, CCG Rulings, Ryan mag, Dourif in 'Myst' & Shatner selling shares.

June 28 - Jean-Luc Picard: Excellence and Arrogance
Julia Houston writes new featured article & new list.

June 28 - Gaming Bullets
'Elite Force' interviews, no more 'Armada' sales, 'Away Team' shots & KA review.

June 28 - Pocket Books News
'New Earth' chat log & article, TOS novel relaunch & new calendars.

June 28 - Site Columns
Sudanese kitchen secrets, favourite captain poll results & Borg birthday.

June 27 - Trek Alumni Movie & TV Appearances
Continuum reports about several guest spots by Trek people.

June 27 - News Bullets
eBooks, Kirk as Designated Skipper, con report, German review, Stewart & ODN.

June 27 - 'Voyager' Actors Talk
Tim Russ Chat & Garrett Wang interview

June 27 - Trek Stars On Stargate SG-1
René Auberjonois appearance announced & Marina Sirtis role details.

June 27 - Alert: 'New Earth' Chat Tonight
Talk to the authors and editor of Pocket's new multi-novel series.

June 27 - 'Best Of Star Trek 2' CD Reviews
Two analyses of GNP Crescendo's new Trek music album.

June 27 - Site Columns
'Hello World!', Trek BBS Today and a few TV listings.

June 26 - New 'Communicator' Rick Berman Interview
Star Trek executive producer talks Series V, Trek X & Voyager.

June 26 - Alert: Tim Russ Chat Tonight
TV Guide & AOL to host web chat with Tuvok actor.

June 26 - Universe 2000 Science Expo Info
Trek & other SF people to appear at two-day event next month.

June 26 - Jonathan Frakes Chat Transcript Up
Riker actor talks 'Beyond Belief', 'Roswell' and Trek.

June 26 - Shatner To Direct Dark Comedy 'Shiva Club'
"Four comedians and a funeral" film based on own experiences.

June 26 - New Sev Trek Competition
Captain! She canne take much more!

June 26 - Site Columns
Regular site news & 'Roswell' poll results.

June 25 - Trek Magazine News
New Communicator & Cult Times magazines out.

June 25 - Series V Announcement Parody
News from the AlternaVerse - Star Trek: Deep-Six Nine announced.

June 25 - Cynics Corner Goes Dot Org
New home for David E. Sluss's biting commentaries.

June 25 - Site Columns
Trek Nation anniversary, correction to Voyager ratings improvement, and more!

June 24 - 'Klingon Academy' Reviews
Three new reviews of Interplay's new space simulator.

June 24 - Mulgrew Wants Voyager Home Early
Janeway star talks in new TV Zone interview.

June 24 - News Bullets
London concert, books info, Ryan fan club newsletter, Shatner ads & more.

June 24 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

June 23 - Shatner Bullets
USA Today article, new Shatner song site & Walk of Fame.

June 23 - Gaming Bullets
'Klingon Academy' video & review, and 'Elite Force' chats.

June 23 - New 'Andromeda' Dispatch
Robert Wolfe on location shooting, fan anticipation & upcoming cons.

June 23 - News Bullets
Trek column, hair designer article, Ryan, UK videos, rerun ratings & more.

June 23 - Trek Media Reviews
'New Earth' novels, 'Insurrection' DVD & 'Fair Haven' episode.

June 23 - Site Columns
Dutch weather complaints, 'X-Men' poll results & BBS info.

June 23 - 'The Art Police' Premiering Friday launches new Tim Russ-starring comedy.

June 23 - News Bullets
More 'Dracula' cast, new Shatner novel, Star for Grammer & Stewart pushes car.

June 23 - 'Voyager' Season Seven Now Really In Production reports 'Unimatrix Zero, Part Two' shooting start.

June 22 - 'Klingon Academy' Now Available In Stores
Read the official Interplay press release inside.

June 22 - Foundation Imaging Working On ST:TMP DVD
Special edition release to future enhanced special effects.

June 22 - Gaming Bullets
First 'Klingon Academy' review, 'Elite Force' chat, 'Armada' editor help & more.

June 22 - Charmed Technology VP Talks Trek
Wearable computer company not directly working on Series V yet.

June 22 - Site Columns
TT Headlines two-month anniversary, BBS info & TV listings.

June 21 - Ed Hines Reviews 'Fury'
Trek Nation reviews return with this May's Kes episode.

June 21 - Gaming Bullets
'Elite Force' interview & preview, 'New Worlds' movie, chats & KA released.

June 21 - Julia Houston Reviews 'Free Enterprise''s Star Trek guide on indie Trek comedy.

June 21 - News Bullets
Trek people at science panel, rerun schedule, CCG article, book covers & more.

June 21 - Mothership Reviews 'Best Of Star Trek II' CD.
And merges with - read the full press release inside.

June 21 - Site Columns
DIY non-spoiler Euro 2000 report, poll results & regular site news.

June 20 - Gaming Bullets
Game chats, release dates, previews, screenshots & sales info.

June 20 - Upcoming Trek Comics Previews
First look at 'New Frontier' crew rendition.

June 20 - News Bullets
McNeil pic, novel excerpt, real-life tricorder, Stewart vs. US & Macs for FX.

June 20 - New 'Voyager' Background Articles
'Millionaire' cross-over, ship's defenses & season six.

June 20 - Review: Fury
A ferocious mess, perhaps indicating that VGR has taken one too many time-traveling trips.

June 20 - X-Men Bullets
Patrick Stewart gets media attention for Prof. X role.

June 20 - Site Columns
More computer trouble, BBS info & TV listings.

June 19 - The Optical Data Network Returns
Issue 105 published after long hiatus.

June 19 - New Sev Trek Competition
Captain Proton makes his first Sev appearance.

June 19 - Site Columns
It's the 10-year anniversary of 'The Best Of Both Worlds'!

June 19 - News Bullets
More Cattrall, 'New Frontier', Ron Moore & magazine watch.

June 18 - Cynics Corner Season Six Review
David Sluss analyses Voyager's pre-final season.

June 18 - New Trek Nation Articles
Fred Shedian on first seasons & Caillan Davenport on the 'Voyager' conspiracy.

June 18 - Site Columns
Regular site news & a birthday.

June 18 - A Briefing With Caillan: The Voyager Conspiracy
Caillan Davenport defends 'Voyager' against fan criticism.

June 18 - Frakes Talks Trek In Online Chat
Riker actor attends online chat

June 18 - Gaming Bullets
'Voyager', 'Armada', SFC 2' & 'ConQuest Online'

June 18 - News Bullets
Kim Catrell, Stewart, MANAA awards, Fantasticon & 'Camelot'

June 17 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

June 17 - 'Voyager' Back In Production
Shooting commences for seventh and final season.

June 17 - More 'Andromeda' Cast Info
Robert Wolfe talks Harper, Beka Valentine, Trance Gemini & Rev Bem.

June 17 - Site Columns
We're back!

June 16 - A Take On Trek: Seasonal Development
Fred Shedian looks at how the first several years of Star Trek incarnations suffer from a lack of direction and character depth.

June 16 - Site Columns
Regular site news & poll results. Update: No Friday Update

June 15 - News Bullets
Jeri Ryan, Trek punchlines, books, eBay auction & 'Voyager' ratings.

June 15 - First Season Ratings Improvement Since TNG End
Voyager's 6th season ends 7-year downward ratings spiral.

June 15 - First Trek X Plot Rumours
FilmForce reveals possible major plot point. (Contains Spoilers!) (Updated!)

June 15 - Gaming Bullets
'Elite Force' demo coming soon, 'Bridge Commander' tech info & more!

June 15 - Site Columns
It's E-Day, BBS info & TV listings.

June 14 - DVD News
'ST II: The Wrath of Khan' menu screens & Original Series reviews.

June 14 - Star Trek Pet Peeves Article
Julia Houston lists the fans' points of irritation.

June 14 - Gaming Bullets
'Armada' sales & review, 'New Worlds' movie & 'Voyager' preview.

June 14 - News Bullets
Gay awards, UK video sales, Astronorama, 'X-Men' trailer & much more!

June 14 - Ronald D. Moore Joins 'Roswell'
Former Trek staff writer to head the SF series' writing staff.

June 14 - Site Columns
'Voyager' rerun tonight, CCG correction, poll results & online used CD stores.

June 13 - Gaming Bullets
Behind the scenes at development, space sim chat log & KA preview.

June 13 - Customisable Card Game 'First Five Years' Set Upcoming
Decipher to release best-of expansion set & local tournament results.

June 13 - Jammer Writes Season Six Recap
Jamahl Epsicokhan analyses Voyager's penultimate season.

June 13 - News Bullets
UPN does well, Alaimo mentor honoured, Dutch 'Generations', Fed Con IX & more!

June 13 - New Sev Trek Competition
Why are Phizzers always set to stun or kill? Invent your own settings!

June 13 - Site Columns
Human interest, a birthday & regular site info.

June 12 - Brazilian George Takei Interview
Sulu actor talks Excelsior, politics & current Trek in full English version.

June 12 - 'Starship Creator Warp 2' Ships
Sequel to starship creation game in retail stores now - full press release inside.

June 12 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

June 12 - Site Columns
A birthday, poll results & regular site news.

June 11 - News Bullets
Trek politics analogy, CCG, Trek at stamp expo & Fed Con photos.

June 11 - Remembering DeForest Kelley
'Dr. Bones McCoy' actor passed away one year ago today.

June 11 - Site Columns
Euro 2000 starts, Trek BBS listings & TV info.

June 10 - News Bullets
Spiner 'ID4' scenes on DVD, Ryan pics, Echevarria's new job & Mulgrew interview.

June 10 - Paramount Registers
Series V hint in new Paramount internet domain registrations?

June 10 - 'Andromeda' E! News Set Visit Report
Full transcript, photos & video clip of Kevin Sorbo's set tour.

June 10 - First Deep Space Nine Comic Reviewed
Jim Zimmerman reviews K.W. Jeter's 'N-Vectors, Chapter One'.

June 10 - Comics: 'ST: DS9 - N-Vector Chapter One' Review
Jim Zimmerman reviews the first DS9 comic to be published by WildStorm, K.W. Jeter's 'N-Vector'.

June 10 - Site Columns
'Best of Star Trek II' CD update, poll results & regular site news.

June 10 - 'Best Of Star Trek Volume II' CD Finally Released
GNP Crescendo confirms release of new soundtrack CD.

June 10 - New Interview With Majel Barrett
Star Trek Magazine talks to the Original Series' Nurse Chapel.

June 9 - Gaming Bullets
'Klingon Academy' goes gold! Plus 'Elite Force', 'ConQuest Online' & 'Armada'.

June 9 - Robert Wolfe Talks 'Andromeda' & Sorbo On E! News
New info on first episode shoots, special effects and... pine trees!

June 9 - First DS9 Comic Gaining Negative Reviews
Links to first analyses, and news on TNG comics artist selling original artwork.

June 9 - News Bullets
Kirk on 'Buzz', ST:IX actor directs, Spiner on Showtime, real-life phasers & more!

June 9 - Viacom President To UPN: Make Profit Or Shut Down
Mel Karmazin organising crisis talks with network heads, but believes UPN will succeed.

June 9 - Site Columns
The new Links menu explained, BBS threads & TV listings.

June 8 - News Bullets
Combs film site, Voyager rerun ratings, Beltran in UK, Deciphercon, Sev & Books.

June 8 - Rick Berman Talks Series V, Trek X & Rumours.
Official Star Trek Magazine interviews Star Trek's executive producer.

June 8 - Gaming Bullets
'Armada' guide, 'ConQuest Online' beta & 'New Worlds' shots.

June 8 - Brannon Braga Interviewed
Former 'Voyager' Exec Producer talks during Grand Slam convention.

June 8 - Site Columns
Christian on rumours, regular site news & two birthdays.

June 7 - Trek Background Articles
Green on season six, Dilmore on DVDs, Houston on

June 7 - News Bullets
Viacom to buy stations, Ryan pictures, Stewart stalked & German review.

June 7 - Klingon Language Institue Sets Up Scholarschip
Kor Memorial Scholarschip for linguists set up in memory of John Colicos.

June 7 - Scarlett Pomers Bullets
Naomi Wildman actress in new television pilot, radio programs & Skybox cards.

June 7 - 'Free Enterprise' Wins Saturn Award
No award for 'Voyager' actresses.

June 7 - ChumCity President Talks Voyager's 7th Season
Canadian programming executive reveals major spoiler about final season.

June 7 - Another Take On Trek Tech
Fred Shedian looks at how Star Trek has forecast real-life technology.

June 7 - Star Trek X Rumours Continue
More people not writing the film.

June 7 - Site Columns
Light speed update, favourite episode poll results & 'Voyager' rerun tonight.

June 6 - News Bullets
No more 'New Earth' cards, CCG McCoy preview, Stewart in 'X-Men' & Saturn awards.

June 6 - Charmed Technology Claims To Work On Series V
Wearable computing company designing devices for new Star Trek show?

June 6 - Gaming Bullets
SFC 2 diary & interview, 'Elite Force' interview & Quadrant Wars.

June 6 - A Take On Trek: Tech Trek - Part II
Fred Shedian revisits a topic from 1999, looking in more detail at how Star Trek has forcaseted technology in the last 30 years.

June 6 - Site Columns
Rerun season starts, BBS info & TV listings.

June 5 - News Bullets
Trivia contest, Galaxy Ball, Ryan Photo, German Spock double & book covers.

June 5 - 'The Ride Down Mt. Morgan' News
More info on Stewart apology & Wendy Neuss marriage.

June 5 - Wizards Of The Coast Buying Last Unicorn
Trek RPG publisher bought by 'Magic' Company

June 5 - Star Trek X Screenwriter Revealed?
Coming Attractions says Akiva Goldsman writing film. [Update: Screenwriter not revealed]

June 5 - Kes Campaign 'From The Heart'
New fan drive organised to get Jennifer Lien back for more episodes.

June 5 - New Sev Trek Competition
What happened to Captain Gainweight's hair?

June 5 - Site Columns
A chance to Join the Joyride again, regular site news & two birthdays.

June 4 - 'Insurrection' Region 2 DVD News
First review, strong sales in pre-orders & win free copies of the DVD!

June 4 - Scientists Claim Light Speed Barrier Broken
American scientists say light pulse accelerated to 300 times light speed.

June 4 - Site Columns
Regular site news columns & movies on Sci-Fi Channel tonight.

June 3 - New Column: No More Trek Movies
Joe Beaudoin takes another controversial stance.

June 3 - Majel Barrett Roddenberry Interviewed
Gene Roddenberry's widow talks 'Andromeda', 'Earth: Final Conflict' & Trek.

June 3 - News Bullets
'X-Men' trailer, DeLancie on UPN, FedCon photos, in-depth Holodiction report.

June 3 - Gaming Bullets
SFC 2 interview, 'Voyager' movie, Klingon Academy preview & Armada reviews.

June 3 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

June 3 - Site Columns
'Hello World!', 'Trek BBS Today' & 'Today On TV'

June 2 - Trek Actors Talk
Wang, Russ, Siddig & Visitor at a con, and Picardo in Heathrow Airport.

June 2 - Wolfe Talks Tyr
'Andromeda' Executive Producer on Keith Hamilton Cobb character.

June 2 - News Bullets
DS9 RPG nominated, 'ST:VII' on BBC, Radio Decipher, Spiner in musical & more.

June 2 - Julia Houston Reviews Season Finale
New analysis of 'Unimatrix Zero'.

June 2 - Strong 'New Earth' Sales
New six-book novel series selling very well, says John Ordover.

June 2 - Site Columns
Christian's laptop returns & three birthdays.

June 1 - Article: Enough With The Trek Movies, Please
Joe talks about the current Trek movies and how they fail to meet the magnificence of the TNG television series.

June 1 - News Bullets
Stewart apologises, The Rock, CCG & Stewart on 'Late Night'

June 1 - 'Unimatrix Zero II' Rumours Online
Voyager's Delights posts first report on possible season opener story.

June 1 - Trek Media Reviews
New TOS DVDs, 'New Frontier' novels & 'Riddles' rerun analysed.

June 1 - Gaming Bullets
'Elite Force', 'Klingon Academy', 'Armada' & 'Starfleet Command' in this massive update!

June 1 - 'Unimatrix Zero' Final Ratings Disappoint
Borg season finale improves only slightly over 'Equinox'.

June 1 - Jeri Ryan Cast In 'Dracula 2000'
Seven of Nine actress to portray vampire-searching journalist.

June 1 - Site Columns
It's June!

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