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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for June 2001

June 30 - Gerrold Talks TNG Episode That Never Was
TOS scribe and Richard Arnold talk about a script that would have been the first to openly portray homosexuality.

June 30 - CGI Enterprise Being Refined At Foundation
Scenic artist Doug Drexler talks Series V. Plus: Wish Matt Jefferies a happy birthday!

June 30 - Series V News Round-Up
Dedication motto not revealed & Goldsmith possibly scoring theme. Plus: update on possible 'Enterprise' logo.

June 30 - Article: On 'Broken Bow' Review Comments
Dark Horizons editor Garth Franklin responds to recent column. Further 'Enterprise' script spoilers inside.

June 30 - A Take On Trek: Mind Boggling Clarification
Fred gives a followup to the June 29 article, attempting to clarify several issues.

June 30 - Site Columns
Battlestar Galactica. Plus: BBS Threads, classic TT news & TV Listings.

June 29 - Enterprise To Be A CGI Ship
John Gross talks about the challenges involved with series V, and the fun parts.

June 29 - Gaming Bullets
'Orion Pirates' ships to stores, screenshots, new 'Dominion Wars' patch & 'Elite Force' review.

June 29 - A Take On Trek: Mind Boggling Rumors
Fred takes a look at some of the rumors recently reported by Trek news sites.

June 29 - Site Columns
Cheating on Trek, TrekBBS, Trek Two Years Ago, TV Listings and a Birthday.

June 28 - Neelix Departure Planned Early, Says Biller
Former Voyager Executive Producer: 'Homestead' most heavily guarded secret of the season.

June 28 - News Bullets
'Enterprise' FX logo, 'Final Fantasy,' DS9 review, Australian video dates & more.

June 28 - New Details Of Enterprise Ship Design
New report says ship will look like Kirk's Enterprise - only flipped upside down.

June 28 - Site Columns
Jack Lemmon remembered. Plus: BBS & TV listings, classic TT news and a Borg birthday.

June 27 - Bakula: Enterprise Is Just Around The Corner
Jonathan Archer actor reveals when the next Trek series will be set, and talks about his feelings on the new show.

June 27 - News Bullets
Michael Ansara, Voyager top-10, UK Trek, study on nerds & 'Enterprise' in Canada.

June 27 - Crosby Keen To Go Back To X-Files
Tasha Yar actress has been busy outside Star Trek, and hopes there will be room for her when the X-Files returns.

June 27 - Site Columns
Caillan's bullets. Plus: BBS Threads, classic TT news, a new poll and TV listings.

June 26 - Suliban Skeletal Structure Spoilers
Enterprise's main villains to showcase special abilities in 'Broken Bow.'

June 26 - UPN Advertising Revenues Increasing
Even with a difficult advertising market, Enterprise network is attracting new advertisers.

June 26 - News Bullets
Brooks sings opera, Totally Kate updates, Jeri Ryan, Bakula on Australian TV and more!

June 25 - 'Broken Bow' Script Review Online
New plot info and full analysis of first Series V episode. '[The] best Trek pilot yet'

June 25 - The Book Padd: 'Section 31: Cloak'
S.D. Perry explores the inner workings of Starfleet during Kirk's era.

June 25 - Zefram Cochrane To Appear In 'Enterprise' Pilot
James Cromwell to make cameo in 'Broken Bow.' Spoilers inside!

June 25 - News Bullets
Sternbach Q&A, official site competition, Ryan, Delta Blues & Psi Phi.

June 25 - 'Enterprise' Launch Promo Online
Second UPN clip for Series V emphasises exploration. Transcript inside!

June 24 - Dawson: If I Canít Tell What It Is, I Wonít Sign It
B'Elanna Torres actress talks about odd fan reactions at conventions in new Girls of SciFi Feature.

June 24 - 'Orion Pirates' Goes Gold
'Starfleet Command' stand-alone mission pack to hit stores soon.

June 24 - Gaming Bullets
'Dominion Wars' Q&A and patch, 'Armada II' recording visit, and 'Bridge Commander.'

June 24 - Site Columns
I hate Tennis. BBS Threads, Trek Two Years Ago & TV Listings.

June 23 - TNG DVDs To Be First In Region 1
Series DVDs confirmed to be box sets, release slated for next year. Plus: The Motion Picture & Voyager details.

June 23 - SAG Talks Speed Up As Deadline Approaches
Actors and producers aim to work quickly towards a resolution as the media blackout is lifted.

June 23 - News Bullets
Dawson, Mulgrew, Starburst, Ryan, Trekkie decorator, Siddig, UPN schedule & promos.

June 22 - Picardo: Holodoc Not Intended As Another Data
Voyager actor on the writers' intentions with his character.

June 22 - Voyager Virtual Season 8 Launches
New fan endeavour hopes to continue the starship Voyager's journey now that it has left the TV screen.

June 22 - 'Deep Core' DVD Released This Tuesday
See the oil rig disaster movie that stars Will Wheaton and Terry Farrell.

June 22 - The Book Padd: 'Endgame' Novelisation
Michelle Erica Green looks at the novelisation of the 'Voyager' finale, and comes away disappointed.

June 22 - Site Columns
Queues, Trek BBS, Trek Two Years Ago, TV Listings and a Birthday.

June 22 - UPN Returns To Central Texas
Time Warner to carry UPN programming in Austin area from August.

June 21 - Enterprise Uniforms Described
Series V Uniforms to be Purple with yellow shoulder stripes. Plus: People worried about Starfleet ideas.

June 21 - Slow Progress For SAG Negotiations
Little resolution so far, but if strike happens, it won't be for at least a month.

June 21 - Site Columns
Late exams, BBS Threads, classic Trek news, a correction & TV listings.

June 20 - Mulgrew To Play Katharine Hepburn On Stage
Voyager Star is happy spending time with her family, but new roles are on the horizon.

June 20 - Chase Masterson To Crown Sexiest Geek Alive
Deep Space Nine Star hosts the finals of contest in California today.

June 20 - News Bullets, Shatner ad, EW column, Psi Phi updates, TOS DVDs, Starburst, Comics & Ryan.

June 20 - Gaming Bullets
'Dominion Wars' patch, 'Shattered Universe' screenshots, 'Elite Force' Expansion Pack, 'Bridge Commander' & Trek RPG.

June 19 - Drexler: Give The Producers A Break!
Enterprise illustrator looks forward to the new series and gives a few tantalising hints about his work on the show.

June 19 - 'Enterprise' To Bring Wealthy Viewers To UPN
Series V expected to succeed Voyager as the show with the richest audience. 'Smackdown' to continue as the opposite.

June 19 - UPN Places 'Enterprise' Billboard
Voyager Final Season outdoor ad replaced by Series V logo. Plus: 'Enterprise' section opens.

June 19 - McNeill: Mulgrew Is Up For Trek X Role
Voyager stars speak at Chicago convention. Plus: Actors unhappy with 'Endgame.'

June 18 - The Book Padd: The Eugenics War, Volume One
Read about the rise and fall of Khan Noonien Singh - and why we never noticed him.

June 18 - New Sev Trek Cartoons
Quirk meets his future self and a Bored bumper sticker in this week's Sev Trek contests.

June 18 - News Bullets
Frequencies, Delta Blues, Voyager review, TOS DVDs, con reports & credits.

June 18 - Site Columns
Gladiator 2? Trek BBS Today, Trek Two Years Ago & TV Listings.

June 17 - 'Broken Bow' Opening Scenes Synopsis
Find out what happens during the first minutes of the Enterprise pilot. Spoilers inside!

June 17 - Enterprise To Feature Orion Slave Girls
Green-skinned Original Series aliens to be featured in 'Broken Bow.' Plus: New information on filming location.

June 17 - Site Columns
Favourite Author, Trek Two Years Ago, Trek BBS and TV Listings

June 17 - Upfront Reveals First Glimpse Of Series V Sets
Presentation includes comments from Berman, Rush and Zimmerman. Full transcript and images inside!

June 17 - Andromeda Bullets
Catch up with the Andromeda Ascendant in this round-up of news from SlipstreamWeb.

June 16 - Biller Says Season Seven Was A 'Great Year'
'Voyager' Executive Producer talks themes, 'Endgame' and two-parters.

June 16 - News Bullets
'Tomb Raider,' DS9 campaign, Galaxy Ball, UPN premiere, Sat.1 & VCDs.

June 16 - 'Enterprise' Recurring Characters Not Revealed
No confirmed casting for Annunciation, Beutner, Brophy and Carter. We sincerely apologise.

June 16 - Site Columns
We launch our longest poll ever. Plus: BBS & TV info, classic TT news.

June 16 - Assignment X Born From Rubble Of Fandom
Cinescape Online re-branded, magazine future unknown.

June 16 - Assignment X Born From Rubble Of Fandom
Cinescape Online re-branded, magazine future unknown.

June 16 - Gaming Bullets
'Dominion Wars' FAQ and Q&A, 'Bridge Commander,' 'Elite Force' Expansion Pack reviews & CCG.

June 15 - Takei Lends His Voice To New Cartoons
Original Series actor to have guest roles on 'Simpsons' and 'Jackie Chan.' Plus: Author Peter David gets married.

June 15 - News Bullets
Wheaton, Orbital Skydiving, Meany, Cromwell, Cox, Goldberg, Voyager and book reviews.

June 15 - Site Columns
Online Auctions, Trek Two Years Ago. Trek BBS and TV Listings.

June 14 - Voyager Stars Look Ahead To Enterprise
Dawson, Russ and Wang talk about Series V. Plus: Trek archivist gives his view on new Vulcan uniform.

June 14 - Biggs Lands Guest Role In The Chronicle
Deep Space Nine actor to play a cable guy in new Sci Fi Channel paranormal series.

June 14 - 'Enterprise' Shooting In High Definition
Higher image quality expected for Series V, either in inital broadcast or on DVD release.

June 14 - 'L.A. Confidential' Cinematographer Joins Trek X?
Dante Spinotti said to replace Matthew F. Leonetti as Director of Photography for next film.

June 14 - UPN Spends Up Big On Movies
Network strikes deal with MGM, extends Saturday programming.

June 14 - Conflict Was The Key To P/T, Says Dawson
Torres actress talks about relationships, 'Extreme Risk' and season seven to the Star Trek Magazine.

June 14 - Site Columns
Beware politicians bearing gifts. Plus: BBS Threads, classic Trek news & TV Listings.

June 13 - Ryan Wins Saturn For Best Supporting Actress
Actress scores award for former Borg role. Plus: Six wins for 'X-Men.'

June 13 - Viacom Interested in NBC, Too
UPN parent company wants to expand, and Viacom boss insists there is no slowdown in the advertising market.

June 13 - Site Columns
DS9 ending, BBS & TV info, classic TT news and a birthday.

June 13 - Article: The Voyage Home
Colin "Zeke" Hayman looks back at the last seven years of 'Voyager.'

June 13 - Gaming Bullets
Brad Dourif interviewed, 'Dominion Wars' out now, 'Orion Pirates' preview and more!

June 12 - Kate Mulgrew Now Up For Trek X Cameo Role
'Boston Public' gig prevents Jeri Ryan appearance. Plus: DS9 actor campaign.

June 12 - 'Enterprise' To Premiere September 26
No August launch after all, Series V still more than three months. Plus: more UPN premiere dates.

June 12 - News Bullets
Star Trek music, Delta Blues updated, an obituary and much more!

June 12 - Site Columns
Nothing, New Poll, TrekBBS, a correction and TV listings.

June 12 - Tom Nunan Quits UPN Executive Job
Head of programming leaves network due to lack of possible advancement.

June 12 - Russ Embarks On 'Metal War'
Actor's new project to be a sci-fi live action and CGI film.

June 12 - Wang's Views On Revolving Producers
Harry Kim actor says that the season seven change wasn't a good one for him.

June 11 - New Ads Encourage Voyager Emmy Nomination
Paramount pulls out all the stops to make sure Voyager gets the attention of the award nominators.

June 11 - Dorn And Sirtis On Trek X Script
Worf and Troi actors reveal new info on the next Trek movie. It's better than Insurrection!

June 11 - Site Columns
Caillan comes back from Sydney, BBS Threads, classic TT news & TV Listings.

June 10 - UPN Avoids Spending Downturn In Advertising
The Enterprise & Voyager network is popular with advertisers. Plus: New UPN affiliate in Missouri.

June 10 - Gaming Bullets
Orion Pirates trailer and screenshots, Elite Force Expansion reviews and more!

June 9 - Casey Biggs To Star In 'Ponderosa'
Damar actor lands lead role on Pax-TV's 'Bonanza' prequel. First photo inside!

June 9 - Shimerman's Life After Quark's Bar
Deep Space Nine actor talks about his new guest role, strike negotiations, and his feelings on playing Quark again.

June 9 - News Bullets
Blalock on TV, James Darren's new CD, Totally Kate updates and more!

June 8 - Rick Berman Talks Series V Development
Star Trek's executive producer on the two-year creative process, the writing staff and internet rumours.

June 8 - Site Columns
Low Election Turnout, Trek BBS, TV Listings and Trek Two Years Ago.

June 8 - Stephen Beck Joins 'Enterprise' Writing Staff
Former 'Seven Days' and 'Chicago Hope' staff writer moves to Series V.

June 8 - TNN To Cross-Promote 'Enterprise'
New promotional TV deal, a new headline banner and an updated Enterprise promo .

June 7 - Send A 'Good Luck' Message To Scott Bakula!
Fan mail address for Jonathan Archer actor changes. Plus: IMDB Enterprise page updated.

June 7 - News Bullets
William Campbell, Ron Moore interview, 'X-Men', Voyager season review, West Wing & more.

June 7 - 'Dominion Wars' Goes Gold
DS9 strategy game to be ready for release next week.

June 7 - New Sev Trek Cartoons
Captain Gainweight gets Assevilated and a problem for Zephyr Cockroach in this week's new contests.

June 7 - Site Columns
Caillan goes to Sydney, BBS Threads, Trek Two Years Ago & TV Listings.

June 6 - 'Endgame' Cut Scenes Revealed
Read about the scenes that didn't make the final cut. Full scene descriptions inside!

June 6 - Picardo Talks Chakotay/Seven Romance
Actor would have preferred the Doctor to end up with Seven. 'I think she's missed a big opportunity!'

June 6 - Site Columns
Get Out And Vote: UK General Election Tomorrow, TV Listings, Trek BBS, and Trek Two Years Ago.

June 6 - Review: Voyager CCG Expansion
Zun looks at Decipher's latest addition to the Star Trek Customisable Card Game.

June 6 - News Bullets
Fake 'Enterprise' sketches, UPN movie plans, FX houses, Decipher, Region 2 DVDs & more.

June 5 - TNG Stars Visit Enterprise Set
Frakes and Spiner talk Series V uniforms. Plus: First 'Broken Bow' guest actor info & schedule confirmations.

June 5 - Advertisers Expect 'Enterprise' To Be Hit
Ad agencies predict hits and misses for next season. Plus: UPN 'Enterprise' tie-in plans.

June 5 - Site Columns
Boston Public, Buffy & Angel. And BBS info, TV listings, classic TT news & a birthday.

June 5 - News Bullets
Dorn, TMP review, Trek alums, genre shows, Voyager episode guide, and con photos!

June 5 - Communicator Showcases Voyager's End
Official Star Trek magazine features news on 'Enterprise,' DS9 novel relaunch and more!

June 4 - John Eaves Talks 'Enterprise'
Senior Illustrator interviewed about his work on the next series, including the design of the new Starship.

June 4 - Paramount Opens 'Voyager' Emmy Site
Studio promotes shows as television awards season begins.

June 4 - McNeill On Missing Regular Paycheck
Tom Paris actor talks new jobs: 'Infested' starring role & Fox Searchlight directing deal

June 4 - News Bullets
McNeill and Phillips in the UK, 'Atlantis' info, 'Vertical Limit' on DVD, Sev Trek the Movie and more!

June 4 - Site Columns
Advertisement, Trek BBS Today, Trek Two Years Ago & TV Listings.

June 3 - News Bullets
Stewart news, video cover art, official site update, book extracts & Voyager schedule.

June 3 - Site Columns
More Fic, Trek Two Years Ago, BBS, and TV Listings

June 3 - Gaming Bullets
'Dominion Wars,' 'Armada II' interview, 'Elite Force' reviews, 'Bridge Commander' Q&A and CCG.

June 2 - Mulgrew Thanks The Female Fans
Janeway actress steals the show at Cleveland con. Contains 'Endgame' spoilers.

June 2 - A Take On Trek: History & Future Of UPN
Fred looks at the United Paramount Network, it's history and possible effects on Series V.

June 2 - Your Chance To Own A Piece Of DS9!
Enter the new LCARS Computer Network Contest to win a panel from the bridge of the Defiant.

June 2 - News Bullets
'Endgame' reviews, Mulgrew photos, video cover art and more!

June 2 - Site Columns
Civilization III, Trek BBS Today, Trek Two Years Ago & TV Listings.

June 1 - Site Columns
Fan Fiction Blues, Trek BBS, Trek Two Years Ago and a New Poll. Updated: 'Dark Is Rising' link fixed.

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