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June 1, 2001 - 4:55 PM

Hello World!

I've been hitting the fan fiction circuit pretty hard today, in search of some new material to read. Much to my dismay, there doesn't seem to be a lot of it about. Are all you Janeway-centric writers too traumatised by the finale to shuffle back to your keyboards?

If so, PLEASE start writing again. We Voyager fans need you now more than ever. PLEASE.

The one thing more traumatising than no new fan fiction at all, is of course, unfinished fan fiction. Two absolute classics that currently have me desperately waiting for more are C.A Brown's 'Of Mind, Body and Soul', a novella (or soon to be novella if I have my way) about the dashing Devore Inspector Kashyk from the season five episode 'Counterpoint.' Another absolute cracker of a story is Jules and Suz's 'Dark is Rising' series. Its dark, its violent, but its also rather amazing. Passing by their site earlier, I notice they've got a new Work In Progress posted too. Naturally, I read the first part, and am now bursting to know what happens next. Ack!

So please, fan fiction writers, return to your keyboards. We, your online fans, are desperate to hang from your every word, with the end of the series now more than ever. We need more adventures of Janeway and her crew. I'm very much looking forward to the first story from the Voyager Virtual Season 8 project.

In the meantime, I'm off to wear out my tape of 'Counterpoint' some more.

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