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June 14, 2001 - 1:58 PM

Hello World!

I have been targeted by that most heinous of crimes - political bribery.

Whilst on a merry jaunt to my postbox, I picked up a letter from one of the mayoral candidates in the upcoming shire elections. The front of the envelope exhorted me to sit down and sip a relaxing cup of tea whilst reading his propaganda leaflet. When I opened it, out dropped two teabags.

Well, I can tell you he certainly won't be getting my vote. Not only is coffee The True Elixir Of The Icon, Captain Kathryn Janeway, not tea, but there was also a glaring grammatical error on the front of the envelope. "The teas on me," it said.

Maybe if he promised to get Channel 9 to show Trek at a reasonable hour here, or declared May 20th Captain Kathryn Janeway Day. Either way, I'm easy.

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