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June 21, 2001 - 9:52 AM

Hello World!

What sadistic person schedules exams at 5:15pm? I'm sure it must give them some sort of perverse pleasure to see students lining up outside just as night is falling, the wind is beginning to work itself up into a nice breeze and rain is starting to fall.

On a completely unrelated matter, when I was passing through the supermarket the other day, I couldn't help but note that they had some Voyager videos for sale, positioned near the check-out for impulse buyers. Must have known I'd be in that day.

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These were some of the major headlines on June 21st, 1999:

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In the article entitled Assignment X Born From Rubble Of Fandom we said that the site "was made up of the people behind Eon Magazine, AnotherUniverse, Fandom and Cinescape." What we should have said, of course, is that it is made up of some of the people behind these sites.

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