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June 22, 2001 - 8:16 PM

Hello World!

I've had one of those days. It feels like I've spent most of the day in a queue.

Woke up this morning. Had to wait for someone else in the bathroom. Shuffled off to doctor's appointment, and predictably, got into a queue. Clutching my Hayfever-busting prescription, I got into another at the pharmacy. And then another at the supermarket where I went to grab some lunch.

I came home to call my ISP, to end up in a seemingly endless phone queue. To make matters worse, the "on hold" music was some vile early 90's Euro-Rave stuff.

Thankfully tomorrow, I should be in a queue of a slightly different nature. I'm off to a barbecue.

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Happy Birthday!

Today is the 45rd birthday of Tim Russ, who is of course best known for his role of Tuvok on Voyager. Before that, Russ also appeared on the Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and the 'Generations' movie. Find his full biography here!

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