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June 6, 2001 - 5:36 PM

Hello World!

It's General Election Day here in the UK tomorrow. The only day once every five years we Brits can truly claim to be free from our 'elected dictatorship.'

All you fellow Brits, make sure you get out there and vote!

I read in the newspaper yesterday that one bookmaker was already so sure of a Labour Party victory, that they were already paying out to punters. A quick look at the latest opinion poll has Labout 11% ahead of the Conservatives.

The real danger for tomorrow seems to be voter apathy. Most people are so sure Tony Blair will walk to an easy victory, people think that there is little point at all in voting. When, let's be honest, choosing a government isn't something we can really afford to be apathetic about.

One bit of effort tomorrow, and no more party political broadcasts for the next five years. Get out there and vote.

You can find more information on the British General Election here at the BBC web site.

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