'Endgame' Cut Scenes Revealed By Caillan
June 6, 2001 - 2:08 PM

During the television production process, it is inevitable that changes are made to a script before the final version reaches our screens. 'Endgame,' Voyager's series finale, was no exception.

Courtesy of Barbara, we have obtained information on those scenes that did not make it into the final aired version of the episode, as well as an addition to the script that was made during production. While these scenes were apparently cut from the script even before filming started, they still provide interesting extra glimpses at some of the finale storylines. Full details on these cuts and the addition can be found below.

It should be noted that often scenes which don't make the final version of the episode or film often appear in the novelisations, as in the case of 'Star Trek: Generations.' The 'Endgame' novelisation, written by Diane Carey, will be released next month, and may perhaps include some of the scenes above. The book will also include special extra material by Christie Golden, which will act as a lead-in to Pocket Books's Voyager relaunch, expected in 2003.

A big thank-you goes out to Barbara of Barbara's Voyager Page for this!

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