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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for July 2001

July 31 - Masterson Concentrates On Real Life
Leeta actress talks life, music and acting.

July 31 - News Bullets
Mediaweek column, UK con, Ryan series, Borg Queen article & David interview.

July 30 - Armstrong To Play Admiral Forrest
First human role in 'Broken Bow' for frequent Star Trek alien actor Vaughn Armstrong. Photo inside!

July 30 - Stewart Sees A Future For 'Voyager' Cast
TNG Captain makes a surprise appearance at convention and briefly talks Trek X. Possible spoilers inside.

July 30 - Picardo Considers Life After 'Voyager'
Holodoc actor talks about his hopes for the future.

July 30 - Site Columns
Watching other shows for Trek actors. Plus: BBS Threads, classic TT news & TV Listings.

July 29 - First Images Of 'Enterprise' Aliens And Phase Pistol
UPN promo tape shows a possible glimpse of the Suliban and a close-up of the phaser's ancestor!

July 29 - John Teska On 'Endgame' Borg FX
Foundation Imaging animator talks about the creation of one of the 'Voyager' finale's climactic scenes.

July 28 - DVD Team Dedicated To Preserving TMP's Spirit
Producer, FX and Sound supervisors on the Director's Cut of 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture.'

July 28 - News Bullets, 'Enterprise' in Germany, Psi Phi, Trek skins, video cover & E4 broadcasts.

July 28 - Site Columns
Showers, BBS Threads, classic TT news & TV Listings.

July 27 - 'Enterprise' Bible Reveals Crew Details
Who worked at Utopia Planitia, will T'Pol have a friend, and will the Enterprise have replicators? Spoilers inside!

July 27 - Beltran's Galaxy Ball To Be Held November 10
Patrick Stewart joining 'Voyager' stars for charity gala fundraiser and mini-convention.

July 27 - Siddig Talks 'Night Witches'
DS9 actor on preparing for feature film directorial debut. Plus: Behind the scenes on 'Reign Of Fire.'

July 27 - Gaming Bullets
'Bridge Commander' & 'Armada II' Q&As, 'Elite Force,' 'Away Team,' 'Dominion Wars,' 'Orion Pirates' reviewed and more!

July 26 - Goldsmith Out, McCarthy In For 'Broken Bow'
Dennis McCarthy to score 'Enterprise' pilot episode, main theme composer not yet selected.

July 26 - Viacom Turns Profit Again
Paramount/UPN parent moves away from losses for first time since CBS merger, says advertising market is improving.

July 26 - McNeill Directing Enterprise's Eleventh
Tom Paris actor briefly talks directorial role at UK signing.

July 26 - News Bullets
Ryan, Bakula, SCE cover and schedule, Mulgrew & official site updates.

July 26 - Site Columns
Winter afternoons, BBS threads, classic TT news and TV listings.

July 25 - First Image Of Dr. Phlox Online
Catch a glimpse of the 'Enterprise' medical officer!

July 25 - Stuart Baird To Direct Trek X
Academy Award nominee to helm next Trek feature film.

July 25 - TMP Director's Cut Profiled At Comic-Con
First report of new DVD footage online. Plus: 'Voyager' and possible 'Enterprise' DVD news.

July 24 - Wang Talks Hard-Luck Harry Kim
Voyager actor explains why Kim was unlucky in Voyager relationships.

July 24 - Open Script Submissions Cancelled For 'Enterprise'
Paramount suspends acceptance of unsolicited scripts for legal reasons.

July 24 - Archer To Follow Kirk's Romantic Lead
'Broken Bow' tidbits deal with romance, Klingons and Dr. Phlox.

July 24 - Site Columns
Earth: Final Conflict, BBS listings, classic TT news and TV Listings.

July 23 - Trek X Main Character Developments
Find out the major themes for Picard, Riker, Worf, Troi, Crusher, and La Forge! Major spoilers inside!

July 23 - Probert Talks TNG Frustrations
Enterprise-D designer on Trek career and thoughts for the future of 'Enterprise.'

July 23 - Site Columns
StarMan, Trek BBS, TV Listings, Birthdays and Trek Two Years Ago.

July 22 - News Bullets
Con report, 'Enterprise' editorials from SyFy Portal, Star Trek Dimension &, Mulgrew & Trek experiences book.

July 22 - Andromeda Bullets
Series to run for at least four seasons, 'Andromeda' in Germany, new spoilers and more from Slipstream Web.

July 22 - Gaming Bullets
'Starfleet Command' interview, 'Orion Pirates,' 'Elite Force' Expansion, 'Dominion Wars' reviews & screenshots.

July 21 - Enterprise Universe 'A Terrifying Place'
Series V producers discuss creating the world of Enterprise, while the cast get to grips with technobabble. Plus: More Press Articles.

July 21 - Paramount Let Me Take Risks, Says Logan
Trek X scribe hopes to recapture the spirit of 'Wrath of Khan' and 'First Contact.'

July 21 - Packed Pocket Books Schedule For 2002
Novel lineup includes more 'Genesis Wave,' 'Khan,' new Stargazer novels, 'Strange New Worlds' and Original Series relaunch.

July 21 - A Take On Trek: Actors vs Fans
Fred examines how the actors of Star Trek have reacted to the fans which follow the show.

July 21 - Site Columns
Vanilla Slice. Plus: BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

July 20 - Blalock: Femininity An Advantage For T'Pol
Enterprise stars talk about makeup, their new characters and getting the Enterprise off the ground.

July 20 - Wildstorm Goes Cold On Trek Comics
Recent comments raise questions about the future of Star Trek comic books.

July 20 - New Sev Trek Cartoon
Odour & Tequila kiss in this week's brand new Sev Trek contest.

July 20 - Site Columns
JetK, Trek Two Years Ago, Trek BBS, and TV Listings.

July 19 - Massive 'Enterprise' Coverage Round-Up
Bakula on writing, Blalock on TOS, Berman and Braga talk continuity, and reporter impressions.

July 19 - Shatner: Enterprise Role 'Out Of The Question'
James T. Kirk actor talks Series V & 'Iron Chef' during UPN press conference.

July 19 - Ryan Looks Forward To Boston Public
'There will be no rubber' in Jeri Ryan's new costume.

July 19 - UPN Promo Shows First 'Broken Bow' Footage
See Archer, T'Pol, Tucker and Sato in action! Full transcript and images inside!

July 19 - Site Columns
The end of the Ratings Database. Plus: BBS & TV listings, and classic TT news.

July 19 - Berman And Braga Talk 'Enterprise' Continuity
Creators say they're walking a "very thin line" with Series V technology.

July 18 - 'Enterprise' Press Party Photo Report
19 new photos from the UPN press party. Bakula, Blalock, Billingsley, Montgomery & Keating, plus 'Buffy' & 'Roswell' stars!

July 18 - News Bullets
New 'Enterprise' promo premiering tonight, press conference report, books, Silverman & more.

July 18 - Ryan To Play Former Lawyer In 'Boston Public'
Jeri Ryan to appear in new season of High Scool drama that starts October 22nd.

July 18 - Comedy To Showcase Life Of Gene Roddenberry
'I am Star Trek: To boldly go - it's set to stun!' will be playing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

July 18 - UPN Pushes Its New Fall Lineup
'Buffy,' 'Roswell,' 'Iron Chef USA' and 'One on One' profiled at Television Critics Association press conference.

July 18 - 'Mission: Gamma' Authors Announced
New DS9 mini-series from Pocket Books to debut in late 2002.

July 18 - 'Enterprise' Cast Talks Trek Inspirations
Original Series the favourite of most actors. Plus: New photos of Scott Bakula, Jolene Blalock, John Billingsley and Antony Montgomery!

July 18 - Site Columns
Remington Steele. Plus: BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

July 17 - John Billingsley Talks Dr. Phlox
'I'm as much an anthropologist as I am a physician.' Plus: Berman more involved in writing 'Enterprise.'

July 17 - 'Enterprise' Introduced At UPN Press Tour
Producers & actors talk at LA press conference. Plus: Set visit details reported.

July 17 - News Bullets
Greg Cox chatting tonight, Jammer reviews two new Voyager episodes, Bakula on UK TV and more!

July 17 - Linda Park To Appear In 'Jurassic Park III'
See Enterprise's Ensign Hoshi Sato for the first time on the big screen.

July 17 - Valentine Predicts Big Ad Takings For UPN
Network president says that UPN will equal or surpass last year's upfront advertising revenue.

July 17 - Richard Taylor Talks TMP's FX Saga
Visual effects designer recalls the behind the scenes drama on 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture.'

July 17 - Site Columns
Lisa's Dog, Trek BBS, Trek Two Years Ago and TV Listings.

July 17 - Gaming Bullets
'Armada II' preview, 'Away Team' and 'Dominion Wars' reviews, plus 'Orion Pirates' and 'Dominion Wars' screenshots.

July 16 - Trek X Character Arcs Revealed
Find out about the roles of Shinzon, B-9 and Data in 'Nemesis.' Massive spoilers inside!

July 16 - Archer To Take His Dog Into Space
Meet Porthos, the first canine to travel at Warp 5. Plus: Farmer Moore, transporters, and more 'Broken Bow' info.

July 16 - Straight And Steady For Enterprise
Promotional video reveals Captain Archer's likely Enterprise catchphrase.

July 16 - Site Columns
Tech problems return, BBS & TV listings, classic TT news & a belated birthday.

July 16 - September 26 Premiere For 'Enterprise'
UPN's new fall line-up to debut over a seven-week period.

July 16 - News Bullets
Voyager convention, 'Planet of the Apes,' university speech, 'Frequencies,' Ryan & Mulgrew.

July 15 - NX-01 Is Smallest Enterprise
Latest Starship Enterprise to measure 750 feet in length.

July 15 - Site Columns
Nothing to report, BBS threads, classic TT news, new poll & TV listings.

July 14 - Paramount Registers 'Star Trek Nemesis' Trademark
Rumoured working title seems more official. Plus: What does the name 'Porthos' mean for 'Enterprise'?

July 14 - News Bullets
'Night Witches,' 'Voyager' reviews, 'Late Boomers,' Mulgrew, Spiner, Stewart, Wise, Delta Blues, Psi Phi, VulCon & Earhart.

July 14 - Site Columns
Nightmare Shopping, Trek BBS, Trek Two Years Ago and TV Listings.

July 14 - Gaming Bullets
'Away Team,' 'Dominion Wars,' 'Orion Pirates,' 'Elite Force' Expansion Pack reviewed, plus screenshots and Voyager CCG.

July 13 - Burton Plans To Direct For 'Enterprise'
TNG actor talks science fiction, Trek X and cast camaraderie at TNN press conference.

July 13 - Patrick Stewart Awarded UK Honour
Next Generation star is awarded the Order of the British Empire in a traditional ceremony.

July 13 - Trek Action Figures To Return In November
Viacom to release Captain Kirk / Gene Roddenberry figures to celebrate 35th anniversary. Full relaunch in 2002.

July 13 - The Book Padd: S.C.E. & Stardate 2002 Calendar
Michelle Erica Green looks at the latest three 'Star Trek: S.C.E.' eBooks and the new daily Trek calendar.

July 13 - Site Columns
Buffy, Dark Angel & the Tour, BBS & TV listings, a birthday, and classic TT news.

July 12 - First 'Enterprise' Footage Online
See Archer, T'Pol, Mayweather and the rest of the Enterprise crew in uniform! Full transcript & images inside.

July 12 - TNN To Start Trek Reruns In October
'TNN's Big Bang' to launch the 'New Home of Star Trek' in the Fall.

July 12 - Voyager Receives 8 Emmy Nominations
Only nominations in technical categories for Voyager, but show leaves all other genre television far behind.

July 12 - All-New Image Of The NX-01
Newspaper prints brand new detailed photograph of the new Enterprise. Plus: More engineering images.

July 12 - Eisenberg Talks Trekker Tribute
DS9 actor launches new web site to defy stereotypes and celebrate Trek fandom.

July 12 - New Sev Trek Cartoon
Delve into the mind of Captain Quirk in this week's brand new Sev Trek contest.

July 12 - Site Columns
Friday 13th. Plus: BBS Threads, classic TrekToday news & TV Listings.

July 11 - 'Entertainment Tonight' Enterprise Segment Airs
Scott Bakula reveals the bridge, engineering, the ready room, corridors and more on television show. Full transcript inside!

July 11 - Site Columns
Anticipation, Trek BBS, Trek Two Years Ago, and TV Listings.

July 11 - Stewart Receives An Honorary Fellowship
Picard actor honoured by Cardiff University for work with Journalism department.

July 11 - News Bullets
Duane,, 'Frequencies,' Cynics Corner & alumni round-up.

July 10 - Bakula Tours The Enterprise Bridge
New online ET segment introduces command area & features Scott Bakula interview. Clip transcript inside!

July 10 - UPN: Time Warner Is Misusing Cable Power
Enterprise network says corporate parent of rival WB network is unfairly diluting competition.

July 10 - 'Voyager' Cast Realistic About The Future
McNeill, Dawson and Wang talk directing and possible 'Voyager' feature films.

July 10 - Auberjonois On The Trek Phenomenon
Odo actor talks about the impact of Trek, conventions and the fans.

July 10 - Site Columns
Tour de France, BBS & TV listings, and classic TrekToday news.

July 10 - Article: The Women of Voyager Convention
Read about Kate Mulgrew, Roxann Dawson and Jennifer Lien at this Cleveland con. Full report inside!

July 10 - 'Entertainment Tonight' Reveals Enterprise Interiors
Daily entertainment show to feature set tour and Scott Bakula interview on Tuesday's show. Images inside!

July 9 - 'Star Trek: Nemesis' Script Review Online
Complete analysis of Trek X: 'The screenplay [...] is compellingly built.' Major spoilers inside!

July 9 - Berman: Enterprise Compact Like A Submarine
Executive Producer talks Series V ship design & the Suliban. Plus: New crew info.

July 9 - UPN Executive Answers Fan Questions
Bob Bouknight talks promoting Voyager, Enterprise logo, first teaser clips, secrecy, and more!

July 9 - New Enterprise Pilot Script Review
The script is 'Not What I expected' says online reviewer. Spoilers for 'Broken Bow' inside!

July 9 - Archer's Enterprise Revealed
First image of the Series V Enterprise available in latest TV Guide.

July 9 - Article: A Weekend At Holodiction - Part 2
Caillan Davenport writes about his experiences at the Holodiction Odyssey convention.

July 9 - Site Columns
Puzzle Pieces. Plus: BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

July 8 - Montalban On Khan's Villainy
'Star Trek II' actor talks about his work on the film, and getting away from 'Fantasy Island.'

July 8 - Site Columns
Sporting woes, Trek Two Years Ago, Trek BBS, New Poll and TV Listings.

July 8 - Curry Says 'Enterprise' Sets Are 'Incredible'
Series V mentioned during Trek panel at the Visual Effects Society festival.

July 8 - News Bullets
Burton, DS9 Horizons, Shatner, Darren, TV Guide, McDowell, Psi Phi & 'Abyss' review.

July 7 - Beltran: Writers Didn't Care About Voyager
Chakotay actor expresses his frustrations with those in charge of Voyager, and with the series finale.

July 7 - Gaming Bullets
Reviews of 'Orion Pirates,' 'Dominion Wars,' 'Elite Force Expansion' and more!

July 7 - Dawson's New Novel To Launch Next Month
B'Elanna Torres actress to sign copies of 'Tenebrea's Hope' at Washington D.C. convention.

July 7 - Weyoun Was Undiscovered Territory, Says Combs
DS9 recurring actor talks about playing a character everyone loves to hate.

July 7 - Site Columns
Site Columns: Part 2 of 2. Plus: BBS threads, classic Trek news and TV listings.

July 5 - Sternbach On 'Enterprise' Technology
Former Voyager Senior Illustrator talks early 'Enterprise' development & series concept.

July 5 - Takei Says Trek Is A 'Remarkable Achievement'
Sulu actor reflects on the history of Star Trek and the Excelsior campaign.

July 5 - Article: Patrick Stewart On Stage
A trek fan goes to see Patrick Stewart at the West Yorkshire Playhouse.

July 5 - News Bullets
Cromwell, Dick,, eBay auction, Sternbach, Renaissance project, Keating, Ryan, Voyager video.

July 5 - Site Columns
The lure of eBay. Plus: BBS Threads, Trek Two Years Ago & TV Listings.

July 5 - The Book Padd: 'Section 31: Abyss'
The Federation's most secretive organisation comes back to haunt Dr. Bashir. Plus: 'Divided We Fall.'

July 4 - Script Review Reveals 'Enterprise' Character Details
New 'Broken Bow' script analysis appears online. Spoilers inside!

July 4 - Actors And Studios Strike A Deal
Industry-crippling strike averted with a new three-year contract.

July 4 - Site Columns
Clarifications, Trek Two Years Ago. Trek BBS and TV Listings.

July 3 - TV Guide To Reveal Enterprise Next Week
Special collector's poster to showcase Series V's main starship in coming issue.

July 3 - SAG Works Towards A New Deal
Talks continue between actors and producers as details of new contract emerge.

July 3 - Massive Sev Trek Update
Eight brand new Star Trek parody cartoons posted on the Sev Wide Web, and a new contest.

July 3 - News Bullets
Ordover, book reviews, new newsletters, 'cyborg' article, new Frequencies, Spiner & Mulgrew con.

July 3 - Site Columns
Crusade. Plus: BBS Threads, Trek Two Years Ago, New Poll & TV Listings.

July 2 - No Change For UPN In Upfront Market
The Enterprise network makes the same amount as in 2000 in the upfront.

July 2 - Article: A Weekend At Holodiction - Part 1
Caillan Davenport writes about his experiences at the Holodiction Odyssey convention.

July 2 - Gaming Bullets
'Dominion Wars' reviews from 3D Games Zone, All Scifi, Game Spot, Art of War & 'Elite Force' Expansion Pack

July 1 - New Evidence For Enterprise Logo
New information on logo seen on the Paramount lot. Plus: Another Fake image of the Starship.

July 1 - Mulgrew: I Enjoyed Admiral Janeway
Janeway actress tells why playing the 73 year-old Janeway was so much fun and why she liked 'Endgame.'

July 1 - Site Columns
Video Game Gripes, Trek Two Years Ago, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

July 1 - Contract Extended As SAG Keeps Talking
Negotiations between actors and studios to continue today.

July 1 - News Bullets
Ryan, Psi Phi update, Thomas, Russ Auction, E4 to show Trek & SyFy Portal.

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