Trek X Main Character Developments By Christian
July 23, 2001 - 8:30 PM

When 'Star Trek X: Nemesis' is released next year, it will be nearly four years since the crew of the Enterprise-E was last seen in action. In the film, the progress of time will also be visible, with many of the characters undergoing major changes.

In April, 'Star Trek X' screenwriter John Logan already said that he intended to give all the Enterprise crewmembers something to do. "We have our gang of seven, and that's my priority," he told Kevin Dilmore at the Star Trek Communicator. "I have to make sure that everyone gets moments of his or her own. I'd love to work in smaller characters, but if I have the choice of giving a good line to Barclay or to Geordi, I'm going to stick with the main crew. I have to justify my choices very carefully."

In addition, Logan indicated that he wanted the characters to go through substantial changes. "One of the smartest things they did in Star Trek II, my favourite of the movies, was to give Captain Kirk glasses. It acknowledges the passage of time, and that these characters change over time, and their relationships with each other change. These characters have ongoing lives on the ship, and we want to reflect that in 'Star Trek X.' We want to react to what has gone on in other shows. I hope people will see advancements in a lot of relationships among the characters."

According to longtime source 'Faith', Logan indeed intends to honour these promises with 'Star Trek: Nemesis,' as the film's script incorporates at least one major change for each of the characters. Moreover, at the end of the film, the dynamics of the Enterprise crew are changed substantially, as more than half the group depart from their respective positions as Enterprise crewmembers. Below you will find information on many of the major characters arcs in Trek X:

'Star Trek: Nemesis' is currently in pre-production, yet much information about the film has already appeared online. Two weeks ago, movie site Ain't It Cool News posted a full synopsis of the film, while one week ago, adescription of the character arcs of Shinzon, B-9 and Data appeared online.

Thanks go out to 'Faith' for this! As usual, please be aware that Paramount has released no information on the film's plot yet, and until that happens, all information from unofficial sources should be treated as you would any rumour.

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