Berman: Enterprise Compact Like A Submarine By Christian
July 9, 2001 - 8:40 PM

Today's edition of TV Guide not only featured the first image of Jonathan Archer's Enterprise, but also an interview with Rick Berman. The Series V Executive Producer revealed new information about this Enterprise.

"The number is NX-01," Berman told Michael Logan at TV Guide (via The ship will be part of the Earth organisation Starfleet, based from San Francisco. "What we have created is a halfway mark between the engine capabilities in the movie 'Star Trek: First Contact' and the time of Captain Kirk. After almost a century of having the Vulcans patronising us - during which they were giving us technical assistance at a slow and frustrating rate because they did not feel we were ready to go out into space - humans have finally developed an engine that will allow us to go Warp 5."

The ship will be much smaller than those seen in other series, and more like the present-day Space Shuttle or submarines. In fact, the producers even spent some time on a nuclear submarine during the design process. "In the captain's ready room, you can bump your head if you don't watch out. The beams are that low. [...] But our sets are still something to behold. The bridge has more depth than width - unlike previous bridges we've seen - and it has 80 plasma screens built into it."

Finally, Berman also said that the fans' worries about why they didn't see Enterprise's new aliens later in the future will be satisfied as the series unfolds. "We will learn that the Suliban - who were formerly a relatively unimportant species - have now gotten important very quickly. They are being given technical information and assistance - particularly in regard to genetic engineering - from the distant future, where there is a temporal cold war going on. One of the fronts of that war is the 22nd Century. But whom the Suliban are taking instructions from and for what purpose are things that will remain very veiled and quite spooky."

In addition to the above, Berman also provided new information on all of the seven main characters from the series:

The full interview, along with a pull-out poster of the new Enterprise, can be found in this week's edition of TV Guide. To subscribe to the magazine for a full year for only $23.12 (55% off), please follow this link. In addition, a transcript (in German) as well as images from the magazine can be found here on

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