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July 4, 2001 - 1:58 PM

Hello World!

Its hot. Well, 29 degrees centigrade is hot for me.

When I have complained about this to several US online friends, I receive the reply 'Don't you have air conditioning?'

People, this is England. Central heating is a must, but air conditioning?? Sheesh.

Another thing I've been getting messages from people about is the new TrekToday Poll. Most Specifically, who on earth that 'Tau Celes' person is.

TAL Celes appeared in the Voyager sixth season episodes 'Good Shepherd' and 'The Haunting of Deck Twelve.' You can find more information on here here.

Yes, we know her name is spelled wrong and we'll fix it is soon as we find out how to edit the poll. Sorry.

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-Why are the Borg so slow?

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