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July 20, 2001 - 1:23 PM

Hello World!

I wasn't slacking yesterday. Due to some odd D.I.Y. experiment, the electricity in my house was off for most of the day. Finding something to do when there is no electricity is a harder task than it seems.

When the electricity came back on, I decided to indulge my fan fiction tastes a little, and went in search of some great reading material. I indulged the side of me that thinks Captain Janeway and Tom Paris make a great match over at the Emu's site. I placated my Janeway/Chakotay leanings over at Shayenne's site.

And then, I decided to indulge my tastes for my very favourite Voyager characters. You must remember the season five Voyager episode, 'Counterpoint.' Its my all time favourite Voyager episode, and much to my delight, other people think it was rather fantastic too. There's a whole archive of fan fiction dedicated to Captain Janeway and the dashing Devore Inspector Kashyk, which you can find here.

Besides, JetK is topical at the moment. Mark Harelik who played the devillish Devore has a part in Jurassic Park III. I wonder how long it will take for someone to come up with a story that has Inspector Kashyk being eaten by a dinosaur?

After the whole JetK goat debacle (don't ask) I just know someone is going to do it... ;)

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