Straight And Steady For Enterprise By Lisa
July 16, 2001 - 6:56 PM

From Picard's "Make it So" To Janeway's "Do it" every Star Trek Captain has their own famous tagline. The newest Captain in the franchise may be set to make his mark with the words "Straight and Steady."

This possible Archer catchphrase was revealed in a two-and-a-half minute tape sent out to UPN affiliates across America. The tape featured some of the first footage from 'Broken Bow,' including a scene in which Archer used the phrase "straight and steady" to order the helm to get the ship underway. The tape's contents is summarised in a new report over at TrekWeb.

Though the catchphrases might be the memorable parts of dialogue that the fans remember, the promo also revealed a moment of high tension between Captain Jackson Archer and Sub-Commander T'Pol. In one scene included in the video, the Vulcan second-in command tells the Captain that "Space is very big and this mission is very dangerous." Not phased by her condescending attitude, Archer replies: "I am not interested in your opinion about this mission, so why don't you stuff your Vulcan cynicism along with your repressed emotions."

The video revealed several other pieces of new information about Enterprise:

You can read more about the video here at TrekWeb, including details of the Klingon High Council, more costuming and Travis Mayweather's quips.

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