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July 16, 2001 - 11:54 PM

Hello World!

What is it about the early Summer that causes technological devices to break down? Last year I had all the well-documented problems with my cell phone, with my laptop, and with the laughable excuse for a phone line while I was away in England. This year, history is beginning to repeat itself.

First my cell phone broke down. I went back to the store that had sold it to me to ask about the warranty, and about the immediate replacement phone that according to my insurance I should get. They told me that after two years of working there, I was the first person to actually try to claim the insurance, and that so they had no idea how it actually worked. After calling the insurance company, it turned out that I will indeed get an immediate replacement phone, but that that means "immediately after they determine it is actually damaged." Never mind that the thing isn't responding at all, I first need to ship it off to the insurance company so they can verify that, and then within a week (or a year, more likely) I'll get my replacement phone.

And then today, a little component on the plug of my network card broke off, which turned out to be pretty much the only thing holding the cable in place while the network is plugged in. As I, quite naturally, couldn't go out to the computer store right in the middle of the Tour de France I had to construct an elaborate temporary set-up using at least two meters of duct tape, which did at least give me an internet connection, but also meant that I haven't dared move an inch all day long now for fear of disturbing this cable.

Tomorrow I'll go out and buy a new network card - knowing my luck, that bare act alone should supply me with another three months of 'Hello World!' material.

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