Script Review Reveals 'Enterprise' Character Details By Christian
July 4, 2001 - 11:49 PM

For the second time in as many weeks, an extensive review of the Enterprise pilot script has appeared online. While the first review revealed many new details of the 'Broken Bow' plot, this new review provided extra background on the series' seven main characters.

The review was written by 'Hercules' at TV and movie rumour site Ain't It Cool News, judging by the character names based on a recent version of the script. "You can never tell from a pilot script," Hercules wrote, "but the central relationships between Archer, TíPol and Tucker are compelling and evolve gracefully, and the show's set of supporting characters might turn out to be the best to grace a Trek series."

Much of the review focused on these characters, providing the following new details on Enterprise's main crew members:

More information on 'Broken Bow' can be found in the full review. It also contains new information on the state of transporter technology in Enterprise, the villain from the future, and Hercules's opinions on whether the show will be any good. Click here to read it.

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