'Star Trek: Nemesis' Script Review Online By Caillan
July 9, 2001 - 12:41 PM

The most thorough review yet of the next Trek feature film, titled 'Star Trek: Nemesis' and written by 'Gladiator' scribe John Logan, appeared online earlier today.

"Iím encouraged by the direction 'Star Trek: Nemesis' seems to be heading," wrote reviewer Moriarty at Ain't It Cool News. "The screenplay by John Logan, from a story by Logan, Rick Berman, and Brent Spiner, is compellingly built, and if this turns out to be the last Next Generation installment in the series, as has been rumoured, itís a great place to leave these characters. There is a sense of closure for them, even if the film allows for an open ending."

The site's source added that Jonathan Frakes (William Riker), director of 'First Contact' and 'Insurrection' would also be helming 'Nemesis.' "Jonathan Frakes certainly has his work cut out for him," wrote Moriarty.

The following major plot points are detailed in the review:

The review ends with the news that one of the film's main characters will lose their life by the conclusion. "Thereís a definite echo in the ending of this film as one of the major players sacrifices him or herself in a very moving way, and the results of that play out over the last ten pages with real honesty," the review said. "As long as they donít undermine the move a la 'Search For Spock,' it should stand as one of the emotional high points for all involved."

Please bear in mind that none of this has been officially confirmed by Paramount and should be treated as you would any rumour from an unofficial source.

The full analysis of the script can be found here.

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