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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for January 2001

Jan 31 - Weekly Articles
Julia Houston and Michelle Erica Green look at Harry Kim and episode spoilers

Jan 31 - Psi Phis
Winners of the 2000 Psi Phi Awards announced

Jan 31 - Site Columns
Moving House, BBS listings and TV times

Jan 30 - Trek At The Awards
Golden Globes, TV Guide Awards and Cinema Audio Society

Jan 30 - Tim Russ Charity Auction
Tuvok actor's website annouces items to go under the hammer for January.

Jan 30 - News Bullets
Black History Month, Shatner, Phillips Q&A and more!

Jan 29 - Gaming Bullets
We catch up with the world of gaming, too. SFC 2, Away Team, Bridge Commander & more.

Jan 29 - 'Lineage' Reviews
Delta Blues, IGN, The Cynic, Mania, TrekWeb & others analyse Voyager's latest.

Jan 29 - William Shatner Replaced As Spokesman
Sarah Jessica Parker hired to voice new commercials.

Jan 28 - Alexander Siddig Signs On To 'Reign Of Fire'
First info on new SF film co-starring Julian Bashir actor.

Jan 28 - UPN Places Mysterious Voyager Billboard
What secrets will be unveiled to us? Photo inside!

Jan 28 - Site Columns
Information on the lack of updates & the new lay-out.

Jan 25 - News Bullets
Champagne brunch, James Darren, DS9 Horizons, books & '9mm of Love'.

Jan 25 - 'Shattered' Ties For All-Time Ratings Low
Voyager doesn't get off to a good start in 2001 with 'Shattered'. Plus: 'Lineage' overnights.

Jan 25 - Review: Shattered
Chakotay takes the lead in tackling Voyager's latest time-travel experience.

Jan 25 - New Sev Trek Competition
Why did Spook join Sevfleet?

Jan 25 - Strike Bullets
Writers guild starts negotiations, Armin Shimerman to co-chair actors' negotiations.

Jan 25 - Grace Lee Whitney Supports 'Excelsior' Series
Yeoman Rand actress supports 'Geriatric Generation' series.

Jan 25 - 'Repentance' Promo Online
20-second trailer for next week's Voyager available for download. Clip & transcript inside.

Jan 25 - Robert Beltran Interviewed
Chakotay actor sounds more positive than ever about Voyager.

Jan 25 - Voyager Christmas Party Photos
All-new pictures of the cast & Neil Norman's Cosmic Orchestra inside!

Jan 23 - News Bullets updates, 'Men Cry Bullets' DVD, Conventions, Horizons and more!

Jan 23 - 'Q2' Production Update
Day four of shooting on upcoming Voyager episode.

Jan 23 - ABC Interested In Series V?
Yet another network rumoured to be next Star Trek series' home.

Jan 23 - Maurice Hurley On 'The Infinite Mind'
Borg creator to talk about the dark side of collective consciousness

Jan 23 - New Robert Picardo Projects Announced
Holodoc actor to appear in 'Seven Days' & to write new Voyager book.

Jan 22 - Jonathan Frakes Talks Trek X
Cinescape posts brief comments by William Riker actor.

Jan 22 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS listings and tv times

Jan 22 - Kate Mulgrew Interviews
Janeway actress talks Voyager and abortion

Jan 22 - News Bullets
Keegan de Lancie, Subspace Echoes, Star Trek IV and more!

Jan 22 - A Take On, Hailing Frequencies And BBK
Michelle Erica Green, SyFy World and Fred Shedian post new articles

Jan 22 - 2001 Trek Christmas Ornaments releases information on this year's Star Trek Christmas decorations

Jan 21 - More Review News
SyFy World does 'Shattered', Delta Blues updates.

Jan 21 - Site Columns
The Mob, BBS listings and TV times

Jan 21 - A Take On Trek: A Shattering Review At Neptune's Ocean
Fred Shedian takes a look at the latest Voyager episode, including remarks about many reviews of the episode. He also give analysis about the most recent Andromeda adventure.

Jan 20 - Dawson Q&A Session posts fan interview with B'Elanna actress

Jan 20 - Gaming Bullets
'Dominion Wars' preview, SFCII reviews, the Fallen and CCG news.

Jan 20 - Two More New Voyager Reviews
Julia Houston and Michelle Erica Green offer their takes on 'Shattered'.

Jan 20 - News Bullets
Memorable Moments, UPN schedule, Fadil site, SCE books and Horizons news

Jan 19 - Ron Moore Talks Series V Again
New series on hold due to strikes & setting likely still pre-TOS.

Jan 19 - Moore on Dragonriders Series
Ronald D. Moore pitches WB series based on Anne McCaffrey novel series

Jan 19 - Site Columns
Holidays, BBS listings and TV Times.

Jan 19 - Two More 'Shattered' Reviews
IGN SciFi and the Cynic unimpressed with Voyager's latest

Jan 19 - 'Repentance' Photos and Synopsis
UPN posts new pictures of Voyager's Jan 31st episode

Jan 19 - New Sev Trek Movie Competition
Have a look at this week's new Sev Trek Movie competition!

Jan 19 - Burton to Direct De Lancie Father/Son Duo
Official site posts information on new Voyager episode - synopsis and credits inside!

Jan 18 - Mixed Reception For 'Shattered'
Overnight ratings & first reviews are in for yesterday's new Voyager.

Jan 18 - 'Lineage' Trailer & Photos Available
Download the 20-second trailer for next week's Voyager. New photos also online.

Jan 18 - Site Columns
Bumper Stickers, BBS listings, TV times and a new Poll

Jan 18 - Writers To Strike Out Star Trek In 2001/2002?
Writers guild to start negotiations next week, but Trek production still threatened. Full update inside.

Jan 18 - News Bullets
Dracula 2000 report, comic review, Horizons, Pasadena transcript and more!

Jan 18 - National Ratings for 'Repression'
'Repression' becomes second-highest rating repeat for the season

Jan 18 - Gaming Bullets
'SFCII' review, 'Bridge Commander' interview, Tweak Guide, 'Dominon Wars' preview and CCG news.

Jan 18 - Ryan Stalker to Stand Trial
Supreme Court rules Marlon Pagtakhan to face stalking and extortion charges

Jan 18 - 'Ambassador Worf Tour'
Keith R.A. DeCandido book signings and convention dates

Jan 17 - Robert Duncan McNeill Talks 'Prophecy'
Ian Spelling interviews Tom Paris actor on bat'leths, marriage & typecasting.

Jan 17 - Shatner To Host New Syndicated SF/Horror Series
Full Moon Universe signs Captain Kirk actor to 12-episode deal.

Jan 17 - Trek Nielsens Update
Christmas and New Year ratings plummet to an all-time low

Jan 17 - New Feature Article
Julia Houston talks to author Keith R.A. DeCandido

Jan 17 - UPN's Future Secured For Another 18 Months
Chris-Craft & UPN sign new affiliation contract just hours before final deadline.

Jan 16 - News Bullets
New column, 'Trekkies' director, Harlan Ellison & more UPN success.

Jan 16 - Robert Picardo Items On Auction
Official fan club hosts charity auction to benefit Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

Jan 16 - Site Columns
Ice cream, BBS listings & a Voyager anniversary.

Jan 16 - New 'Hailing Frequencies'
Michelle Erica Green looks at Trek spoilers, tv, people and Pasadena..

Jan 15 - News Bullets
Marthin Luther King PSAs, DS9 relaunch character, DVD news & UPN.

Jan 15 - New Sev Trek Competition
More Borg humour on Sev Trek!

Jan 15 - Site Columns
'Sacrifice' gag, BBS listings, TV Times and a new poll!

Jan 15 - New Horizons
Stacy Powell and Doug Wilson speak on the Deep Space Nine: Horizons campaign

Jan 14 - New Trek Nation Features
Cartoonist Tye Bourdony interviewed & a new article by Caillan Davenport.

Jan 14 - A Briefing With Caillan: Beyond the Subroutines
Caillan Davenport sees holograms moving towards men of 'flesh and blood'.

Jan 14 - News Bullets
'Doomsday' delayed but 'Gary & Mike' launches, 'Dark Passions, Shatner, Dawson, DS9.

Jan 14 - Site Columns
On the site, BBS listings, poll results & a birthday.

Jan 14 - Gaming Bullets
'Away Team', 'Dominion Wars' & 'Bridge Commander' previews. Plus: new reviews.

Jan 14 - Jeri Ryan Interviewed
Seven of Nine actress talks 'Dracula 2000', 'Voyager' & acting future.

Jan 14 - New Sev Trek Movie Competition
Why do the Borg only ever send one ship to Earth?

Jan 14 - John Logan Nominated For WGA Award
Trek X scribe's 'RKO 281' up for 'Adapted Long Form' award.

Jan 13 - 'Lineage' Script?
Second script for the year leaked? Full synopsis inside!

Jan 13 - Interview: An Interview with Tye Bourdony
'The Lighter Side of Sci-Fi' comes to the Trek Nation.

Jan 12 - News Bullets updates, Shatner and Frakes.

Jan 12 - New Pix and synopses
UPN posts more 'Shattered' and first 'Lineage' pictures

Jan 12 - To Cut 20% Of Staff
37 people laid off to increase profitability, follows other SF companies' examples.

Jan 12 - New Sev Trek Competition
Project Pathfinder comes to Sev Trek.

Jan 11 - Julia Houston On Plot Arcs Star Trek Guide says Series V should remain episodic.

Jan 11 - 'Shattered' Promo & Pictures
Old favourites to return in new Voyager episode. Digital clip & transcript inside.

Jan 11 - News Bullets
UPN column, Voyager press conference transcript, Mulgrew, Auberjoinois & De Lancie.

Jan 10 - UPN/Chris-Craft Deal Seen Near
News Corp. interested in working with UPN.

Jan 10 - Gaming Bullets
Four SFC 2 reviews, 'Away Team' interview & 'Voyager' multiplayer news.

Jan 10 - News Bullets
'Thirteen Days', Psi Phi updates and UK video/DVD news

Jan 10 - More From Pasadena
Picardo - multiple endings? Trek X Script completed.

Jan 10 - Site Columns
Spoiler Rant, BBS listings and TV times

Jan 10 - 'Human Error' and 'Workforce' News
Seven of Nine kiss and the ECH to return? (contains potential spoilers)

Jan 10 - TNG Actors Talk Trek X
Dorn & Sirtis attend New York con. Filming delayed until after strike?

Jan 9 - More Kenneth Biller Trek Info
Voyager Executive Producer on upcoming episodes, finale, Series V & own projects.

Jan 8 - Site Columns
'Hercules Returns', BBS listings, TV times and a birthday!

Jan 8 - News Bullets
Psi Phi, de Lancie, Cromwell, Farrell and Mulgrew

Jan 8 - Ken Biller on Series V and Voyager
Script, strike and concept; 'Shattered', finale and Q

Jan 7 - New Sev Trek Comic
Take a look at this week's edition of the Sev Trek cartoon.

Jan 7 - WildStorm Comics Preview
Editor, writers and artists talk about upcoming Trek comics.

Jan 7 - UPN Not Out of the Woods
Chris-Craft stumbling block, no name change and new program line-up

Jan 7 - Gaming Bullets
'Dominion War' preview, SFC II, 'the Fallen' and 'Elite Force' reviews and walkthrough.

Jan 7 - Kate Mulgrew Interview
Janeway actress talks to Cult Times

Jan 7 - News Bullets
Missing Scenes, Mulgrew, Shatner, Ray Walston, Ryan and more!

Jan 7 - Robert Picardo Talks Voyager Ending
Starlog Magazine interviews Holodoc actor.

Jan 6 - Site Columns
Dutch TV, BBS info, Trek X poll results & a birthday.

Jan 6 - Book News
DS9 relaunch author interviews and Psi Phi updates

Jan 6 - Security Crackdown at Paramount?
Voyager cast and producers talk Voyager, Series V, Trek X and security concerns.

Jan 6 - Voyager To End On May 23
UPN announces plans for two-hour finale & special retrospective.

Jan 5 - News Bullets
Takei narrates Philharmonic, DVD news, Priceline and Media Trek

Jan 5 - Site Columns
Honor Harrington, BBS listings and TV Times.

Jan 5 - 'Prophecy' and 'Shattered' Photos
SFX Magazine publishes behind-the-scenes photos from 'Shattered' and 'Prophecy

Jan 5 - New 'Hailing Frequencies' Column
Michelle Erica Green talks people, comics and 'Dark Passions'

Jan 5 - New Sev Trek Movie Competition
Have a look at this week's new Sev Trek Movie Competition!

Jan 4 - Site Columns
New Year, BBS listings, TV times, a Correction and a New Poll

Jan 4 - New Sev Trek Competition
Have a look at this week's new Sev Trek competition

Jan 4 - News Bullets
Grammy Nominations, 'Shattered', Convention reports, UK TV news and more!

Jan 4 - New Feature Article
Julia Houston asks 'Just How American is Star Trek'?

Jan 4 - Mulgrew and Frakes - Voyager Ending and Trek X
Mulgrew on 'Workforce' and suspicions of a multiple ending for Voyager's, Frakes wants action and the director's chair.

Jan 4 - 'Human Error' Details
Official site posts production update and synopsis on new Voyager episode (contains spoilers)

Jan 3 - Ray Walston Passes Away
Well-loved Boothby actor dies aged 86

Jan 3 - Trek X Scribe Interview
John Logan talks to on the next movie (contains potential spoilers)

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