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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for May 2003

May 31 - 'Star Trek' Apartment Going For $2 Million
British fan Tony Alleyne talks the creation and design of his apartment, plus a visit from the 'Trekkies 2' film crew.

May 31 - News Bullets
Mulgrew award, 'Enterprise' searches, Stewart masterclass, 'The Expanse' review, 'Nemesis' in Argentina, 'Extra' clip & 'Big Brother'.

May 31 - Jeri Ryan Not In 'Star Trek XI'
Former 'Voyager' actress did not make reference to a possible future Seven of Nine movie appearance on 'Access Hollywood'.

May 30 - 'The Expanse' Reflects Contracting Ratings
Final numbers for 'Enterprise' season show ongoing drop in viewership.

May 30 - Stewart Remembers Old Vic Fondly
While working in England, Picard actor thanked school, local crowds for support.

May 29 - Siddig To Spy On 'Spooks'
DS9's doctor will play an Algerian aiding British intelligence in the BBC series this summer.

May 29 - Doctor In The 'Lyon's Den'
Robert Picardo discusses convention performances, TV appearances and comparisons with Data.

May 29 - 'Nemesis' Makes Waves On DVD
More than 1.3 million copies of Trek X sold last week, movie tops DVD Nielsen charts.

May 29 - News Bullets
Montgomery chat, 'Nemesis' in Brazil, Blalock, Page's Bar, 'Reading Rainbow', Bakula, web site awards & more!

May 28 - Sideshow Collectibles Busts Bust Out
Polystone sculptures of Kirk and Spock are now available for purchase.

May 28 - Site Columns
Hello World, Remembrance of Treks Past, BBS and more!

May 28 - Auberjonois To Rally The Troops At LA Concert
Odo actor will perform famous 'Henry V' speech as part of the Los Angeles Master Chorale's 'It's A Wrap' concert in June.

May 27 - Picardo Enters 'The Lyon's Den'
'Voyager' actor to appear in first episode of NBC's new legal drama, starring former 'West Wing' actor Rob Lowe.

May 26 - Stewart Glad To Be Back On Classical Stage
Picard actor says he's happy to be through with Trek, enjoying acting more than ever before.

May 26 - News Bullets
Beautiful Blalock, 'Smallville' move, 'Nemesis' caps, Sev Trek contest and more!

May 26 - Berman Teases Season Three
Delphic Expanse not like 'Voyager', Archer revs up, T'Pol to explore emotions. Plus: TNG favourite to appear? Spoilers!

May 26 - Competitors Sweep UPN To The Bottom
Season averages place UPN last overall, 'Enterprise' network's May sweeps ratings down 17% in total viewers. Plus: Upfront estimates.

May 25 - Gaming Bullets
'Elite Force II' demo review, German demo, Mac version goes Alpha, E3 images & new screenshots.

May 25 - Site Columns
'West Wing' redux & mailbag, BBS threads, classic TT news & 'Enterprise' poll!

May 24 - 'Elite Force II' To Feature Trek Alumni Reunion
Armstrong, Hackett, Hertzler, O'Reilly and others to voice characters in the new game due out in June.

May 24 - 'Expanse' Leaves Critics Cautious, Hopeful
Reactions to the new direction of 'Enterprise' ranged from excitement to unhappiness at the move away from more traditional Trek values.

May 24 - DS9 Season 3 DVD Details Released
Ira Steven Behr, Rene Auberjonois, Herman Zimmerman & others feature in June's box set. Pre-order details inside!

May 24 - The Book Padd: Balance Of Nature
Jacqueline Bundy says Heather Jarman's 'beguiling tale' is another success for the 'Starfleet Corps of Engineers' series.

May 24 - News Bullets
Siddig in 'Spooks', 'Nemesis' in R2, UPN 9 clip, 'Enterprise' schedule, Shatner, Ryan & Nichols.

May 23 - Picardo To Guest Star On 'Dead Zone'
'Voyager' actor will play a tourist on former Trek exec's series in an episode this July.

May 23 - Article: Crossing The Threshold: Braga's 100th
With the broadcast of Brannon Braga's 100th episode last month, 'Trek' alumni and online commentators offer their thoughts on his contributions to the franchise.

May 23 - Bakula Lobbied Producers For Tougher Archer
UPN 9 airs story on 'Enterprise's' new direction, 9/11 parallels, possible romance. Plus: Blalock not keen on Archer/T'Pol. Spoilers!

May 23 - 2004 Novels Will Explain 'Nemesis' Changes
Pocket Books' John Ordover talks about the 'Next Generation' series that will fill in the gap before the last film.

May 22 - Expansive Ratings For 'Enterprise' Season Finale
Numbers are below those of 'Canamar', 'Shockwave' but up for May sweeps.

May 22 - Westmore: Aliens Inspired By Nature
Makeup maestro talks creating designs for 'Enterprise', challenges of supervisor's role.

May 22 - News Bullets
More 602 Club, Ryan times 2, Russ auction, 'Enterprise' and 'Nemesis' reviews & 'Trek' scripts!

May 22 - Review: The Expanse
Archer and crew acquire a new mission in the cinematic, emotional second season finale.

May 21 - Mixed Advance Reviews For 'The Expanse'
Most critics praised tonight's season finale's new direction, but took issues with the show's writing overall. Spoilers inside!

May 21 - Berman: 'The Expanse' Inspired By 'Trek' Features
'Enterprise' creator talks parallels between tonight's finale and 'Voyage Home' & 'First Contact'. Spoilers!

May 21 - Bakula 'Surprised' By Media Negativity
Archer actor didn't expect 'Enterprise's' declining ratings to be targeted. Plus: 'Carrying' UPN.

May 21 - Site Columns
Of books & 'The West Wing', BBS threads, classic TT news, 'The Expanse' poll, a birthday & TV tonight!

May 21 - News Bullets
'Enterprise' reviews, Burton wins Emmy, Stewart, Bakula & Mulgrew.

May 20 - 'Nemesis' DVD Released in US Today
Director commentary, cut scenes and featurettes illustrate how the movie came together. Warning: spoilers inside!

May 20 - 'Enterprise' Security In Hands of DS9 Fan
Guard Steve D'Errico talks about protecting the sets and selling a 'Voyager' pitch in his spare time.

May 20 - Trinneer Praises 'Trek' Fans
Trip actor talks conventions, says Trekkers have 'gotten a bad rap'.

May 19 - 'Enterprise' Shut Out At Saturns
'Nemesis' also fails to win any science fiction awards; TNG DVD release takes home honors.

May 19 - Blalock, Picardo To Appear On 'Stargate'
'Enterprise' and 'Voyager' actors to jump sci-fi universes later this season.

May 19 - Article: Brannon Braga Speaks At UCSC Event
'Enterprise' creator shows 'Regeneration', answers questions at event organised by his alma mater.

May 18 - Bakula Promotes 'The Expanse' On 'Kilborn'
Clip from 'Enterprise' finale shown on late-night talk show. Plus: Bakula on reading scripts, renewal & romance. Spoilers!

May 18 - Site Columns
Viewing conflicts, BBS threads, early 'Enterprise' news, new poll and finale reminder.

May 18 - News Bullets
602 Club homage, 'First Flight' review, Picardo auction, Klingon programme, SE DVDs, 'Enterprise' in Italy & more!

May 18 - Trek Alumni In Fox Fall Lineup
'The O.C.', 'Wonderfalls', 'Still Life' feature actors and writers from 'DS9', 'Voyager' and 'Enterprise'.

May 17 - News Bullets
Future shows and films with Trek connections, Hallmark ornaments, upcoming Pocket Books and more!

May 17 - Critics Take 'Flight' Over 'Bounty'
Starfleet history praised, pon farr largely ridiculed by online reviewers of this week's 'Enterprise' double feature.

May 17 - New Arc To Shake Up 'Enterprise', Says Braga
Creator says mission could last all season, explains why Romulans won't be main baddies. Plus: Two officers to share a kiss? Spoilers!

May 17 - Montgomery Treads The Boards In 'Dutchman'
'Enterprise' actor to star in race relations play next month in Los Angeles.

May 16 - 'Enterprise' Finale Spoilers Describe 'Expanse' Plot
Several familiar aliens to appear along with mysterious new species. Spoilers inside!

May 16 - Stewart To Lampoon Costume Drama In New Film
TNG actor will star in 'The Remains of the Piano' with multiple Oscar-winning cast.

May 16 - UPN News Previews 'The Expanse'
Scott Bakula says idea of 'peaceful exploration' is 'changed forever' in next week's season finale. Spoilers!

May 15 - New Series Profile: 'Jake 2.0'
Find out about the plot and characters of 'Enterprise's' new lead-out show inside!

May 15 - 'Enterprise' To Remain On Wednesdays This Fall
Competition from 'Smallville' does not alter schedule as UPN adds comedies to Tuesday night lineup.

May 15 - 'Bounty' Takes 'Flight' In Overnights
'Dawson's Creek' finale pushes WB over UPN, but neither make a dent in FOX's 'Idol'.

May 15 - First 'Nemesis' DVD Reviews Online
Critics rate audio & video highly, but mixed reactions on film's quality and extra features.

May 15 - Hoshi To Mature In Season Three
Rick Berman says 'Enterprise's' communications officer will shed her 'insecure linguist' image. Possible spoilers!

May 15 - UPN Releases 'The Expanse' Promo
Download the first footage from the 'Enterprise' season finale! Images & transcript inside.

May 15 - Review: Bounty
T'Pol is in HEAT! Need we say more? UPN certainly didn't think so.

May 15 - Review: First Flight
Archer reminisces about his friend and rival for command of the NX-01.

May 14 - UPN Set To Axe 'Twilight Zone'
'Enterprise' lead-out series to be shown the door, network will reportedly pick up four comedies. Updated: Series V to move to Tuesdays?

May 14 - News Bullets
Klingon search called off, 'Trek' women, 'Regeneration' review, Lofton, Takei times 2, Stewart & more!

May 14 - Site Columns
Klingon speakers, BBS threads, classic TT news, new poll & 'Enterprise' tonight.

May 13 - 'Nemesis' DVD Reveals Cut Footage
Deleted scenes include Enterprise-E first officer, Data and B-4. Possible spoilers!

May 13 - 'Trek' Alumni Score Gigs On NBC
Goldberg, Gibney, Larroquette star in new comedy series added to Peacock's fall schedule.

May 13 - Kilborn Showcases Blalock, Clip From 'Bounty'
T'Pol actress says third season filming will begin on June 26th.

May 12 - Superman To Take On 'Enterprise'
The WB will announce today its plans to move 'Smallville' into the Wednesday 8 p.m. timeslot.

May 12 - Interview: Mike Sussman
'Enterprise' scribe answers your questions on 'Dead Stop', 'Future Tense', Tellarites, pitching for 'Trek', cloaking devices & teases next season!

May 12 - UPN To Announce Fall Schedule This Week
'Enterprise' network will reveal 2003-2004 line-up in New York on Thursday. Inside: Lead-out show possibilities for Series V.

May 11 - Brannon Braga Celebrates 100 Episodes
Wednesday night's 'Bounty' marks longtime 'Trek' writer's 100th outing. Plus: Send a congratulatory message!

May 11 - Article: 'What You Leave Behind': A Heliocentric Myth
Robert Burke Richardson examines the role of mythology in 'Deep Space Nine's' series finale.

May 11 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS threads, classic TT news & Klingon poll.

May 10 - Klingon Translator Sought For Oregon County
Human services department seeks Klingon speaker to communicate with mentally ill patients.

May 10 - News Bullets
Trek music and books, 'medical tricorders' and more.

May 10 - 'Regeneration' Fails To Assimilate Critics
Despite praise for effects and production, most find Borg episode irrelevant at best, absurd at worst.

May 10 - Jolene Blalock Ties The Knot
T'Pol actress married beau Michael Rapino in Jamaica last week.

May 9 - Frakes Rumoured To Be In 'Superman' Talks
Picard's Number One reportedly met with Warner Bros. execs to discuss directing Man of Steel feature.

May 9 - News Bullets
Trekkies wanted for mag, Shatner times 2, Goldberg, Mulgrew, Braga, Flanagan, DS9 down under, 'Horizon' music & more!

May 8 - Slight Ratings Regeneration for 'Enterprise'
Borg episode raises viewership, but only slightly.

May 8 - Review: Regeneration
Archer's crew is threatened with assimilation by a species that never names itself.

May 8 - Sci-Fi Summit Photo Report
View pictures of William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn & others at the recent Pasadena convention!

May 8 - UPN Releases Promo For 'First Flight' & 'Bounty'
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' double bill! Images & transcript inside.

May 7 - Bjo Trimble Talks About Saving 'Star Trek'
Fan favorite helped stop NBC from cancelling the original series.

May 7 - Advance Reviews Give 'Regeneration' The Thumbs-Up
AICN praises 'Pandora's Box feel', IGN says episode 'entertaining, if somewhat predictable'. Spoilers!

May 7 - News Bullets
Berman Q&A, 'Down With Love', DS9 & DVD articles, Shakespeare & Trek, fake Nimoy interview & more!

May 7 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

May 6 - Berman, Bakula Talk 'Enterprise' Evolution
'Enterprise' producers and actors tell 'TV Guide' of high-concept changes. Spoilers ahead!

May 6 - News Bullets
'Nemesis' DVD screencaps & Aussie debut, Singer, Gunton on 'CSI', 'Cogenitor' review, Shatner & 'Jake 2.0'.

May 5 - 'Enterprise' Contest Giveaways Announced
UPN and to offer prizes for trivia and contest entry.

May 5 - 'Enterprise' Ratings Uneven In April
Total ratings show slight upturn, yet lag in ranking.

May 5 - Interview: Jordan Lund
'Enterprise' guest star answers your questions on playing a Tellarite, working with Scott Bakula, 'Trek' memories & more!

May 5 - News Bullets
Stewart, Shatner, DS9 campaign, editorials, Brooks, Echevarria, caption competition & more!

May 4 - Roddenberry's 'Questor' May Return
Former Trek producer Wright is working to revive the 'Star Trek' creator's android series.

May 4 - Site Columns
Series finales, BBS debate, Trek two years ago and more!

May 4 - 'Elite Force II' Demo Now Out
Activision debuts 118MB pre-release demo featuring two missions from upcoming game sequel.

May 4 - 'Nemesis' DVD Menus Unmasked
Paramount releases first images of 1K Studios' artwork for DVD of tenth 'Trek' feature.

May 4 - The Book Padd: The Left Hand Of Destiny
Jacqueline Bundy couldn't find enough good things to say about this 'mesmerising' duology from J.G. Hertzler & Jeffrey Lang.

May 3 - 'Enterprise' Novel 'Daedalus' Details
Tucker's past will be explored in October paperback.

May 3 - Critics Praise 'Cogenitor'
Online reviewers call writing, acting, visuals some of the best on 'Enterprise'.

May 3 - UPN Releases First Photo From 'The Expanse'
Jolene Blalock & Gary Graham featured in first season finale image. Plus: Bakula on season three. Spoilers inside!

May 2 - Piller 'Had a Great Decade' With 'Star Trek'
The former executive producer talks Roddenberry, characters, disappointments.

May 2 - News Bullets
New 'Enterprise' opening rumours, 'Elite Force' release dates and more.

May 2 - 'TV Guide' Reveals Third Season Spoilers
Berman calls 'Enterprise' developments 'a first for Star Trek'. Spoilers inside!

May 2 - 'Trek' Stars To Make Personal Appearances
Hertzler signing 'Destiny', Mulgrew at the New York Y & Stewart in Oxford.

May 2 - Site Columns
'West Wing' catastrophe, BBS threads, classic TT news, DVD correction & a birthday!

May 1 - 'Cogenitor' Generates Good Overnights
Last night's episode saw an upswing in 'Enterprise' ratings.

May 1 - UPN Releases 'Regeneration' Promo
See the first images of the Borg on 'Enterprise'! Full transcript inside.

May 1 - Review: Cogenitor
One of Trek's best episodes ever deals with oppression and noninterference.

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