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May 25, 2003 - 9:05 AM

Hello World!

After my West Wing rant on Wednesday, I was pleased that I wasn't the only person who was so bitterly disappointed in "Swiss Diplomacy".

Television Without Pity's Deborah titled her review "WTF? Most likely to be remembered as 'The One Sorkin Didn't Write'". Laughing through her recap made the pain of watching the episode bearable.

My computer has just crashed four times in a row, so I'm not particularly inclined to tempt fate and continue using this horrible machine anymore. However, I will say that we are starting up the Trek Nation mailbag again (the last official edition was published over three years ago), so if you wish to share your thoughts on our reviews, articles, news, Star Trek in general, or why I should shut up about The West Wing, send an email to

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