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May 21, 2003 - 8:55 AM

Hello World!

After my success at the Alumni Book Sale last month (story), I couldn't resist taking a look at the Bookshop's yearly sale. Actually, "taking a look" is a bit of an understatement, since as soon as I found out they had 50% off all Penguin Classics, I was practically running there. I managed to add Livy, Aeschylus' Oresteian Trilogy and the Historia Augusta to my humble Classics collection. Not so humble anymore, though; I've had to kick all my Trek videos off the bookshelf and onto the floor with my Babylon 5 collection.

In other news, I was very disappointed in this week's West Wing episode, "Swiss Diplomacy". I counted no less than five plots: the heart/lung transplant; Sam in California; the National Parks appointment; the Vice-President ramping up for the next election; and some nonsense about Josh and a bounced check.

Apart from the main transplant story, none of these plots was dealt with in a satisfactory manner, especially the Vice-President angle, which had the potential to be the most interesting. The remaining plots seemed to have been included just to fill up time, especially the Josh/Donna bounced check hodgepodge, which was dealt with in such a confusing manner, it was impossible to work out what was taking place.

The West Wing's clever style of "throw the viewer in the deep end" writing only works when there is enough information included for the viewer to work out what is going on. I'm afraid that in this case I was completely in the dark, and terribly frustrated to boot. There's also the case of Sam, a major character who is being written out of the series, and yet more time is spent on some woman who we've never met before and Toby's attempts to get her a new job. I don't think "current events" have had any impact on the ratings, I think it's episodes such as this which have viewers turning away. As an interesting footnote, "Swiss Diplomacy" was one of the few episodes on which outgoing creator Aaron Sorkin was not credited.

[PS: Arrgh, I've been assimilated! I've just noticed I wrote "check" instead of "cheque" above: twice! No doubt my American colleague, Michelle, will be most amused.]

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Yesterday was the 43rd birthday of John Billingsley, who plays Doctor Phlox on Enterprise.

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